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Need to publish an article quickly? The Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology can make you a published author in a matter of days.

According to its homepage, the “Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (AJPST) is an international peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal, scheduled to appear bi-annual [sic] and serve as a means for scientific information exchange in the international pharmaceutical forum.”

On pharmaceuticals.

In fact, it is a low-quality vanity press that only aims to make easy money from desperate or unwary researchers.

It’s published by a firm called Pharma Intelligence, a company that brags it’s the “world’s leading publisher of science and health information” (not true).

Pharma Intelligence publishes 26 low-quality journals and is based in Chennai, India. I think it also publishes a bunch of standalone mega journals that do not carry the Pharma Intelligence brand.

One-day peer review

The company is currently spamming scholarly authors and offering a one-day peer review period, followed by a two-day wait to get the paper published. So you can submit your scholarly paper on Monday and have it published by the end of the week.

One might think that scholars would avoid such an obviously fake journal, but the issues are full of papers. The most recent issue, volume 2015 issue 4, has 14 articles in it, so far.

The journal claims an impact factor too, declaring, “Scientific Journal Impact Factor Value for 2012  SJIF 2012 = 3.997

Hat tip: Dr. Janusz Mierczynski