If you’ve ever needed new parts for your vehicle you probably have heard that there are pre-painted auto part stores. In this article, we will answer all of the questions you might have regarding those painted auto parts – what are they, what their advantages and prices are, how to find the paint code of your car, etc.

When you choose a quality paint job for your vehicle, you can count on Painted Auto Body Parts to deliver results. Their process uses the same top-notch paint products as high-end auto body shops and dealerships. Moreover, the system used by Painted Auto Body Parts allows them to create thousands of possible paint variations. This means that you can find the exact color and finish that you want for your vehicle.

Pre-painted auto body parts


While pre-painted auto body parts are cheaper than OEM (Original equipment manufacturer) parts, you should know that they will not always match the original paint. This is because aftermarket paint may be faded or buckled. If your car is old, the extra money may not be worth it. Here are some tips to find the best pre-painted auto body parts for your car.

When buying parts that don’t already have paint, you need to know how to paint them. Otherwise, you need to hire a painter, which will add to the cost. If you don’t want to do this, you can get pre-painted auto body parts and save yourself the headache.

Factory-matched paint

Choosing factory-matched paint for your vehicle’s parts is a great way to ensure that your new parts will match your existing vehicle’s colors. While it may seem easy, matching the colors of different automobile parts is not an easy task. Each manufacturer’s paint formulas vary slightly, so it is not always possible to find an exact match.

Quick cure times


If you’re in the paint business, you probably want to have quick cure times for painted auto parts. Many automotive manufacturers are trying to cut production time, and curing times are one way to do that. These times refer to how long it takes for a coating to dry between applications. Typically, this will take anywhere from 24 hours to several days, depending on the type of paint used.

The average temperature for curing paint is 65-70 degrees, but the exact temperature you need to achieve the desired result will vary. You should take into account the type of coating and the size of the object to be painted. For example, a massive C-17 aircraft will take a lot longer to cure than a small car part.


If you are thinking about painting your car’s body parts, you’ll need to know what the average cost is. There are various factors that go into determining the cost of painted auto parts. First, make sure to consider the type of paint job that you want. If you want a new, glossy finish, you’ll need to pay more than you would for standard paint.

When you’re painting your car, you’ll also need to determine what kind of plastic you need to paint the car. Plastic car parts are more expensive than metal ones, and this difference is reflected in the price of the paint job. For example, the cost to paint a Ford Econoline van will be higher than the cost to paint a Volkswagen Golf. This is due to the different materials and labor that go into making a new paint job.

Advantages of Buying Pre-Painted Auto Parts Online


When it comes to purchasing pre-painted auto parts online, there are many reasons to choose the painted option. One of the most common reasons is color matching. While a body shop may be better at matching colors, there’s no guarantee that online vendors can do the same. For this reason, it’s best to purchase auto parts from a reputable vendor. This way, you can be sure that the paint will be uniform throughout the car.

Pre-painted auto parts are also more cost-effective than replacing them yourself. By purchasing these parts from a reputable online store, consumers save time and money. In some cases, they can save up to 70%. Another advantage of buying pre-painted auto parts online is convenience. Customers can continue to drive their vehicles while waiting for their pre-painted auto body parts to arrive. They can then install it at their convenience.

Another benefit is the quality of the paint. Cars with good paint sell for a higher price than those with fading paint. This is true even if the cars have the same mechanical condition. Getting them repainted can also increase the value of your car. In today’s world, good looks sell better.

Purchasing pre-painted auto parts is more convenient than you might think. The parts can be easily installed. All you need to do is unscrew the bracket or bolts. You can even get them installed by the body shop. And the benefits don’t stop there. These parts are becoming increasingly popular.

Another advantage of pre-painted auto parts is the fact that they are less susceptible to rusting. Rust is a dangerous problem for your car. It eats away at the metal, and it can leave holes. A standard paint job won’t fix these holes, which will ultimately cost you more.

How to find the paint code of your car?

The easiest way to find the paint code is to open the door, and usually in the jam or on the door there is a tag. It will give you the indications or give you the VIN number and the exterior color. Another method of finding the paint code is to call the dealer and give them the VIN number. No matter if you painting the auto parts yourself or you want to order pre painted auto parts, you will need to find out the paint code in order to get the right color. More information about this you can find on  You can also ask their consultants all questions you have in mind.