You’ve probably heard this. You need to create multiple income opportunities if you want to get rich. The problem: Starting a business is difficult, especially if you have a regular job.

Luckily, you don’t need to launch a business or take up two jobs to increase your income. Thanks to passive income apps, anyone can make extra money online.

What are Passive Income Apps?

Passive income apps are apps you can install on your smartphone to help you make money. Some passive income apps require you to do absolutely nothing besides installing the apps. Others need you to complete simple tasks to make money.

How much money can you make from passive income apps? Your income can vary depending on the app and how much time you put into the apps. For example, freelancing apps like Fiverr can help you make money by creating logos for small businesses.

If you’re really good at creating logos, you could charge up to $500 per logo. By comparison, you’ll probably make $5 or $10 in a month with an app that involves watching videos and ads.

Best Passive Income Apps in 2024

Below are the best apps for earning money online:



Honeygain is an app that pays you to share your Internet bandwidth. It’s an incredibly good idea. Unless you work in an industry that requires insanely fast Internet connections, you can afford to share some of your bandwidth for money.

The app pays you in credits. One thousand credits are worth $1. You need $20,000 credits to redeem for a $20 gift, cash paid via PayPal or crypto. It also features a referral program through which the people you refer $5 each. On the other hand, you get paid 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Survey Junkie


In this age of scams, people are afraid to join any app that promises free money without doing anything. Fortunately, you’ll be glad to know that Survey Junkie is genuine.

Created in 2005, the app has paid out over $700 million to people around the world. Their main business is surveys. They find companies that want to conduct market research through surveys.

Then they find people who are good suits for these surveys and pay them for their time. Each survey takes 5-20 minutes to complete. And the pay is $1 to $3. Sure, it’s not a lot of money.

But if you could fill a couple of surveys daily, you could end up earning over $100 per month. Not bad, right?



Swagbucks is arguably the most popular passive income app online. It’s been around for over a decade. It’s legitimate and pays people through PayPal, Amazon gift cards or the choice to donate your money to Red Cross.

In the usual style, this app pays you points you can later redeem for cash. To earn points, you have an array of tasks to complete:

Watch short videos

Shop online for cash backs

Take surveys

Play browser games

Search stuff through the Swagbucks Search Engine

Because Swagbucks has numerous to earn money, you can make a lot more cash through this app compared to its competitors. It’s a free app but it’s not available in every country.



Do you shop online often? Then you need to join ibotta. You’ll be asked to provide your email password and setup a password for your account. After that, the app will show you popular shopping sites.

Select your favorite stores and ibotta will find shopping discounts for you. You can also search for specific items on Amazon or Walmart and ibotta will tell if there are coupon codes for these products.

Besides helping you get shopping discounts, ibotta also rewards its customers with cash backs. All you need is to show prove that you purchased a specific item. Alternatively, you can link your Amazon loyalty account to ibotta and the app will credit cash backs to your account automatically.

Can you withdraw your cash backs from ibotta? Yes, you can. The minimum amount needed for withdrawal is $20.



InboxDollars is a popular passive income app that can help you make an extra $50 per month if you can do one of the following activities:

Activate your Account for $5

Complete your profile for $0.5

Watch videos for $0.05

Take up your first survey for $0.25

Complete the BigBuck survey for $5

Sign up for freebies to earn $2

In other words, InboxDollars isn’t short of ways to make money during your free time. Each activity pays differently. Start by completing tasks that pay $1 or more and you could easily accumulate $50 in a week. Then complete the smaller tasks to add up your earnings.

InboxDollars pays through PayPal, Visa and eGiftcard. You need $15 for your first payout but you can cashout a minimum of $10 for subsequent payouts.



Fiverr is a gig app that lets you make money by doing simple or complex jobs. The way it works is that you need an account and a gig stipulating the services you can do for $5.

To be clear, $5 is the minimum amount for a gig. You can adjust your rates to as high as $1000 depending on your skills. Let’s say you can build a blockchain app for Apple devices in three weeks. This isn’t a service you can offer for cheap unless you want to.

Fiverr links up all sorts of professionals with people who need their skills. Think of digital marketing, creating professional videos, editing photos, singing and programming. The app pays through PayPal, Payoneer or bank transfer.



Mistplay is an app for people who love to play browser games. Similar to many of its competitors, Mistplay pays you in points. Your goal is to accumulate points so that you can get enough of them to redeem for cash or gift cards.

Some games have point multipliers. Play these games to earn up to 8x more points than other games. Sadly, the app is available only on android.