For everyone who is trying to get some entertainment through gaming, today there are plenty of choices among various casinos, online betting platforms and gambling applications, which are, in one way or another, trying to get customers’ attention and lure them into trying out their offerings in the hope of transforming them into returning customers.

Online Casinos


A quick look at all online casinos will give you a heads up as to how much every platform now is engaging in a continuous competitive war with rivals in order not only to be able to gain new users, but also to be able to sustain their existing customer base and make profitable operations. With so much available supply of online gambling and sports betting, it is only natural that people are actually bombarded by the operators in their effort to capture their attention and trigger their interest.

The problem is that the online gambling and betting industry is somehow homogenous, which means that operators can do little to differentiate in terms of their core offerings.

With advanced digital technologies, AI systems, machine learning, and algorithm-based models, the odds, the betting markets, or the casino games are not so much different from platform to platform. Sometimes it makes absolutely no difference to bettors if they decide to place their wager on a given sporting event, which betting site they will eventually choose if there is no variation in markets and odds offered by bookmakers. In popular games and sports, this is much more So, what is left to get some points ahead in competitiveness and in their ability to differentiate from one another is promotions and offers.

Bonuses and promotional offers are now the most powerful tools at the hands of casinos, gambling experts say. And this is only reasonable if we think that the costs of switching from one platform to another are minimal and as such users can easily change operators without experiencing any discomfort or having any extra burden, or expense for doing so. As a matter of fact, too often users choose to change operators or use multiple gambling sites because there are certain benefits attached to it. Such benefits can range from avoiding over-relying on one platform and exploring more opportunities around the market to gaining access to new games or even new markets. Generally speaking therefore, users tend to search for finding new online casinos and gambling sites to enrich, differentiate or even totally change their experience.

So, being able to offer exquisite bonuses, lucrative promotions and appealing ‘gifts’ can make all the difference for these gambling sites. Welcome bonuses, in-play promotions, free spins, free bets, no deposit bonuses or even specific game offerings are some of the most popular promotions that you can find when you are browsing the sites of online casinos and applications.

The bonuses are no longer considered just a treat or an extra feature. The ‘gifts’ that were once awarded to the loyal customers and patrons, are now being mainstreamed. In fact, users now expect to get generous offers and bonuses just as they expect to get good customer service, a wide range of payment methods and anything else that although it is not a part of the core product offering, it remains a significant qualifier for customers’ choice.

More and more people are now making their choices based on what bonuses they are presented with. You’ll often see customers choosing the gambling platform based on the promotions it makes and the bonuses it gives both to new users and existing gamblers.

All other things remaining constant, bonuses are what will bring customers to the website and induce them to experiment or try playing at an online casino. And for this reason, operators pay a lot of attention to developing and bonuses that are really attractive and generous.

But gamblers should always pay attention to the fine print because bonuses are designed in such a way to have implicit or explicit benefits not only for the user, but for the house as well.

Promotional offers and bonuses


And in most cases, the house gets to experience much more benefits and gains from these bonuses than the average gambler. That is kind of natural, because gambliing platforms and online casinos are not doing any charity – as you might already have noticed! They are always securing the big share of the pie, even when it seems that what they are giving out is particularly lucrative for the customers. Well, even if bonuses are as appealing as they can get, they will certainly -first and foremost- ensure perks for the operator, even if these are mostly long term oriented. But there are perks for the customer as well and this is what makes them so enticing and so capable of attracting new users (and retaining existing users).

Well, that said, it seems obvious that bonuses can be a deciding factor, but it is more important to be able to tell the difference between offers that can advance your game or even get you started in a gambling platform and offers that are merely there to attract your attention and lure you into subscribing to a platform.



Bonuses and offers should not be the number one criterion for selecting an online casino. Alongside promotions, there are a number of other aspects and features that should be evaluated by gamblers. Things that may even affect how they can be entitled to the bonuses, how they can use the bonuses, or even whether and under what terms and conditions they can withdraw their gainings from bonuses.

Too often bonuses come with certain constraints or limitations, which don’t appear in the first place and you need to carefully read the specifications before deciding to use them. However, gambling operators are required by the law to spell out all terms and conditions throughouly and as such you only need to be careful enough and read everything to make sure that you have made the right decision.