Experts worldwide claim Quick Response matrix barcodes are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. For example, the GVC reports that the global QR code payment field alone was $9.98 bln in 2022 and is going to grow by over 16% annually by 2030. Specialists explain such huge popularity because scannable signs are incredibly convenient to employ for consumers. And entrepreneurs, in turn, may essentially enhance their companies’ effectiveness by applying such labels in their marketing campaigns.

Some business owners have difficulties when choosing reliable QR-code-making platforms, though. That’s because numerous sites offer barcode creation services presently. Therefore, skilled experts decided to develop recommendations to simplify the process of trustworthy QR maker selection for entrepreneurs. So, based on those tips, let’s figure out how to choose a reputable barcode-generating website.

Pay Attention to Cooperation Conditions Proposed by a QR Code Maker


Typically, reliable platforms generating matrix barcodes (like offer their visitors to create ordinary scannable labels for free. Generators on such sites usually have a lot of helpful customizing features. Among the widespread functions, it’s worth noting the following ones:

  • ability to border labels using catchy frames to stand out from competitors;
  • possibility to set certain colors separately for body patterns, inner and outer eyes, etc., of barcodes;
  • feature of placing inscriptions to encourage consumers to scan your QR code;
  • ability to implement images (for example, logos, mottos with creative designs, etc.) into a barcode body pattern;
  • possibility to download ready-made scannable signs in a few formats.

Additionally, trustworthy QR code makers commonly suggest saving patterns of created labels to their clients. This allows you to quickly edit your scannable sign if it’s necessary.

Is It Possible to Use a QR Code Generator in Your Mother Tongue?


Reliable barcode makers usually propose several language versions of their platforms. This allows people from different countries to use such websites without any issues. It’s essential to pay attention to translation quality, though.

For example, if a certain site’s language version has numerous spelling mistakes or contains grammatically incorrect expressions and sentences, it’s better to pick another online generator. This is because reputable platform managers always hire skilled translators and editors to create as well as check content on barcode-generating sites.

On the other hand, dubious QR code makers often strive to save funds. Therefore, they usually employ free or cheap automatic translators to create foreign language versions of their generators. As a result, such companies receive poor-quality translations. In this case, nobody knows if they similarly used dubious techniques to create their generators.

Check Pricing Offered by a QR Code Maker


Barcode-generating platforms commonly suggest certain paid services. This, for example, may include the following features:

  • advanced file storage for your scannable labels’ templates;
  • ability to create QR codes without ads;
  • enhanced barcode scanning statistics storage.

QR code makers frequently deliver such services within paid subscriptions. Trustworthy barcode-generating platforms, in turn, offer their clients a few such fee-paying packages so that consumers with different budgets can pick a suitable tariff plan.

Moreover, reputable platforms propose paying for their services monthly or annually. So, consumers can purchase the first ones if they, e.g., want to test the services of a particular QR code maker. Regular clients, on the other hand, typically choose annual tariff plans. That’s because such subscriptions are cheaper than the monthly ones.

Finally, trustworthy barcode-generating sites never set too high prices for their advanced services’ usage. For instance, ME-QR offers its annual Lite tariff plan for just $5.75/month. And the yearly Premium subscriptions cost only $8.25/month. All the prices in this article are fair as of May 2024.

Does a QR Code Maker Deliver Personalized Barcode Creation Services?


Entrepreneurs usually order customized scannable labels to get more prospects. Personalized signs attract consumers because of their unique appearances. Reliable barcode makers hire skilled designers to develop such QR codes. So, you’re typically required to perform the following things as a part of personalized scannable label development:

  1. Discuss the design of the future customized QR code with experienced specialists.
  2. Send images based on which a personalized barcode should be created. The graphic files have to be in particular resolution and quality.
  3. Check a ready-made scannable label and ask for changes if it’s necessary. Trustworthy barcode-generating platforms commonly fulfill the needed edits for free. Of course, that’s fair if you don’t require drastic changes.

Reputable QR code creators typically spend only up to a weekend developing personalized labels. Furthermore, reliable platforms set acceptable costs for customized scannable signs. For instance, at, the price starts at $60.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that reliable code-generating companies can develop corporate logos, pick catchy fonts for mottos, etc., as a part of personalized label creation. Such offerings may be particularly helpful for startups or single entrepreneurs who decided to launch full-fledged firms.

What Should Be Known About Client Support Offered by Trustworthy QR Code Makers?

Reliable barcode-generating platforms publish different educational info to simplify the process of scannable sign creation for their visitors. This typically includes the following things:

  1. Comprehensive FAQ sections. Here, the most frequent questions are commonly sorted by topics. Such an approach helps save time when seeking the necessary information.
  2. Detailed instructions on how to make different types of QR codes. This involves matrix barcodes for joining Wi-Fi, visiting social media accounts or separate websites, viewing menus (for restaurants), sending emails to particular addresses, and many more.
  3. Topical blogs. Here, reputable QR code makers usually publish original ideas on barcode usage, post info about various types of scannable signs (dynamic, static, etc.), and describe the hidden advantages of such labels.

Lastly, reliable platforms offer help from live managers. Usually, this is about sending email letters with detailed descriptions of one’s issues.

Final Words


Quick Response matrix barcodes can essentially improve your income and increase the satisfaction of your customers. However, that’s true only if entrepreneurs create scannable labels using the assistance of reliable QR code makers (for example, ME-QR). Such sites offer free generators with numerous helpful features to create ordinary QR codes. Moreover, reputable websites suggest high-quality advanced services at favorable prices.