A reliable casino offers a variety of entertainment that is of high quality, as well as follows the rules of fair play. One of the key security elements in online casinos is randomness. It is it that should determine whether the gambler will win during the next spin of the reels.

The history of land-based casinos knows many cases when gambling was modified in a special way in order to increase the profitability of the casino. Thanks to the tightening of controls at online casinos, this has become impossible.

Every developer strives to make entertainment popular. To do this, he endows them with an interesting visual style, a fascinating plot, and bonus options. A no less important element in the success of slots and card games is the presence of a random number generator. It is he who is responsible for ensuring that the results of spinning the reels or dealing in a card game remain random. This digital block allows you to maintain a fair game and excludes the possibility of influencing the outcome.


When the player is ready to make a bet, he starts spinning the reels, at the same moment the random number generator is activated. It is he who forms a certain sequence of symbols, which subsequently appear on the reels. The RNG is configured directly by the developer, who has access to the digital unit. Online casinos cannot change the characteristics of the RNG with all their will. It is impossible to calculate which symbols will appear on the reels.

Moreover, the results of the previous round will not be taken into account at the time of the next RNG operation. This allows you to get several identical combinations in a row, although the chances of such an event are low. In theory, you can get a whole series of winning spins, as well as several unsuccessful bets in a row.

Another distinguishing feature of the element is that it generates a sequence of characters almost instantly. The whole subsequent process of spinning the reels is just a tribute to tradition, which allows you to freely use the “accelerators” provided in some machines. This does not affect the chances of winning sequences in any way.

Features of the Use of RNG in Table Games


The modern site offers users to play not only at tables or slot machines but also to place a bet in the company of a real dealer. This option has become available not so long ago but has already gained huge popularity. At Zodiac Casino, every client can find entertainment according to personal preferences. The site also offers pleasant bonuses to fill the bankroll even faster. All games in the casino must have an RNG, which allows you not to worry about the honesty of the gambling establishment.

What is special about live dealer entertainment? They will have to place bets in the atmosphere of a real gambling hall, which today not everyone has the opportunity to get into. The player watches the stream and uses the appropriate digital interface for betting. During the broadcast, the croupier performs the following actions:

  • Issues cards;
  • Spins the drum;
  • Accepts bets;
  • Rolls the dice.

Since the outcome of a game depends on the dealer’s direct interaction with the game elements, the element of surprise is retained in such games. In slots, the work of a random number generator is obvious, since there is no intermediary in them. The player presses the start button and actually starts the RNG.

Games such as video poker, blackjack and roulette, which can be played in single player mode, are similarly arranged. The appearance of such an element as interaction with a person forces the use of other methods for checking the honesty of a casino. Therefore, experienced gamblers recommend using live dealer games from well-known providers for betting, the reliability of which is beyond doubt.

Use of RNG in the iGaming Industry


An online casino product becomes successful due to the fact that its users are confident in the possibility of winning. If the developer sets low chances of forming winning combinations, then such slots usually do not get worldwide fame. Therefore, providers pay attention not only to volatility or return percentage, but also to RNG settings.

The latter is located on the developer’s server along with other game files. The casino site contains a link to the product requested at the time of activation of the slot from a remote server. This does not allow the administration of the gambling site to make additional adjustments to the operation of the machine.

If we talk about safe providers, then it is worth noting:

  • BGaming;
  • Novomatic;
  • Microgaming;
  • Netent.

Slots of these brands necessarily have an RNG, under the results of the round are calculated. The developers have many years of experience and are regularly audited, so the players have no doubts about their honesty. All gambling products of the listed companies must be certified.

It is interesting that the introduction of a random number generator occurs not only within the framework of the usual slots or table games. It is also used when holding prize draws or quizzes. The jackpot aggregator is based on RNG, which allows you to get a non-programmed, therefore, fair result.

Varieties of RNG in a Modern Casino


The development of gambling entertainment has been going on for several centuries. The first games in land-based halls were blackjack and roulette, and then their assortment began to expand actively. The boom of gambling entertainment falls in the 20th century when one-armed bandits appear in the casino. It was impossible to ensure their effective operation without first using a mechanical and then an electronic RNG. Today casinos use:

  • AGSN;
  • PRNG.

Each of these elements is designed to form a unique sequence of characters. At the same time, the nuances of its formation in each case will depend on the type of RNG.

A hardware random number generator or AGNG is a physical unit, due to which an independent combination is formed by means of a mechanical element. This element allows you to take into account a number of factors, including environmental indicators. For example, the generator can take into account the number of keystrokes, air temperature, pressure, and other parameters. Collecting information and analyzing it, the generator produces the final result.

PRNG or pseudo-random number generator has a slightly different function. It must contain the initial value, according to which the subsequent calculation will take place. To get the result, the device will not collect additional information. The initial parameter is the key that determines the range of results that the device can generate.

PRNG works with numbers, so in the process of calculating values requires interpretation in the format that exists in the game. In slot machines it will be a symbol on the reels, in cards it will be a combination on the hands of the player or the dealer. If the player knows the key according to which the calculation takes place, then in theory it is possible to predict the possible combination that will be formed on the reels. It is almost impossible to find out the key, which ensures the honesty of the gameplay.

Certification of Games Based on RNG


During the operation of the casino, it must undergo an audit procedure, which allows you to identify weaknesses in the security system and eliminate them. Also, the audit is designed to confirm the honesty of the site when paying with players. Similar procedures are used to test slot machines and other entertainment.

Quality certificates are issued by specialized companies that evaluate games on a number of parameters. Among them, one of the most important roles is played by the random number generator.

Why is this element so important in an online casino’s secure betting system? The player is not able to outplay the RNG, which should always be remembered. The administration is also not able to influence the settings of the block, so the result depends solely on the case. In the field of online entertainment, several certificates indicate the compliance of the RNG with the established requirements. Among them:

  • BMM Testlabs;
  • iTech Labs;
  • eCOGRA.

BMM Testlabs

The company has been operating since the 90s, which allows you not to worry about its honesty. The laboratory is exclusively engaged in the certification of gambling entertainment. The company has been awarded many awards and its team is represented by top-level specialists. BMM Testlabs checks any product, including card games and roulettes, for RNG compliance. The verification process uses a two-stage scheme. Initially, experts check the random number generator based on the principle of functionality and mathematical consistency. The initial results are then compared with those obtained during the quarterly quality control.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs remains one of the leading representatives of the gambling certification industry. The company was founded in 2004. It operates in the markets of Europe, North America and Asia. The certification process also takes into account additional criteria, such as restrictions in relevant jurisdictions. This allows you to achieve full compliance of the product with the stated requirements. The company uses a three-stage evaluation scheme. The team will evaluate and test the code for vulnerabilities. Then there is a series of tests and a final check of the RNG in working condition.


eCOGRA is a British company that is known for checking gambling software and online casinos themselves. The organization is designed to protect the rights of players, as well as to monitor compliance with the rules of fair play. The experts work directly with providers, which allows access to technical documentation for each product. The verification begins with the analysis of the RNG, which allows you to establish the correspondence of the block with its reference version. Then there is a stress test, during which the generator generates thousands of unique combinations. The evaluation results are described in detail in the conclusion of the commission, after which it makes a decision to issue or refuse the eCOGRA certificate.

Gaming Labs International operates all over the world, which is noted in the name of the laboratory. Certificates of this regulatory body can be found in many casinos. GLI also uses a multi-stage slot machine RNG evaluation format. The company cooperates with more than two dozen slot manufacturers.

How is RNG Different from RTP?


The most well-known terms related to slot machines and online casinos are Return-to-Player and Random Number Generator. These terms are completely different, so players should not be confused about their meanings. RTP is the odds ratio of hitting a winning combination. RNG allows you to form endless and unique combinations of random numbers.

Despite the differences between these indicators, they also have common features. The RTP developer determines and lays down already at the moment of creating the slot machine. To do this, you need to program the RNG so that the sequences are formed in the desired range of values.

The theoretical RTP is determined only on the condition of a really long series of games. It is not required to take into account the return if the player plans to make only a few spins. Return-to-Player will influence the outcome in the presence of 100 or more spins, and it is here that you can trace the pattern in the RNG settings and the return value on a particular slot. These parameters of slot machines do not match in their role in the gaming process, but are used in parallel.



Modern gambling entertainment cannot even be imagined apart from randomness, which is the main element of a safe betting process. We are talking about any games, from slots to dice or cards.

The casino must guarantee the player that all these games are subject to the RNG. Whatever type of computing unit is used by the operator, it must remain independent in the formation of combinations and be regularly checked by audit companies.