We are all aware of the fact that a wallet is used to store things such as money, credit cards, business cards, and some bills that you may need later. So, when choosing the perfect one, the size is what usually confuses us, and we tend to ask ourselves which one is ideal? Well, the ideal size for a wallet is considered to be the one that fits the size of the pocket. However, the answer to this question greatly depends on whether it is a men’s or women’s wallet. As you are probably already aware, women do not carry their wallets in their pockets. At least the majority of them don’t have this habit.

Men on the other hand do make this the first criteria based on which they make their choice. This is why male models are made mostly to fit a size such as a pocket, while female models mostly come in a variety of sizes depending on many factors, like the preferred size of a handbag.

The types are also a subject that needs a bit more explaining. For this very reason, we have decided to give you a complete guide on how to choose the perfect type and size… Below are some of the most important things you should consider when choosing a perfect wallet.


Wallets are made of different materials, but leather should be singled out the most, precisely because they are considered to be the most durable. They are actually a reflection of elegance and classics. These are models that resist new trends and that can fit into almost anything.

As you can see on, leather models are dominated by smaller versions with a large number of card slots and a small money compartment. Slightly larger models are also in demand, and these are primarily leather wallets that are reminiscent of those of waiters.

Customers who want to keep documents that are of great importance inside, in addition to money are most inclined to buy them. Every model offers more space provided for cards and various papers such as bills and everything else. However, it should be noted that you will not be able to put this model of wallet in small handbags. This brings us to the next thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the perfect one.

What kind of handbag do you prefer to carry on a daily basis…


Speaking of large models, the first thing you need to be aware of is that they are intended for classic bags, i.e. the ones we use for everyday activities such as going to work or having coffee with friends. Before you go shopping for a new model you need to think carefully about what you actually need and which design would complement most of your daily outfits. Therefore, ask yourself:

What is your wardrobe style?

In case you are more of a fan of elegant style and dress like that every day, leather, classic models that you can find in every store are for you. For all trendsetters who closely follow fashion news, models in various colors can be found on offer.

If you prefer canvas material with some accessories such as straps and other jewelry, be sure to choose the best quality. The problem with such models is that they can be damaged much sooner than leather wallets that can last an eternity.

Since, as we said, men are preferring leather ones, it is only natural to dedicate a couple of sentences to this dilemma:

How to recognize a quality men’s leather wallet?

Given that there is a wide range of wallets on the market made of various materials, it is important to recognize the quality ones that will last you several years. If you notice the porosity of the material instead of smooth and, we could say, polished leather, rest assured that it is genuine leather. In addition, it is important to recognize seams that are very easy to see with the naked eye. So, if it is a model where the seams “end” before the place where the wallet overlaps, then you know that you are dealing with a quality model.

What about men who prefer sports types?


Do you love a sporty style of dressing? Complete it with a practical men’s sports wallet that you definitely need to match with footwear. If you strive for minimalism, look for simple and one-color models with a discrete logo or with a metal logo plate. Those that buckle on Velcro straps will provide you with perfect comfort and ease of use.

If you are looking for a model to highlight your style, choose a wallet in yellow, burgundy, or green. When choosing the perfect wallet, pay attention to the number of compartments and pockets so that you can always have all your documents, membership cards, cards, or money with you.

You didn’t know that buying a wallet can be such a process? Well, we’re not done, because there is more to it. Did you know how important is the color? Because some colors have the power to attract money… Here are a couple of words about color…

  • Black is a very popular color for wallets and fortunately, this symbolizes prosperity and wealth. If you want to advance in your career or increase the wealth associated with your job, this is the ideal color for you.
  • As brown represents the earth, it is a color that encourages savings. If you want to save smarter or start a new saving mode, brown is the ideal color for your wallet.
  • It is believed that green wallets encourage earning opportunities. That is why the green wallet is recommended for entrepreneurs who are looking for ideas and new opportunities.

Think carefully and buy what will be able to last you at least 3 seasons and which will fit perfectly with what you choose to wear.