Having a successful marketing strategy is all about knowing how the psychology behind people’s shopping habits works. Every human being has the same psychological triggers that make them do something.

In order to influence your potential customers, you need to understand them and understand how they think, and that means, you need to find out what their psychological triggers are and learn how to use them in your business good. Hence, promoting your product in the right way will allow you the benefit a whole new set of buyers.

Why Is All of This so Important?

Believe it or not, it is because it’s our brains that decide what we buy, and people in SaaS design agency know this all too well. So, if you understand how the human brain works, and how people think, you will be able to influence the decisions they make, which is what SaaS marketing strategy is all about.

Therefore, if you want to attract customers, we strongly advise you to use one of the SaaS strategies and read this article until its end.

First, You Need to Answer One Very Important Question…

To the question – Who is your product intended for? – there is no correct answer. But there is one incorrect answer that many businessmen use, and that is – To everyone who wants to buy. This incorrect answer is usually a hole in the pocket that costs much more money than it brings benefits.

The one who said – Every commodity finds a buyer – was probably a prophet of digital marketing because today it is really a commodity, that is, a product, that finds a buyer, precisely because of its characteristics.

Why Do People Buy? What Triggers Sales?


Believe it or not, purchases are most often influenced by emotions and in a wide spectrum where potential fears play a much bigger role than we think:

  • The customer is currently facing some pain or difficulty, and the product is the solution
  • The customer is afraid of the future, afraid of loss or change
  • The customer wants satisfaction in the present or the future
  • The customer is curious and inquisitive, he is interested in what the product brings him

Statistics show that most customers decide on a product for emotional reasons and that they justify their purchase rationally. If someone bought a new smartphone, such as iPhone, they didn’t buy it just because they needed a new phone, because in that case, they could have bought any phone.

The new iPhone brings a completely different feeling, the user feels important, feels a sense of belonging to a community with a group of people who also have the same one, but also gives himself the impression that he is up to date with technological news, since the company developing this smartphone is constantly updating its products.

All these reasons will be justified by the fact that he needed a new phone and that the old one is no longer functional.

Promoting and Attracting New Customers

Social media play a crucial role in this. On Instagram we want to see beautiful pictures, Facebook should provide us with interesting content from friend statuses to a viral video that will keep us scrolling, Google should answer our search, and on YouTube or Tick-Tock we will look for funny clips.

Potential customers also behave differently depending on which social network they use. Different platforms require different content, and it is very important to assess which content is appropriate in which place internet marketing knows how to communicate with customers or clients precisely in that sphere of their interest.

Promoting and Attracting New Customers

For example, if we saw someone posting provocative photos among our contacts on LinkedIn, which is intended for business contacts and challenges, we would immediately think – Something is wrong here.

We would not consider such users professional, or credible for cooperation. Think about the ways in which you can market your product on which platform and come up with content that you will offer your customers on the web, whether it is a nice product photo, an interesting status, or a video.

In addition to being adapted to the platform on which the content is located, it should also be adapted to the customer. In the sphere of internet sales and advertising, a quality product, accurate delivery, a favorable price, and a customer privacy policy are taken for granted.

In order to decide on your product, the customer needs to get the impression that he is getting something that he cannot find elsewhere, some additional value. And all that should be intended only for him. To cut the long story short, give customers what they want, not what you want!

Customer Relationship Management

Most advertisers have realized that the customer is at the center of everything they organize, and lately, it can often be seen that companies are developing their CRM for customer relationship management.

CRM Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management can be achieved with the help of a program that records and analyzes customer data or, to begin with, in an Excel spreadsheet where you will be able to see who your audience is, that is, who are the people who most often buy your products.

It can be used to create a special marketing concept that exists to better develop customer relationships and provide better service and increase sales. Statistics show that companies that apply this concept record a growth of 60% compared to the competition and conquer the market much faster.

Final Word

Unlike classic advertising, Internet marketing brings a lot of useful feedback that we can use to improve sales. When an investment is made in a billboard, we can never know exactly who the people who saw the billboard are, and who actually paid attention to it.

Internet marketing based on the same logic – someone will see it, so maybe they will buy it – is the biggest mistake that most companies make, and that’s where big costs arise. That is why you should always invest in creating a quality marketing strategy, that will actually bring results.