Many people prefer to take a cab or drive with their family members to the airport to avoid spending money on parking their vehicles. But if you are a frequent traveler, it is best to ride your car to the airport, park it and get it back safely after you return. You do not have to spend enough on parking if you know a few smart ways.

It is possible to book safe and affordable parking near your airport and travel without stress. It is better to book off-site parking space as it is cheaper. You will get many services like private airport shuttle, car battery charging, regular vehicle checkup, toiletry facilities, luggage management, etc. You can consider any online platform like Parkos to book cheaper parking spaces.

It will be easy for you to travel to any place in your car. You can check in to any airport and park your car as per the booking. Your vehicle will be safe as it will be under the surveillance of parking companies. This write-up will help you know how one can save money on parking.

1. Do Pre-booking

While planning your trip, you will book flight tickets, hotels, and other necessary stuff. You must not forget to book the parking space for your car at the airport. If you keep this task to the last minute, it will cost you a lot.

Instead of paying a high price for car parking, it is better to book early. You will also get a chance to compare different parking places with their services so that you can make your choice.

2. Look for Coupons


Plenty of websites are available to book parking slots for your car. Due to high competition, these websites offer coupons to book services through their portal. When you buy flight tickets, you must consider available parking options.

It is good if you find a coupon to get a discount on parking and other services. Sometimes, when you travel frequently, you may earn rewards and get coupons for free. If you have one, then it is better to take advantage of every opportunity.

3. Prefer an Off-site Parking Lot that Offers Long Stay

Generally, on-site parking lots are expensive to book; therefore, it is better to consider off-site ones. You can find them near the airport and get all the services at a reasonable price. You must book the lot that allows you to stay longer and take care of your vehicle.

You must get a free shuttle to reach the airport and receive you. If you want to save money, then it is better to consider off-site parking lots. Your car can stay there for days, and you do not need to pay extra.

4. Pick the Perfect Spot

It is hard to get the desired spot in any busy airport parking lot. But you can find one if you book early. When you closely reach the airport, you will see the crowded lanes with many cabs. You can easily leave your car in the parking space and carry your luggage to the airport without any stress.


You do not need to get yourself stuck in traffic. You can simply reach the site, park your car, and wait for the complimentary shuttle. Even if you are traveling from any busy airport, you will be relieved from this stress.

5. Look for Monthly Parking Options

If you travel frequently, then it is better to look for monthly parking options. This way, you can reserve a space to park your car for a month and save money. Booking for a single day will cost you a lot more than booking for a month.

You can consider the membership and park your vehicle whenever you desire within that month. It is mandatory to renew your membership at the end of the month. In such programs, both long and short-stay lots are available for everyone.

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6. Use Your Credit Card for the Payment

Many credit companies offer reward points to frequent travelers as they book flight tickets and parking spaces with their cards. If your company is also giving such offers, you must accept it as an opportunity.

You must use your credit card to make the payment, and you will get more reward points. You can also use your reward points to book a free parking space for a single trip. In this way, you can save money for a single trip.

7. Compare Parking Space Prices with Cabs and Other Hassles


If you take a cab, you must handle your luggage yourself. But if you reserve an off-site parking space, you will be offered many services, including check-in and luggage help, a free shuttle to the airport, car wash and maintenance, etc.

Before you take a cab to the airport, you must compare its price with the money you spend on getting reserved parking space and other services. You can make your choice at your convenience. Undoubtedly, taking a cab will be cheaper, but you will not get other services. If you want to make your trip comfortable, then it is better to go with the perfect deal.

The Bottom Line

If you desire to reserve a parking space near the airport, you must follow all the smart ways to save money. Instead of taking a cab and getting into hassle, you can take your car and park it in your favorite spot.

Many parking companies offer long stays and keep your vehicle safe until you return from your journey. You can compare different company sites and prefer the one you like. It is mandatory to check all the available services and book them early.

If you remember all the tips, you can afford more trips in a year. The more frequently you travel and get the services, the more you will get a discount. Therefore, you must compare different off-site parking lot service providers and book the one that works well for you.