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High school is a bittersweet experience. With so much to look ahead, you do feel like you’ve been through tremendous experiences with people you truly love and care for. It marks a beginning to adult life, not completely though with oh so exciting to look forward to. If you’re going to college then the excitement of it keeps you up all night on YouTube watching moving in and orientation week videos, whereas, if you’re pursuing a more unconventional path then the uncertainty keeps you at the edge.

Whatever it may be, these last few months or rather days that lead to a beautiful end can be overwhelming for students. No matter how organized you are or how much in control your life is at school, the future can be a little daunting which makes you unable to truly bid farewell to your younger self and enjoy the careless life for the last few moments it lasts. With that said, if you’re one of those normal kids who don’t want to be stuck in a rut of constantly obsessing about the future and say the perfect goodbye to high school and just school life in general, tag along as we have some really easy and doable tips for you.

1. Be mindful of your classes

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Senior year of high school does not in any way or form mean that you overload yourself with crazy demanding classes. Sure, it is advisable but honestly, bite only as much as you chew. It might seem like it’s your last chance to impress the admission committee at your dream college but trust me when I say they’re looking for an all-rounder than a book nerd.

With that said, with the classes you already have, make sure you really enjoy them. Participate more often, go out of the way and read before class to know what’s going on and even try to pull those grades further up. Not just that, you can always pull all-nighters and study groups with your friends from class the last few times and really enjoy them.

2. Actively try to meet new people

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Well, sure its senior year and you want to spend as much time as possible with your buddies but it is also imperative to take it as an opportunity to socialize a little with people outside your social circle. These people could be from your Biology class or just someone who’s in the same book club as you. This will not only help you be comfortable with meeting new people but will also make you more comfortable and you might as well end up with a great new friend who might last you a lifetime.

Moreover, if you’re a rather introverted person and would rather enjoy sitting by your favorite tree and reading, that’s okay too. But make sure you go out of your normal, conventional way to do something and it could even be something like asking that girl you’ve always had a crush for a coffee. The goal is to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do!

3. Say yes more often

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Senior year means party every other weekend. As hectic as the schedule and the coursework can be, it is difficult to say yes to these things without compromising the assignments. Well, this is where multiple online resources come in which get your homework done for you with just a click. One such resource is which provides assistance to students who are overwhelmed.

4. Enjoy the time with your friends and family

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With you and your friends leaving for college, it is important to enjoy these last few days you have together. Do the things that you always wished to do but never got around to doing it. Great, fun ideas include, exploring your own town/city like a tourist by trying new places to eat or for bowling. Not just that, you can have a night in with all your friends to watch that scary movie you’re all too scared to watch alone. The point is to just live up the last few days with people you truly love and enjoy the company of.

Further, with your friends, you must also not forget your family. With their little baby growing up to be going to college, your parents might be proud but covertly pretty scared and needless to say, sad. With that said, don’t forget to go off a limb and spend time with them as well. It could be as simple as having dinner with them each night and having brunch each Sunday to just enjoy the cozy, comfortable and beautifully mundane time with them.

There are many things that you will let behind but have in mind that all those things that are awaiting you right around the corner will enrich your life and you will gain experience that will help you later on. Don’t look at it as an end, be positive, look at it as the beginning of a new chapter. All those friends you will be leaving behind, your family, close ones, they will be your support even through times when you feel alone, so, do not end your relationships there, keep in touch. With so much to look behind, please be mindful of the experiences you’ve lived and the experiences that await you. Be excited about what the future holds but don’t let it overwhelm you now and today. Prepare yourself for new challenges, be ready to tackle all obstacles, and always keep your mind focused on your goal and that is happiness. If you are unhappy, no matter how successful you are in school or later on in your career, you need to find something that will fulfill you.