As a Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) beginner, the large activity numbers and the region’s extensive map can make you feel overwhelmed. Playing this game might seem difficult, but it depends on your familiarity with the game and skills. The more you play and learn, the easier the game becomes.

GTA V has a lot of fun things to do, many options, and many unique sites to see. You can learn the game’s basics with proper guidance and tricks to ensure easy navigation. This article outlines nine tips for starting Grand Theft Auto V.

1. Buy a GTA V Account

If you are new to GTA V or have been thinking about purchasing GTA, you might have noticed how hard it is to access the open-world game’s most exciting parts. As a beginner, you can easily get frustrated as it’s difficult to unlock achievements and earn money. Without these assets, your mundane tasks will require more time, and this is when you should consider getting a GTA V modded account. New players look for modded GTA V accounts like those from this site for various reasons, including experiencing difficulties completing missions due to lack of the right skill level, disappointment that their character lacks extras, or feeling like they’re missing out since the best features are locked.

A GTA modded account also comes in handy if you want to be competitive, getting ahead in the game is difficult, gaining achievements is tedious, or you wish your character had more customizations. Before purchasing a modded GTA V account, verify your sources to ensure the account is safe and ensure the account is 100% guaranteed as ban-free.

2. Avoid skipping activities


Grand Theft Auto V has many new activities to tackle. Avoid skipping them because they help you develop your character’s features. Partaking in all the activities makes you a good criminal in Los Santos and improves your skills. You’ll find many locations to conduct particular tasks in the game. If you wish to enhance your shooting skills, do so at the local shooting range.

To increase your stamina, run or race bikes or finish driving races to better your driving skills. This results in your character’s improved stats. If you want to leverage this system fast, look at the objectives on the map and complete those aligning with the skills you wish to improve.

3. Switch between characters regularly

Once you start the GTA V game, you’ll have an opportunity to switch between the main characters as you fly. However, you’ll have to switch your characters often if you wish to progress the GTA V storyline. Once you change, go to the map’s objectives containing your selected character’s big initials. New missions are available for every character, and you’ll also find opportunities to stack your experience and cash.

These are your character’s main story missions and will continue the game. Concentrate on the GTA V’s color-coded map system because you may take too much time heading to the objectives your character can’t complete. Orange represents Trevor, green for Franklin, and blue for Michael.

4. Regularly check your phone for color and new missions


GTA V has more features than GTA IV, so you’ll constantly receive new missions, making it necessary to check your phone regularly. Checking your phone regularly will also help you find details about your characters and their associates. Thanks to the phone browser features, you don’t have to waste time in an internet café. Using your phone, you can see your available mission objectives, change settings, and track your overall progress.

5. Maximize your vital skills

All the three-game characters begin with varying skill levels. While no skills are more meaningful than others, building your expertise across the board, flying, and shooting is advisable. You can attend flight school at Los Santos Airport to master plane and chopper control. You can find Ammu-Nation shooting ranges throughout the region to sharpen your aim or rack up headshots in open fields.

6. Learn how to make money

Money is crucial for purchasing property, ammunition, weapons, outfits, armor, and modifying vehicles. Nonetheless, making money on GTA V as a beginner can be challenging. To make money fast on GTA V, invest in stocks, complete assassination missions, and consider an armored car exploit. Try hidden package exploits scattered around the map. Wait around ATMs for people to withdraw money, then rob them with suppressed weapons or bare hands.


You can also walk into corner markets and convenience stores, aim your gun at the cashiers, shoot around, grab the cash and run away before the cops get there. Whenever Franklin is low on cash, you can participate in street races to earn income. During the early GTA V sections, you may be tempted to buy weapons and vehicles you don’t require. Consider saving your earnings to buy things you’ll need later on.

7. Leverage your special abilities

All three lead characters have distinctive abilities. Michael can utilize a Max-Payne bullet to slow down time during shootouts. Franklin can also slow down time when driving. Trevor’s berserker-like ability lets you absorb a lot of damage when racking up kills. Consider using these special abilities each time you can to boost them; upon getting in a jam in subsequent missions, you’ll be thankful to have a bigger meter. Franklin’s capability to slow down time when driving through traffic is an excellent feature during chase missions. It also makes it easy to line up shots when driving in slow motion.

8. Choose your getaway vehicles wisely

Some heists will need to acquire a getaway vehicle. However, you should avoid using cars you’ve bought because they may not return to your garage after the missions. Instead, hijack good getaway vehicles, customizing them at Los Santos Customs and leaving it at the extraction point.

9. Gather online coupons

The Grand Theft Auto V game has a lot of high-priced items to spend on, so saving on your daily purchases can be an excellent way to save. Consider visiting the LifeInvader website and logging into the Rockstar Social Club to find valuable coupons that can save you some money on car customizations, hospital bills, tattoos, and more. Tour the website and click each coupon you see, so the next time you play the game, they’ll be available for use.



GTA V is a complex but fun action-adventure game to enjoy. Use these tips to start Grand Theft Auto V.