We all agree that the automotive industry has improved over time, and new trends in this field appear all the time, which makes our lives much easier and our rides much safer. The role of first cars was to transport us from one location to another, but today it changed, and our vehicles can do much more.

Of course, we still use them to get somewhere, but there is a big difference between the first vehicle and the ones we can buy today. Thanks to modern technology and the usage of electronics, new cars are much safer, and driving them is much easier than it used to be with older vehicles. The importance of electronics is huge, and so is testing it properly, which we will explain further in the text below.

What is testing?

We will start with the simplest thing and explain what electronic testing is, so you can understand why it is important and why you should perform it. As we all know, newer vehicles use electronics for their operation, which is a great thing as it makes driving them much easier and, what is more important, much safer for your passengers and you. Of course, in order to enjoy a safe ride, we need to be sure that every part of our vehicle is working properly, and because of that, testing it from time to time is necessary.

It is not a complicated procedure but requires some time since each part needs to be tested separately. The reason for that is simple, since these components are already installed in cars, and some of them communicate with each other, it is important to check each of them and be sure they are working accurately.

Which information do tests provide?


Once all the electronic components are checked, we will get information about the amount of vibration they can handle and how much they are shock resistant to them. It is important because driving cars always cause vibrations, no matter how good the road is, and each part needs to handle a certain amount of them for proper operation. Besides that, we can also see how reliable they are, robust, and how various temperatures affect them since each vehicle is driven in various conditions, such as cold, hot, and rain, and we cannot change them, so we need to make sure that electronic components will handle them. In the end, other important information we also can find out is about their voltage resistance and electromagnetic compatibility, and we can determine the magnetic field strength or the interference resistance to electrostatic discharges.

Environmental tests

We are all aware that our cars are driven in various conditions, and there is no doubt it affects them, but it is important to check the level of their impact on normal operating. It is done with environmental tests, and they actually represent how the electronic components installed in the vehicle react in various conditions. Since our vehicles are constantly exposed to wind, freezing temperatures, different vibrations during the ride, and too much moisture, it is crucial to check each component. Some of the environmental tests we need to take are corrosion, temperature, humidity, and much more. There are standards for each of them, and they need to meet the requirements in order to be safe to drive.

Why are they important?


The main importance of testing the electronic components in the vehicle is to be sure that everything is working properly and that we can enjoy a safe and carefree ride, but there is much more. Thanks to new standards, vehicles that do not meet the requirements cannot be sold on the market, as they are considered unsafe and pollutants of our environment. Because of that, it is crucial to check every single component from time to time to make sure that everything is safe and check it again if you are planning to sell the car to make sure that it can be put on the market. The awareness of environmental pollution is on a much higher level now, and the automotive industry is doing everything it can to withdraw from the sale of those vehicles which do not meet the requirements.

What is crucial to check?

As we all know, our vehicles have different systems that need to work properly to assure safe and comfortable rides, but which of them needs to be tested? Many cars now have driving assistance systems, which make driving them much easier, but not people are aware of how important it is to check it regularly and be sure that it works properly. Another system important for our passengers and our safety is the airbag since when it works, it can literally save our lives, but if there is some malfunction, it can even hurt us when opened unnecessarily. The detection of seat occupation and alarm system are next on this list, and any malfunction can result in listening to annoying sounds during the entire ride.

Find a professional


Although it is possible to buy different devices and test all the electronic components at home, a much better idea is to ask a professional. The reason for that is simple, professionals know the standards, follow every change, and know exactly what to check and how to read the results. However, it can be pretty challenging to find a professional since there are too many of them, but we have a solution for that problem too. You can consult a trusted team like Testxchange for testing, type approval, and certification services for automotive electronics.

To summarize

Each vehicle needs to have proper maintenance if we want to prolong its lifespan and enjoy a comfortable ride for many years. There are no doubt older models required fewer visits to a mechanic, and checking their systems was much faster, but newer cars are much safer and easier to ride. Because of that, we need to set aside some time and provide our vehicle with proper maintenance, and testing the electronic components is a great starting point.