Every woman loves to take care of her skin, but as we age, this process becomes a bit more challenging.

Did you know that we tend to produce 1% less collagen each year after we get to our mid-twenties?

In order to replenish and bring back what’s lost, a lot of women turn to micro-needling and other similar skincare treatments! One of them, which is newer on the market, is Morpheus8! Want to know a bit more about it? Keep on reading!

Why is Morpheus8 good for you? Should you give it a go?


The Morpheus8 is a device that you can use if you are craving that glow from within! It combines a unique approach of microneedling and radio frequencies which will help with face fat, stubborn lines, anti-aging, fine lines, as well as collagen production. If you want to know a bit more about skincare, body tightening, as well as laser treatments that can be beneficial for your skin – hop on over to They have answers to all of your questions, as well as some of the best beauty treatments at an affordable price!

Top 8 Facts About Morpheus8

1. What is it?


Morpheus8 is an FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment that you will love because of its face-remodeling properties. This device uses gentle thermal heat which will remove any fat or unwanted tissue that is in your skin. Regular treatments will also give you thicker skin, and you will end up with healthY and more durable dermal layers. By doing so, your skin will look healthy, radiant, glowy + it won’t age as fast as it would normally do.

2. Is it painful?

Each Morpheus8 treatment is done at a beauty salon with the help of certified and skilled staff. This device is applied directly to the treated area and there is slight heat released, which will promote healthy tissue changes. The best part is that the treatment in itself is not painful. It is a bit warm and it can be weird or unpleasant at first for some women, but it won’t harm your skin or cause any irregularities.

3. How to know if this treatment is for you?


Morpheus8 is safe and effective for women of any skin type, as well as mature skin. You can do this treatment even if you struggle with hyperpigmentation. The radiofrequency will help with different complications and skin concerns. What is vital is for you to adjust the treatment per your skin type and your targeted concern. Luckily, Morpheus8 has loads of different benefits, which makes it easy, practical, as well as convenient for loads of women, as well as different skin complications.

4. How does it work?

Morpheus8 combines the power of needles and RF to penetrate deep into your skin. A certified esthetician or a dermatologist will use this tool to address superficial tissue. Your esthetician or dermatologist will determine how many treatments you need, as well as what is the right way to approach your skin type. They will also tell you how often to come back for your treatments. It is never a good idea to DIY similar beauty treatments, or to guess the process on your own.

5. What are the benefits of Morpheus8?


There are different benefits and you will love this treatment because it can:

  • Improve your texture
  • Helps with your skin tone
  • Boosts your collagen production
  • Helps with fine lines & scars, as well as wrinkles
  • Helps with stretch marks over your body
  • Can be used over your neck and face
  • Helps with large pores
  • Helps with sun damage
  • Gives you healthy & radiant skin

6. How time-consuming is the treatment?

Each treatment is different and it can depend a lot on your skin type and your skin concern. Usually, it will take around 15-20 minutes for your skin to numb. Once it does, the procedure can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes (depends on the surface that is being worked on). The bigger the surface, the more time it will take for a trained professional to give you results.

PS: It is important to discuss your skin type, your preferred and ideal results, as well as your history. Let your specialist in on all the details before you begin the process.

7. When will you see the results? How many treatments will you need?


Visible results will be there in less than a week. However, some women may need weeks or even months to spot a dramatic change. It might take around six months for some since collagen production can be a fairly slow process.

Most skin care experts recommend doing three treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart. This process is the best since it gives just enough time for your skin to recover and rejuvenate.

Women who have acne or similar inflammations may need around 4-6 treatments to get you ideal results.

8. When can I apply the makeup? What is the aftercare like?


A lot of women may want to apply makeup on top straight away. However, downtime is at least one day! You should apply any type of face or eye makeup only after 24-48 hours have passed.

When it comes to its aftercare, make sure to do the following:

  • Avoid heavy sun exposure
  • Apply SPF every day for a week (at least)
  • Add a thicker moisturizer on top of your skin (especially at night)
  • Let your skin breathe
  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser the next day, not sooner than this

Ready for your new & improved skin?


It is time to give this skincare treatment a go, wouldn’t you agree? Do you feel confident and comfortable with testing out the Morpheus8? These 8 facts should re-assure you that this treatment is safe to do, no matter your skin type. Let us know your impressions if you’ve tested it out already, and let us know if you were satisfied! We would love to know.