In today’s world, giving an apartment for rent can be pretty exciting but scary. While you go through the entire process, you will have to navigate many areas. Apart from the monthly bill, you will also have to give answers to many questions.

So, if you are unaware of how to create a lease agreement, go through this article. As you read ahead, we will cover the things you must know before the landlord gives the property to someone. If you’re still looking for apartments for rent, you can check out the property listings online.

Think about getting a renter’s insurance:

When you’re not ready to take on another bill for the month, then a renter’s insurance can help you save a lot. But, before you get an insurance policy, think about how much you can bear in case of a hazard.

Fortunately, you can get insurance for $10 or at a less price. Moreover, many landlords want the residents to purchase insurance. As a tenant, you must also go through the insurance policy to know what kind of losses it covers.


Never think about moving into the house for a year:

While most tenants sign a lease agreement for a year, some landlords are quite flexible and offer a lease for a period as requested by the tenant. However, when you’re thinking about the period, it is based on your needs.

If you are not ready to stay at the property but want to try another apartment before committing, consider an agreement for six months. On the other hand, if you’re about to move to another city, it’s not a bad idea to consider it on lease month to month. In that case, such leases will be more expensive than you think.

Consider signing a longer contract:

As you’re primarily concerned about how much you can save, many landlords offer a monthly discount to the tenants. However, this can be applied when the individual signs a lease agreement for 18 months or two years.

It can be the norm because the landlord will always try to retain the tenant. If he has to start finding a tenant again, it can be tedious, and he has to go through many hassles.

There are specific questions the landlord will not ask:

Whenever the landlord plans to give the property on lease, he will not ask questions regarding age, gender, religion, or race. But, you will have to answer some questions depending on the location.

Moreover, once the local or state government goes through the online application, he should be able to check out the details. If you wish to know about the tenant’s rights and the city and county, you can search for the information online. Soon after you type the keywords, the browser will direct you to a domain with ‘.gov’ at the end.


Make sure that the housing payments don’t exceed the rent:

Before you move into the apartment, it’s always better to ask the landlord about the cost of different utilities.

Furthermore, you will also have to check whether you have to pay for the amenities and consider whether it fits your budget. While there’s no rule on how to spend monthly for housing, it’s always a good idea to know what’s covered even before you sign the lease agreement.

Ensure whether the landlord covers man expenses with the rent:

When you start residing in the apartment, many landlords will include utilities like electricity in the base rent. But, if that’s not the case, you will have to pay additionally and separately.

Hence, before considering occupying a rental apartment, you must be sure about your financial condition. Besides, you should not be caught in deep trouble when you can’t bear the expenses after you start living.

Be sure that you know more about the community rules:

As you visit many apartments or properties, you must know the different policies. In those instances, you will have to know about the quiet hours and the time when people can come to meet you. But, if you don’t follow the community rules, you will be fined later.

Hence, when you decide to stay in a particular apartment, you must check whether the landlord is willing to offer lots of freedom.

Confirm what costs you will have to bear after breaking the lease:

Soon after you plan to stay in the house, you must avoid breaking the lease soon. But, if you plan to move out for some reason, you first have to check the lease-breaking policy.

As you go through the clauses and the terms of the agreement well in advance, you can foresee what you can expect in the situation. In such a case, you will have to face the situation before moving out sooner than you had ever thought.

Check whether the lease gets renewed automatically:

While you agree with the landlord, the lease can be renewed automatically. On the contrary, you will have to inform the property manager or the landlord and let him know whether you wish to continue living in the house. But, if you fail to notify the landlord within a certain period, you will have to bear a hefty fine.

Go through the lease thoroughly:

Once you start dealing with a landlord, the individual will communicate well and make some promises. But, then, you must be careful and go through the lease and ensure that the document covers every promise.

If you cannot understand specific terms or clauses, you can instantly speak with the landlord and seek clarification. In the end, you must not be stuck in a situation where the lease terms do not match what the landlord has spoken earlier.


Be confident whether you can stay with someone:

If your financial condition is not good, then you will obviously consider a roommate and share the expenses. But, when you go through the agreement carefully, you must be sure whether you can request someone to stay with you.

Besides, the roommate must also be capable of staying in the house after agreeing to the terms. In such a scenario, you can seek information from the landlord and check how you and the roommate can pay the rent.

Always inspect the apartment well:

Once you decide to stay in the house, you must not forget to check its overall condition. Moreover, as you roam around the house, you must observe the condition of the walls and floor.

Apart from this point, you must check whether the appliances are working smoothly. If there are any issues with the appliances, you will be held liable in the long run. So, when you speak with the property manager during a visit, you can take photos of the damages. A bit later, you can hand over the snaps to the property manager and tell him to state everything in writing.

The property manager can hold you responsible for the damages if you forget about this. Ultimately, you will be charged for the issues and perhaps not get the security deposit when you move out.

Assess the property and the surrounding:

If you’re going to consider an apartment to rent for the first time, you will have to check the neighborhood. Instead of being hasty with the rental process, you also have to check the surrounding region.

Before you confirm with the landlord, you must visit the societies during different hours of the day. We will advise you to visit the property during the weekend or during the evening time. You also have to interact with the people in the society to gather opinions about the neighborhood.


Check the location of the property:

When selecting a house for rent, you must know more about the location. If you are presently studying at a college, check how much time you take to reach the school.

Furthermore, you also have to check the distance if you are going to commute to a workplace daily. But, to be sure about the location, you can research and check out the number of shops, shopping arcades, public places like the hospital, and amenities.

Seek from the landlord whether you can keep a pet:

There’s no harm in staying in an apartment along with a pet. But, before you move into the house, you must check the restrictions. You then have to speak with the landlord and ensure whether he allows you to live with a pet.

Even though a house inside a building allows pets, there will be some restrictions regarding the breeds. Hence, to be on the safe side, you have to go through the policies very carefully.


There are numerous things you have to look for before moving into a rental apartment. While you must consider getting a renter’s insurance, you must never sign a lease agreement for a year. In addition, you should ensure that the housing expenses are not greater than the monthly rent.

You also have to check on some restrictions and whether the landlord will allow you to stay with a pet. Towards the end, you will also have to check the apartment’s condition, the location, and the surrounding region.