Many people view a casino as a venue where they can have fun and try their luck. Even though the majority of visitors to these places are generally having a good time, accidents can still happen to people while they are in the environment.

Here is what you should know before filing a lawsuit against a casino.

Do I Have the Right to Sue a Casino?

Casino accident victims must first decide what kind of personal injury claim or lawsuit they want to file. The sort of claim will impact elements like the deadline for filing, among others. If a customer sustained personal injuries or property damage as a result of another party’s negligence, a general personal injury claim might be made. If there were a defective property condition, like careless security or an unsafe stairwell, the claim would be made under premises responsibility against the property owner or casino owner. If a harmful or faulty product was involved in the occurrence, you might also be able to sue the maker for product liability.

Types of Lawsuits Against a Casino


The most frequent grounds for lawsuits against casinos, which make them defendants in judicial proceedings, are as follows:

  • Accidents involving falls and slips

You can sue the casino to recover damages if you slip and fall and are hurt as a result of a broken floor or another flaw in the floor. Slips that aren’t the fault of the casino management typically don’t give you a chance to prevail in court.

  • Parking lot collisions at casinos

Accidents in the parking lot have led to several lawsuits against casinos. The casino is liable if your automobile is damaged by any faulty equipment in the parking lot because it was required to prevent this by keeping the parking structure in good condition. You should file a lawsuit against the other casino patron who accidentally damaged you with their vehicle, not the casino itself.

Things To Know Before You File a Lawsuit Against a Casino


1 Evidence

It’s crucial to gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident if you slip or trip and fall at a Las Vegas casino. This proof will be necessary to support your claim that the casino is accountable for your damages and, thus, liable for your injuries. What sort of proof should you make sure to collect?

  • Photographs: If you trip over a rough section of flooring, take a time-stamped photo of that area. The same goes for any liquid spills or wet areas that may have contributed to your trip and fall in the vicinity of a restroom or a dining area. You should take a photo of these areas as well. The majority of cell phones have the ability to shoot pictures that will be accompanied by a time and date stamp. Make careful to capture both close-up images showing the problem that led to the trip and fall and longer images that clearly show the location of the incident.
  • Witness: Did anyone see you stumble or fall? Anyone who witnessed the incident and may be able to provide testimony regarding the hazardous situation that led to your accident should have their contact information noted. Other customers, staff members, or friends and family you travel with could serve as witnesses. It will be crucial to gather names, phone numbers, and any other pertinent contact details from witnesses so that your premises liability attorney can speak with them.
  • Contact Attorney

An attorney can assist if you believe that a casino injury you sustained as a patron or employee was brought on by carelessness or a failure to uphold basic safety standards. On the other hand, don’t procrastinate. The Statute of Limitations, which establishes a time limit for filing injury claims, must be followed. Within two to three years after the victim’s damage, a personal injury case must normally be filed. Your Casino Injury Attorneys Las Vegas can assist you in obtaining compensation for any medical costs, pain, suffering, and even lost wages resulting from an injury.

2 Avoid Talking to Casino Staff

Refrain from saying anything to casino staff other than the straightforward facts of what transpired. Don’t apologize or claim responsibility for the accident. Keep in mind that whatever you say to casino staff members could be used against you.

The same goes for any offer from the casino, such as a complimentary night’s stay or credits to use on the slot machines. This can be interpreted as a resolution of your claim. Even if the casino makes you a sizable cash or another offer of compensation, decline it because your case might be worth considerably more, and you may not yet be aware of the entire magnitude of your losses.

3 Payout

There isn’t a typical payment or case value for injuries sustained in casinos. This is due to the fact that every case is different and that the amount of your claim will rely on a variety of variables, including the casino’s liability, the severity of your injuries, and the specific sort of injuries you sustained. In contrast to someone who slipped and twisted their foot and recovered within a few months, someone who suffered a traumatic brain injury from a casino fall is likely to be awarded far more money.

Your recovery can be increased by working with a slip-and-fall lawyer. The facts of your case will be carefully reviewed by your attorney, who will also conduct legal research. After that, a compelling claim for full compensation will be assembled.


Potential Settlement Options

In the world of conflict, especially against establishments as massive as casinos, diving head-first into a lawsuit isn’t always the most practical or efficient solution. Various avenues can be taken to resolve disputes amicably, saving both time and resources.

Before embarking on the arduous journey of a lawsuit, it’s beneficial to first examine other settlement routes. For instance:

Often, issues can be resolved simply by reaching out to the casino management or their affiliated insurance agency. Such direct communication can help both parties understand the nature and depth of the grievance, potentially leading to a satisfactory resolution without entering a courtroom. Some of the info on what one could do can be found at Funrize casino reviews and similar outlets.

Tip: Always approach such discussions with a clear outline of your grievances and the desired outcome. This clarity can hasten the negotiation process.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Legal battles can be draining. ADR offers a more harmonious alternative:

Mediation, guided by a neutral third-party, facilitates communication between conflicting parties, aiming for mutual agreement. Arbitration, on the other hand, involves a third-party arbitrator who delivers a decision both parties agree to abide by. Both methods offer quicker, less adversarial solutions compared to traditional lawsuits.

Tip: Understand the difference between the two. While mediation offers more control over the outcome, arbitration’s decision is usually binding.

Before selecting an ADR method, consult your attorney. They can provide insights on the most suitable path, considering the intricacies of your case.


It can be tremendously daunting to be wounded in a casino, whether you are visiting Vegas for a holiday or a local spending time on the Strip. You may feel dejected, believing there is no chance that you can take on a casino, in addition to coping with medical bills and emotional anguish. You can fight for just compensation for your injuries with the aid of a personal injury lawyer, who can assist level the playing field.