Though driving a rental truck does not require any special license except the Driver’s license you already have but it certainly is not as easy a job as you driving your personal car. Yes, it requires some special tips that make you have a safe journey as you drive a rental truck from point A to B. the experts at leading truck rental companies such as to explain that generally, people are used to of driving small vehicles such as cars and other personal vehicles, and suddenly driving a truck full of all your possessions comes as a next-level task for them. It certainly is not an easy task. If possible, the experts recommend you to ask someone in your friends and family, who has the prior experience of driving large vehicles, to drive the truck. If you are not able to find any such person and you decide to drive the rental truck by yourself then make sure you follow these safety tips so that you can reach to destination safely.

1. Inspect truck throughout


Before driving the truck, make sure you inspect the truck well. Check lights, tires, signals, and mirrors so that you don’t need to face any problem later. Inspect all the parts of the truck, it would not only helpful in having a safe journey but as well as if you inspect any damage now then you don’t need to pay any cost for it later when you return the rental vehicle.

2. Get familiar with the features of the vehicle

Take a minute to get familiar with all the features of the truck. Sit on the driver seat and look at all the features. Get to know how to turn on the lights, how to adjust the mirrors at the right high, which function is performed by which button, and then start driving. Give yourself enough time in understanding all the features so you can get familiar with the vehicle.

3. Drive slowly


Most of the mishaps occur because of the fast speed of the vehicle. The majority of accidents can be avoided if you keep the speed of the truck slow. Check all-around corners and curves and drive slowly. Avoid traveling in the narrow streets and if required to travel in narrow streets and high traffic areas then pay extra attention to everything and reduce the speed. This is the best way to reach safely at the destination.

4. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles

Remember that you are driving a truck that is completely loaded. Trucks are heavier and these take longer to stop immediately, therefore, it is important to keep a safe distance from other vehicles when you are driving a truck. Driving a rental truck can put you under a lot of pressure. Therefore, there’s an option of taxi trucks. You can transport heavy things, or fragile goods and according to CRLExpress, you don’t have to worry about you driving the truck because they will do everything instead of you.

5. Plan trip in good weather


Running a large vehicle like a truck in bad weather is a very difficult and dangerous task so make sure you opt for the time of the year which is quite safe to drive.

6. Put away the distractions

Driving an unfamiliar vehicle and even a large vehicle is such a quite complicated task so to avoid any kind of accidents, make sure you concentrate properly on what driving and put away all the distractions. Never use a phone while driving, don’t try to eat or drink something. If there is a need, make sure you stop the vehicle at first and then take necessary calls or food items if required.

7. Know the safe braking of a large vehicle


Remember that you can’t immediately stop a large truck. You have to slow the truck gradually at first to apply brakes and to stop it. Braking too suddenly can make you lose your control over the vehicle which can become a reason for a serious mishap.

8. Take enough breaks

You are new to running such a large vehicle so taking enough relaxation in between the drive is important so that you do not lose your concentration while driving the vehicle. Take enough stoppages during the transportations and have some relaxing time. This helps in keeping the senses up as well as keeps your energy high. Make sure you at least have 30 minutes of a break while driving the truck continuously for 8 hours and if possible take more breaks to get freshen up.

9. Driving full loaded truck versus empty truck


The driving experience for a fully loaded truck and empty truck is different. Handling a truck full of belongings require different adjustments than an empty truck. Braking is one of the biggest things that change and braking a full loaded is difficult and it requires long distance to stop and you should not apply brakes suddenly in a truck when it is full of the home belongings. So, keep in mind that whether you are driving an empty truck or a fully loaded one.

10. Give enough space to yourself

Moving trucks are heavier and the brakes present in it are not in great shape so make sure you feel comfortable while driving. Allow yourself plenty of space so that you can apply the brakes smoothly.



Driving a rental truck is a complicated task because you are not familiar with the vehicle and people usually don’t have any experience in running large vehicles. So, it is important to pay extra attention while driving so that any mishaps can be avoided. Follow all the above-given safety tips to avoid any mishap. Truck rental services are a great way to make your relocation process easier and pocket friendly. If you want to make your relocation process more fail-proof, you must use the best moving apps and also consult with professional moving companies. Have a successful move.