Walking into a bar alone is quite a daunting task, especially when you are in a different city and are a solo traveler. People often look upon solo travel as a depressing and sad activity. However, it is quite the opposite.

There are no limitations to solo traveling, and you need not affirm other people before visiting any place. In the hustle and bustle of life, traveling has become a means of escaping reality. Solo traveling is a way of reinventing oneself, breathing free, and letting go of sorrows. It can be viewed as a means of detoxification.

Staying safe on your trip abroad should be your number one priority. Hence, when it comes to enjoying a place’s nightlife, you need to be aware of a few tips and tricks. Here are some of them.

Tips and Tricks For Solo Travellers To Enjoy Night Life Of The Place

1. Safety First


Since you are new to this city and have few to no acquaintances, you should not hope that someone will come to help you if you fall in any danger. As they say, “prevention is better than cure,” so steer clear of nightclubs situated in dark alleys and lanes as they might shelter many shady deals and local goons.

Some places are quite dangerous and hence do proper research before going to any nightclub. You can prebook a taxi to take you back to your hotel, in case you get drunk and wasted at the club. Also, keep your legal ID documents within your hand’s reach.

2. Sit At The Bar

By sitting at the bar, you will get the opportunity to bond with other people. Solo travelers easily become targets for goons and thieves. They are safe as long as they are communicating with others. So, by sitting at the bar, you may keep out of danger’s way.

3. Try To Learn The Local Dialect


It is of utmost importance to learn bits and pieces of the local dialect. It will help you mingle in the crowd and will also help you communicate with the local people.

Also, you will be able to easily understand if someone is planning and plotting something against you. Under such circumstances, you can easily save yourself.

4. Never Drink Too Much


Solo travelers should never drink too much, especially at night. Even if you do not feel tipsy, it is a good idea to stick to only a few pegs. Once drunk, predators can easily take advantage of your intoxicated condition.

5. Keep The Phone Handy

Your phone has all the important contacts. It is your biggest support while in a foreign place. Hence, keeping your phone safe should be your highest priority.

Note down the local emergency contact and ring it up as soon as you feel something is fishy. Also, the flashlight of the torch may help while passing through dark alleys.

6. Keep Someone Posted About Whereabouts


Solo travelers should always keep someone posted about where they are going. So, God forbid, if any mishap happens, that person can immediately alert the police and family members.

7. Trust Gut Instincts

Solo travelers need to trust their gut instincts. Do not even trust your guide or taxi driver. Also, if you get bad vibes around someone or someplace at night, it is a good idea to leave the place immediately. Generally, our sixth sense never lies to us.

8. Prefer Small Over Large


It is a good idea to choose a small pub at night. The loud music and flashy lights of the bigger pubs may get overwhelming. A larger pub may appear more glamorous, but a smaller pub will be more relaxing and help you unwind easily. Live music in a smaller pub will be soothing after a long day of traveling and will rejuvenate your soul.

9. Think Out-of-the-Box


Nightlife is not restricted to bars and clubs. Many Oriental cities like Vietnam, have night markets. They are highly crowded and are quite safe. If the city you are visiting has some night market or bazaar, you should certainly visit it.

10. Watch The Drink


As a solo traveler, you need to watch the barman closely as he mixes the drink. Some people may find this gesture paranoid. However, this will ensure that the barman is not mixing any intoxicants in your drink.

11. Carry The Phone Accessories Handy

Solo travelers need to have their phones fully charged during the night. To be on the safer side, you must carry a power bank in your travel bag. Make sure the power bank is fully charged. Also, keep USBs and other important gadgets with you.

12. Carry Water


It is a good idea to carry your bottle of water everywhere, especially at night. There are chances that someone might mix something with your water at the nightclub.

13. Use GPS


The GPS will help you to locate the nightclub easily. The locals might misguide you and send you through dangerous roads. With the help of a GPS, you need not even ask people how to reach the club. All you need to do is enter your destined location and click on search. Then, follow the route as navigated by the GPS.


The solo travelers need to be quite alert while exploring the nightlife. Getting drunk and feeling drowsy may cost them dearly. Also, remember not to come under the radar of the local goons.

Escorts are an important part of the nightlife. However, make sure to choose one only from a reputed agency. You can visit here to check the ratings of the escort agencies in the area you are visiting.

Generally, you will come across numerous anti-social elements prowling the roads at night. Steer clear of them. Also, do not get attracted by the flashy lights of discos and pubs and risk your safety.