Millions of people the world over share a love for Poker, but for many, there is a question of playing for money or not? Many players can profess a great love and an excellent understanding of the game, but are they actually willing to put money on it? Perhaps they don’t have to. In this article titled Tips to Playing Online Poker for Profit and Fun, we will take a brief look at the fun and profit aspects of playing online poker.

Of course, all the big-name online poker sites carry a range of play money tables for those who want their Poker fix but can’t afford or aren’t up to the risk, but there is no incentive for winning at these tables, and no real reason to play good, solid Poker. Enter Spade Club.

Why Spade Club Is Not Gambling


Spade Club is an online Poker site powered by Card Player magazine and it was established in the year 2008. Spade Club precisely states that it is not a gambling site several times over as a disclaimer at the bottom of commercials that are generously dispersed throughout WPT television coverage. They operate just as their name suggests, as a club, awarding cash prizes to winners like sweepstakes.

Individuals have the option of paying a $20 ($19.99) monthly fee for Exclusive membership and the opportunity to participate in hundreds of online tournaments for up to $100,000 in prize money. Basic members play for free in daily cash tournaments, membership free rolls, and various Sit and Gos using reloadable points as buy-ins. Each victory, final table, and money finish earns points toward the Spade Club Player of the Year Award.

Current Spade Club Promotions


Like PokerStars and Full Tilt, Spade Club offers several promotions to Exclusive members. Members have the opportunity to win a seat in the Main Event with all expenses paid totaling $12,000, a seven-day cruise of nonstop Poker and sun in the Caribbean, or a $25,000 buy-in to the Five-Star World Poker Classic Championship at the famed Bellagio of Las Vegas. Other promotions include benefits for referring friends and a contest to design an official Spade Club T-shirt. Each of three winners receives varying degrees of membership and a free shirt.

Games at Spade Club

Currently Pot-limit Omaha and the No-limit variety of Texas Hold ‘em are the only games Spade Club offers, but according to Spade Club’s resident pro and Poker Room manager, Kenny Goldstein, the site is close to adding Stud and Draw games. Once they do, legions of new players will pour in, and the Spade Club community will be open to a myriad of Poker action.

Spade Club is Poker with a possibility of profit, and without the deposit. So much for the old Poker adage, “you’ve gotta pay to play.”

The Universality of Online Poker


If there were ever one thing people of the world could unite around it would be a poker table. This is very true as there is no poker table large enough to house every poker afficionado around the world, we turn to the Internet.

The world of online poker has grown phenomenally in a decade’s time. Millions of people the world over play poker via the Internet, and through this process they are meeting and interacting with players from other countries.

Where to Play Online Poker:

  • 888 Poker
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • PokerStars
  • Ultimate Bet

Poker has always been a game of people coming together, whether in the backrooms of bars, at the kitchen table, or over the Internet. Players converse, analyze, and deceive at a poker table just as they do everywhere else in everyday life.

Making Connections Through Online Poker

Players make lasting connections through competition and discussion, some become friends while being oceans apart. Of course, the primary objective of poker is winning money, but spawning friendly rivalries in the process is a pleasant side effect.

It is through this game that we are all the same, but still not equal. Poker in any variety is common thread running through us all. Those four suits on fifty-two cards are encoded in our DNA, and by these means we are all brothers and sisters.

Online poker is about connectivity from log in to the final hand. The object is to stay connected, to the server, to the other players, to the game itself. Marrying the world’s ultimate people game to the world’s largest community provider allowed for its recent explosion into the mainstream.

A New Wave of Information

Now the 5G internet is crawling with online poker articles such as this, all intended to enlighten and enhance the experience. A poker player’s education has changed dramatically over time, and now gobs of information are only a click away.

Pages across the Web, such as Texas Hold’em Canada, are dedicated to explaining the rules of the game and providing a safe and easily accessible place to play. These web pages only serve to further connect us, ensuring that we all enter a fair playing environment with the same general understanding.

With the sense that so many people can all come together and share in one common activity, it makes it okay for new people to sign-up and play. Through this factor the community grows, as does the level of competition and the prize money.

The more people that play the better poker will always be because of it. The game will never be hurt by adding more blood to the water. Good news for those sharks out there until the fish become healthy enough to attack before there eaten up.

There are more information to gather to understand online poker playing better and of course to learn how to play online poker for profit and fun. Everyone is not successful in achieving the two perspectives of profit and fun. This is the reason it is always suggested to reach to professionals for genuine guidelines. If not, it is recommended to read more for the same on our website.