The last ten years have seen an unprecedented interest in trade show marketing. Forecasts and analyses indicate that the trade show business will continue to grow in major American and European economic centers as well as in the Middle East and Asia. Trade shows present a perfect opportunity to market your brand, appeal to prospective consumers, and make sales. Since a trade show involves hundreds of businesses trying to capture the same audience, it is crucial to stand out.

Marketers utilize various displays, banners, stands, and booths at conferences, expositions, and events in their industry to introduce their company to potential clients and make a positive impression. These must be simple to assemble and transport and have an engaging aesthetic appeal for visitors.

This post will inform you about the most common lush banners you can use today. You can select any available options or combine them to get the best value for your money based on your budget, target audience, objectives, and preferences.

Graphic booths and canopies


Graphic booths and canopies are notable at trade exhibitions, festivals, special events, and even physical stores as extensions at the entrance. An excellent feature of a canopy display is that it is simple to use and effectively encloses a space, displaying your designs on the front, back, and side walls.

Graphic booths and canopies are outdoor displays that offer businesses a strong display option for outdoor events during the spring and summer. Note that outdoor displays should not be used in inclement weather, and when windy, the exhibitor should ensure that exhibits are adequately secured or weighed down for safety.

Banner stands


One of the most popular and adaptable trade fair displays is banner stands. Due to their low cost, great portability, and ease of custom graphic customization, they have established themselves as a standard among trade show marketers, retailers, and organizations searching for display signs. They are a great option for companies looking to advertise their brand uniquely.

Banner stands make use of a banner as a means of displaying the logo and message. There are several flag stands, including telescoping, tension, and retractable ones. Banner stands can be combined to make a graphic wall, placed next to larger images to support messages, or even used with motorized systems to draw attention with motion.

Pop up displays


Pop-ups offer various options for customization, portability, and quick setup, and they are affordable. In many cases, they serve as a solid-looking back wall. For greater effect, you can add graphic mural panels to make your exhibit stand out with a distinctive statement.

Pop-ups use a frame that unfolds (accordion style), giving a structure for hanging fabric or graphic panels. The pop-up booth can be unique, with extra shelving, monitor holders, and lights. Even the case is helpful because it can be transformed into a meet & greet podium by adding a plastic top and covering it with fabric or graphic wraps.

Pop-up displays have become an even more powerful marketing tool in recent years. Newer variations include tension fabric pop-up walls, which use single-piece fabric graphics that are already attached, and even backlit choices to provide lightboxes. Custom-printed flags assembled in various 3D pop-up configurations to display messages in multiple ways are a common marketing technique.

Hanging displays


Hanging structures come in several designs, including circles, squares, shields, pinwheels, and more. They are aluminum-framed hanging displays decorated with brand graphics. With distinctive, attention-grabbing flair, hanging structures assist exhibitors in promoting their brand presence at an event from all sides. Most are lightweight, fold into a small travel case or bag, and take relatively little time to assemble and disassemble. You may need assistance in hanging them from the show floor’s ceiling.

Tension fabric displays


Aluminum poles, extrusions, and stretched huge fabric images are used in tension fabric displays to create stunning walls and displays. This display style can employ many accessories, such as lighting, shelves, monitor mounts, etc., but each system is unique. Displays using tension cloth have a distinctive appearance thanks to their varied pre-made or custom-made shapes. Most are simple to set up and fold down for easy transportation.

The graphics for a tension fabric display can either push over the frame like a pillowcase, slide into extrusion channels, or be attached directly to the frame using Velcro, depending on the structure. Tension fabric displays can be equipped with extras like lighting, shelves, and monitor mounts to increase their functionality.

Truss displays


Truss trade show displays offer many design options. You can use a truss to create virtually any show shape, from regular perimeters and hanging displays to unique kiosks. From the strong stage lighting truss you see at concerts to the design truss used for exhibits, truss comes in various styles.

Truss can create counters, shelves, chairs, podiums, displays, and more. It can also be powder painted in various colors and decorated with graphics. Truss is the best way to show large visuals and is ideal for creating massive displays that extend into the air.

Pipe and drape displays


Pipe and drape, which provides everything from basic 10′ x 10′ exhibit areas to enormous island booths, is the foundation of trade exhibitions. It is just what the name implies—a simple framework made of joined pipes with fabric strung over it. Because you can print your material and hang posters or banners from the side rails and back wall to customize the appearance of your exhibit booth, pipe and drape is a simple trade show display. Even better, you can get a printed fabric banner wall that folds into a little carrying bag.

Custom trade show booth display

The most productive option for an exhibition is to use a bespoke stand. Production possibilities do not limit the design of such a display. All kinds of materials are used in the production of custom exhibition displays. Such stands are an order of magnitude higher than any of the above solutions, as they can really tell visitors about your brand. To order a bespoke exhibition stand in Europe, contact exhibition stand builder ESBAU.


Trade show exhibits and displays are the most effective visual presentations available today. They are available in a wide range of designs, functionality, portability, and setup ease, and they produce a display that will attract attention to your booth. You can meet any budget when purchasing trade show displays, and there are portable, bespoke, and modular options.