There are different situations in which you will want to record your thoughts, convey action plans and establish effective communication. In that case, you need a whiteboard. It is a great tool in cooperation with colleagues, students, but also when socializing. It is an opportunity to map your ideas, innovations and solve the problem. It is equally a good option for individuals and groups, as it comes with a wide range of applications.

Depending on the model, it can last for over 15 years, which makes it a great investment. No matter which material you choose, it is very important that you treat it properly in order to use it. In order to choose the right whiteboard, it is important to take into account your needs, as well as the characteristics of different models. Learn all about whiteboard surface types, as this will help you make a decision.

1. Glass board


It is the best whiteboard surface for modern offices and classrooms. The plate is created from tempered glass and has many advantages. First of all, it is very durable, which means that it is resistant to various damages. You no longer have to worry about scratches or dents. The surface is completely smooth and is the perfect base for writing. Once you’re done writing, simply erase it and no smudges or letters will remain. This type of board is a great choice if you want a combination of function and style. In addition to being modern, it will give you great performance that will complete any workspace.

There is a large selection of models. For example, if you decide on a frameless construction and a neutral color, you can very easily match the board with your decor. Changeable whiteboards are one more great option and you can find here more about them. You can also choose between magnetic and non-magnetic options. While these boards will cost you a bit more money than others, you will get exceptional quality which means you will make a good investment. Their lifespan is long and they mostly come with a guarantee that lasts an equally long time.

2. Melamine whiteboard


This board is the complete opposite of a heavy duty whiteboard. Melamine whiteboard is the right choice for you if you need a surface for personal or occasional use. For example, it will fit perfectly into the concept of a small home office, study, workshop, etc. Unlike the previous model, this model does not contain a magnet and requires more frequent cleaning. The reason is the dry wipe coating, which is not so durable. In that case, more frequent cleaning is needed in order to preserve the surface of the board, but that is why you will pay it at a much lower price compared to all other boards.

So, you will find this model in cheap stores, because cheaper materials are used during production. The downside of the board is that it wears out faster than other materials. You will also see small traces of erasure, which means that you have to clean the board several times if you leave the marker on for too long. Fortunately, you can solve this problem with regular cleaning and conditioning. In that case, your board will last much longer. Many claim that this is the most cost-effective option, because it is light, easy to transport and quick to clean.

3. Printed whiteboard


One of the biggest advantages of this board choice is the wide range of materials available to you. That means it will suit almost everyone. Whatever your needs, printed whiteboards are a great organizational tool that will be of great use to you. They are mainly used for music lessons as music boards. This surface is made of acrylic enamel. Thanks to this material, you will get a beautiful, clean, finished finish at an affordable price. The only drawback of this base is that it is not so durable. After prolonged use, small scratches are likely to appear as a result of dry wiping. If you are looking for the ideal whiteboard for industrial locations and classrooms, you may want to skip this model. It is not the best solution for you, while it is a completely correct choice for office space.

What size do I need?

Your creativity largely depends on your tools. This means that you need a suitable work environment. You can’t function properly if you have too small or too big a whiteboard, so think carefully about its dimensions. While smaller boards are great for organizing formal strategies, larger models are great for creative thinking sessions, teaching, and presentations.

What board color and frame style suits me?

Since there is a large selection of options, it is certainly not easy to choose a model that will suit you perfectly. The biggest reason is the look of the room in which you plan to place the whiteboard. You need to find a solution that will fit into the space, so consider a few items. There is a clear difference between the boards that are installed in the office and those that are used in the warehouse. You will also not place the same board in a modern meeting room and in the school classroom. Fortunately, today there are modern options that easily fit into any interior design.


For example, modern offices require an elegant design, which is why you should consider a frameless whiteboard. In this case, you will enhance the feeling of space and encourage freedom of thought. Trimmed whiteboard has an elegant look and if you don’t like the glass option, then this is an equally good option. This surface has minimal decoration and you can find models with a very thin frame. It will fit perfectly with your minimalist design.


When buying a whiteboard surface, the most important thing is to consider its surface. Although all boards are white, each has different characteristics. There is a difference in size, quality, maintenance, durability, price, etc. Don’t forget that each surface has a different effect on removing ink and stains. That’s why you need to research before deciding on a surface that suits you perfectly.