Wynn Al Marjan Island Resort
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Wynn Resorts, a US-based casino giant, has announced plans to open UAE’s first gaming resort. This comes after months of speculation that the UAE has been considering introducing legal ‘gaming.’

And now, Wynn Al Marjan Island Resort is set to open its doors in 2027, a big news that has made headlines lately.

But then, what about it, and why is this massive news for the gaming industry? This article will look into all you should know about this multi-billion project.

Let’s get into it.

Transforming the UAE into a Global Gaming Destination

Transforming the UAE into a Global Gaming Destination
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Gaming enthusiasts have for many years considered Singapore as the epitome of gambling. However, this might change once Wynn’s ambitious project comes to life. Reports have it that the introduction of casino gambling in the UAE has the potential to rival Singapore and become the world’s new gambling hub.

Now, the question many people are asking is how the country is making this a possibility.

To begin with, the UAE is one of the 21 Middle East North Africa (MENA) region states. Basically, countries in this region follow strict Islamic law, including banning gambling activities. That is why building a gaming resort in the UAE and making the oil-rich Gulf state a gaming hub seems far-fetched.

To this point, the UAE government hasn’t announced any imminent plans to legalize gambling. However, authorities in Ras Al-Khaimah have created the Department of Entertainment and Gaming Regulation. It will regulate all “integrated resorts,” including gaming centers already showing interest in this sector.

According to the Ras al-Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA), the regulator will follow global gaming regulation best practices. All this is to make the UAE more foreigner-friendly by welcoming even gambling enthusiasts to boost the tourism industry and diversify the country’s economy.

What Can Visitors Expect to See at the Wynn Al Marjan Island Resort?

What Can Visitors Expect to See at the Wynn Al Marjan Island Resort
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Reports indicate that preliminary construction has already begun at the artificial island. Wynn is already laying the groundwork before the artistic impressions start taking shape.

Some of the things the resort is set to have include:

  • 1,500 lavish hotel rooms, suites, and villas
  • About ten restaurants and lounges
  • A spa
  • A convention facility
  • A mall
  • A gaming area

Well, much more are on the offing, and the best everyone can do is wait and see how everything will unfold. But it is safe to expect something spectacular, considering the $3.9 BN pumped into the project. Even better, visitors and locals who aren’t into gaming can enjoy other activities like shopping.

This will become a significant foreign direct investment to the country, with locals and foreigners set to benefit significantly. With the gaming space making up only 4% of the development, other rich non-gaming amenities will also flourish.

In addition, this project will create at least 4000 jobs for locals and foreigners. It will also boost the country’s buzzing tourism industry contributing immensely to its overall growth and development.

In 2022, Dubai recorded 14.35 million international visitors. These numbers keep growing yearly as the Dubai Department for Tourism and Commerce Marketing aims to inch closer to the 16.73 million international visitors recorded in 2019.

What Sets Wynn’s Ras Al Khaimah Project Apart?

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Wynn’s Ras Al Khaimah project stands out in the casino industry for several reasons. One is the exceptional location. Al Marjan Island, where the resort will be built, is an ideal greenfield location with tremendous hospitality and tourism potential.

The island is an hour’s drive from Dubai, the country’s commercial hub, making it the best place to set up such a luxurious resort.

And the charming artistic impression of this resort is set to captivate visitors with wow. The design will showcase luxurious aesthetics, innovative architectural elements, and awe-inspiring ambiance, all aimed at creating truly spectacular and memorable experiences.

It is also worth noting that the UAE has historically not been part of anything to do with gambling, making people even more intrigued about this upcoming development.

Wynn also aims to maximize Dubai’s massive tourism industry. This project is an excellent example of a win-win situation. For instance, while the investors will benefit from the vast number of visitors the country already has, it will also bring in many more tourists. It is especially true because most gaming lovers travel to the US, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, and other countries.

Impact on Tourism Industry in the UAE

Tourism Industry in the UAE
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The gaming resort’s luxurious amenities, diverse entertainment options, and world-class casino offerings are likely to position the UAE as a desirable destination for international travelers seeking a unique gaming experience. This influx of tourists will contribute to the growth of the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.

Furthermore, the gaming resort will create employment opportunities for locals, boosting the economy and providing a range of skilled and specialized jobs. The increased tourism activity will also have a positive ripple effect on various industries, such as retail, leisure, and event management, stimulating further economic growth in the region.

Moreover, the gaming resort’s presence may encourage other gaming and entertainment operators to consider investing in the UAE, leading to the expansion of the gaming industry and attracting even more visitors.

Future Expansion Plans and Development

dubai's Future Expansion Plans and Development
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The future expansion plans and development of the UAE’s first gaming resort are poised to be ambitious and strategic. The resort’s operators envision continuous growth and innovation, aiming to enhance the guest experience and attract a broader audience.

These expansion plans may include the addition of new gaming facilities, the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, and the incorporation of unique entertainment concepts. Moreover, the resort might explore opportunities to expand its accommodation offerings, develop new dining experiences, and further diversify its amenities.

With a focus on staying ahead of industry trends and meeting evolving customer preferences, the resort’s future expansion plans aim to solidify its position as a leading destination for gaming and entertainment in the UAE and beyond.


Wynn’s Ras Al Khaimah Project is undoubtedly a game-changer for the gaming world. With the UAE’s colossal liberalizing moves, its upcoming gaming industry will be worth watching.

One thing for sure, though, is that this resort will blow everyone’s mind if the reports going around are anything to go by. The location is ideal, the government has given the nod for its progress, and much more is expected. So, if you are a gaming enthusiast, keep your fingers on the tab for the latest and new developments about this project.