The school system is experiencing huge shifts with new, stricter safety measures implemented, as well as school closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The result is increased stress and anxiety for students, teachers, parents, and administrators.

In addition, schools are trying to adapt their education to ensure students have the best learning environment possible. There is no better time to give students something to look forward to in their daily routine and make their learning experience more memorable than in the school year.

The school system can help with making this possible. And free poster templates — StoryboardThat are a great way to help kids stay motivated, focused, and inspired by their education. We’ve rounded up the key ways you can use them to help kids and students be the best learners they can be in the wake of COVID-19. So feel free to use posters to:

  1. Influence student attitudes
  2. Define classroom expectations
  3. Enforce safety in the classroom
  4. Boost student engagement
  5. Ensure classroom motivation
  6. Keep kids interested in learning
  7. Use time outside the classroom smartly

It’s time to bring your teaching practices to a new level with catchy, bright, and well-designed educational posters.

Influence Student Attitudes by Hanging Posters

Students are impacted by their environment, and studies have shown that aesthetically unappealing rooms cause sentiments of unhappiness and exhaustion. Choosing the correct posters might assist in alleviating student unhappiness.


Hanging visually beautiful posters in a classroom creates a more pleasant learning environment for students. This promotes good attitudes about learning and can improve attendance and involvement.

Not all instructional posters are appropriate for use in the classroom. Instead of using posters that are cluttered with small in-depth content, try employing posters with simple and succinct font styles in a noticeable size.

Define Classroom Expectations With Rule Posters

Poster prints outlining school regulations will aid in emphasizing behavioral standards. Rule posters are also great visual aids for instructors to refer to in the event of a relevant circumstance, aiding in the reduction of classroom disturbances and encouraging youngsters to exhibit self-control.

Display these posters in a prominent location in the classroom so that all students can see them as reminders of the desired behavior. To stress the importance of each rule, keep it brief but forceful and print it in a huge bold font style.

Use Posters to Enforce Safety in the Classroom

Displaying visual aids like safety posters can help to enforce safe classroom practices. Teachers might benefit from safety posters as well. Having a well-organized and risk-free classroom makes it much simpler to teach successfully.

These are most effective when they are in places related to possible health concerns to which both staff and students may be exposed. Children are more likely to respond to colorful, simple, yet realistic imagery that depicts possible hazards. As a result, the likelihood of accidents happening will be reduced.

Boost Student Engagement With Catchy Posters


Increased pupil activity is one of the most effective strategies to encourage involvement. Simply having children listen is a passive behavior that inhibits participation in the subject matter.

Post-it notes are a great method to stimulate involvement while utilizing posters. To have that fixed, one suggestion is to create a poster where kids are asked to discuss what they have learned over the day.

Each student puts a thought on a post-it note and sticks it to the poster. This helps to reinforce the facts for oneself as well as their classmates. Using disposable post-it notes allows the instructor to do the exercise several times during the year without producing too much clutter.

Ensure Classroom Motivation by Using Posters

Poster-making is a great way to keep students’ minds busy. They are always looking for something new, thus, posters are an important part of your classroom. You can create your own messages and print them for your class. This is a great way to keep your students’ interests and memories going.

Poster-making is also a great way to help your class remain motivated throughout the day. In times when there is no school, kids want to have a great learning experience. Your posters could inspire them to work hard, keep focused, and make the most of their learning time.

You can create a list of ideas and post them on your wall or a bulletin board. Make posters about studying for quizzes, completing homework assignments, being motivated, and more. Students will be motivated and excited about their learning when they see your posters.

Make Good Use of Time Outside the Classroom


Learning time can be a critical part of an important day. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, learning time was even more important as there was no school in session. Time could be spent with friends and family, but it could also be used to create a poster.

You can create messages and inspire your kids while they are doing something active. For example, you could create a poster that reminds kids to be kind to others while they are out playing or going to a park.

Take Back the Classroom and Keep Kids Interested in Learning

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives like never before. School closures are changing the way the school system and classrooms operate. For example, during COVID-19, many schools and classrooms were using remote learning platforms to keep students interested in the material and encourage them to learn.

Teachers were also using virtual field trips, virtual presentations, and virtual art projects to engage and inspire students. And posters could remind kids that learning can continue even during this unprecedented time. Kids are going to be learning all the same but in a different way.