Crete is a beautiful island in Greece you don’t want to miss. It’s huge, so make sure you plan your time smartly. If you stay for less than 10 days, you may not have time to visit every spot you want, but surely you can focus on the most attractive ones. The best thing about Crete is that it offers plenty of excitement for all the visitors.

You can swim, sunbathe, hike, or just spend your day in a beautiful tavern, enjoying the delicious Greek cuisine.

Many visitors arrive by cruise or plane, and they don’t even think about the island commuting. Public transport or a taxi seems like a nice idea, but do you know what gives you the freedom you need?

You are right! Having a car on Crete is probably the best thing to happen because you can access any spot, or get closer to inaccessible ones. That’s why locals developed a strong car rental business there, offering competitive solutions through services like

So, what you can do when you have a rented car? Which places to visit?

Which season is the best?

We have some interesting insight from both tourists and locals for this one. July and August seem like the busiest months on the island. June is more relaxed, but still, there are many tourists then.


Knowing that the weather is great even in May, September, and October, we recommend choosing one of these months to visit Crete. Maybe you think there is nothing to do in late spring or mid-autumn, but we are here to prove you wrong.

If you consider visiting Crete in October, here are a few reasons to do that:

1. Visit Hora Sfakion

This fairy fishing village is located just north of Chania. While it’s no secret that Sfakia is one of Crete’s most beautiful villages. With its restaurants, taverns, shops, and cafes, there’s plenty to do here when you’re looking to relax in October.

In addition to enjoying a drink, you can even rent some traditional Sfakioti clothes. There are many clothing stores open throughout the day and night, but the best spot to shop is at the corner of Venetian street and Plaka Square.

2. Rethymno Market is less busy in October

If you’ve never been to a Greek market, you really haven’t lived. This place is a true treasure trove of foodstuffs and souvenirs. October is a great time to visit it because the market is less busy during this month.

From local cheese to olive oil to spices, everything is abundant and inexpensive. A trip to Rethymnon isn’t complete without sampling the area’s delicious sweets, too. Don’t miss the delicious pastries or slices of bougatsa and some ouzo.


You can even find the usual cupcakes and coffee, but since you are in Greece, make sure you don’t miss their delicious pastries.

3. Ancient Agia Triada Monastery is more accessible in October

While most people flock to the stunning beaches of nearby Elafonisi Island. But, now you have a chance to go to the island of Agia Triada. Located just west of Heraklion, this monastery dates back to the 13th century.

Its location on the edge of the caldera makes it feel much older than it actually is and gives it an entirely different vibe than most of the other monasteries on Crete. One of the only active monasteries on the island today, this place offers up incredible views of the rugged coastline.

4. You can join interesting festivals

Even though the summer months are too busy, October is not an exception when it comes to entertainment and having fun on Crete.

If you are a fan of interesting and authentic festivals, as well as Greek culture, then October is the ideal season to visit this beautiful island. For example, you have the Chestnut Festival in the village of Elos, where there is traditional harvesting of chestnuts. This village is surrounded by forests of chestnut trees, and all the surrounding villas and hotels rent out rooms for sleeping at much lower prices than during the busy season.


Another interesting festival is the parade for Oxi Day, that is, the day when the Greek generals said no to Mussolini and did not allow Italian troops to enter Greece. Show a lot of respect for this day. Greeks are proud of their ancient and recent history. Show them you appreciate it all and you’ll earn their lifelong respect.

5. Enjoy deeply discounted excursions

Local tourism workers are aware that October is already the end of the season, so the prices of excursions are already much lower than they would be in July or August. Take the chance to visit different parts of the island with the help of guided tours.

Also, accommodation and hotels are significantly cheaper than during the busy season.

October is a wonderful month to discover how the locals make wine and brandy and how they enjoy the last warm days of the year. Although Crete is a beautiful island, off-season it is the same as any place in the world. Therefore, use October to enjoy the interesting contents and excursions that they offer you.


Greece is a beautiful country, which is worth visiting in any part of the year. But what is certain is that it is most beautiful in the summer, when you can enjoy swimming and sunbathe as well as eating fresh food. Greeks enjoy the summer season as much as tourists because for them it is an improvement in the local economic situation.

The islands are great, but during the cold months there can be a lot of storms and floods, so it is not very advisable to go to Crete then.

However, October is a wonderful chance to enjoy yourself without many crowds around you.


Therefore, pay for your vacation on time. And of course, don’t reveal everyone’s secret. Let October be the month for you to enjoy the beauties of Crete and other parts of Greece. Who knows, maybe you will discover many more interesting things to do there. Also, accommodation and hotels are significantly cheaper than during the busy season. To find the best place to stay in Croatia, compare all the options with cozycozy!