Regardless of age and gender, everybody would say “I’m game!” to a fun, exciting, and multiplayer experience. Now in 2024, there are more than 2.7 Billion online gamers around the world, spending nearly $180 Billion to enjoy online fun and games. Those numbers are constantly growing each year, telling us more and more people will need hardware infrastructures to enjoy online games away from lags. Gaming VPS is an excellent answer to that growing number of online gamers. This article tells you how it tops the competitors in a fair game and which type is best for you.

What Is A VPS?


VPS game server is an efficient, budget-friendly, and customizable choice for gamers. You can choose between Linux and Windows, and our gaming arena is absolutely private and safe against online invaders. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lags as the Gaming VPS robust features will adjust to your RAM and CPU needs.

Advantages of Gaming VPS for Gamers


Gaming VPS has many irresistible features for gamers. It saves them the trouble of server maintenance and lags as well as giving them dedicated-alike customizing freedom with only a fraction of the price.

Cost of The Gaming VPS

The budget is always one of the most effective factors in every decision, and hosting an online game is not the exception. Although shared VPS hostings have the lowest prices, they also have the lowest functionality.

Moreover, the shared IP feature of shared VPS makes it possible. If you’ve got the money cheat code and technical expertise, then go for a dedicated server. But if money still talks for you, VPS gaming is the high-performance and cost-effective option that you’d better choose.


By using a VPS game server, you’ve got root access to all the facets of the server. It’s safe to say you have no limits configuring your private server and setting each port. You’ll have full admin access to the server by a Remote Desktop connection to configure anything as you go.


Shared servers are like Black Friday sales — whoever gets there first takes more. So the resources are not always fairly shared, and you’ll never be sure that you have a reliable amount of RAM and CPU. Furthermore, the shared server also has one IP address for all, which is not suitable for multiplayer games because you don’t have a distinct online identity.

On the other hand, the VPS game server gives you a unique IP and reserved amount of resources, no matter if you use them or not. You could also adjust anytime you needed more.

You’ll also never worry about excess load on your gaming server as the scalable resources of the Gaming VPS will cover it nicely and efficiently.

What To Expect From a Good Gaming VPS?


Once you’re ready to set up a game VPS and have some gaming fun with your friends, here’s a quick checklist of requirements for setting up a gaming VPS. The VPS game server should have:

Strong internet connection: The basis of playing a game with other online players is the strength and reliability of the connection. The internet connection should be stable and reliable, so you don’t risk losing the game.

Sufficient storage: To support the multiplayer game on a gaming server, you need around 8GB of RAM. That gives you enough storage for your big data during the games.

High-speed processor: Nothing is more frustrating when the system hangs after you’ve made a move, and you don’t have any idea what happened. Lots of lags don’t make for a fun game. A good gaming server needs a fast processor and enough memory to respond to requests quickly.

High performance: Another requirement for a gaming server is high computing capability, especially when more people join your game.

The scalable feature of gaming VPS hosting takes good care of the excess load on the server by real-time allocating the proper resources.

Gaming VPS vs. Dedicated Server – Which Is Better For You?


“What about dedicated servers?” The answer depends on many factors. If you have the technical ability and the money to support a dedicated server to play, that’s great! You’ll get complete control over your gaming server. You won’t have to share your server with anyone, and you’ll configure the game the way you like.

With a gaming VPS, you still get full root access so you can customize the system according to your needs. The big difference does not require the technical skill to manage server maintenance. The VPS provider will do all the hard work.

On VPS gaming, you almost get everything you need to host a game by paying only a small fraction of what you’d pay for a dedicated one. However, you’d better make sure you have enough CPU and RAM to support the game and users according to MangoMatter. For this, we recommend you to check out the RouterHosting Gaming VPS hosting plans and find the best game VPS based on your needs and budget.

Windows or Linux – Which Operating System Works Better?


License Costs: It’s pretty challenging for any new player to choose between these two leading players in the OS arena. By choosing Linux over Windows, you can save money on license costs as Linux is famous for being open source.

But you’d better consider that you’ll have limited or maybe no support on Linux. On the other hand, the cost of a windows license is quite fair, as you get full support from the OS developers team.

Environment: If you are looking for a Linux-based game server, you are familiar with the Linux platform and can manage Linux servers with Shell commands. Otherwise, you’ll be confused about its unique and unfamiliar environment.

GUI: Windows VPS comes with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) called Remote Desktop. You can use it to easily access and manage your Gaming VPS server as you work on your Home Desktop. While using Linux VPS, you must have an expert background with the Linux platform.

Maintenance: The Hosting Game server requires maintenance, settings, server durability, upgrades, and standard monitoring that can be difficult or maybe impossible without a GUI.

Price: Linux VPS hosting is suitable if you are a professional and very short on budget. On the other hand, Windows VPS is an effortless way of getting support, various features, and apps at an affordable price.

A gaming VPS from a plan with 2GB RAM, 30GB storage, and 30TB bandwidth will cost you only $ 7.95 per month. If you want to use a Game server on a VPS, Linux VPS can be inexpensive but not smart.

Where To Get The Best VPS For Gaming?


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