Anyone who is a fan of this game knows how exciting this story is. With the upcoming expansions, we can only expect even more, because a new wave of team inspiration is coming. This is especially true of Season of the Chosen and Splicer. However, many characters return after a certain break and we are sure that you will need help to cope.
In order for you to know where to start, what to skip, what to focus on and everything else, we have prepared a guide for you below. Consider the following few items as guidelines that will save you on one exciting journey you can expect with this game.

1. Responding to challenges


So, there are several challenges on a weekly level that should be completed. You will see the results already during the first week of playing Destiny 2. The prize refers to a large amount of XP, and we are sure that it will help you achieve great results. We must not forget that the prize is distributed to all characters and that is why players should change them regularly in order to complete the seasonal story. However, don’t switch to another character if you haven’t received all the daily rewards. It is an opportunity to earn more materials such as various components and cores for improvement.

2. Select the appropriate class

You need to know a little more about classes and subclasses. Only then will you decide on the right one. So, when you choose one of them, you can go to a higher level much faster and discover new approaches to fighting. For example, Hunter is a great option for all those who like homeless people. Titan is more for those who love tanks while Warlock is great for those interested in magic. When it comes to subclasses, you need to know one thing. Each of them will offer you three stable skills that you can unlock. The difference is present in each class. So choose the one that suits you best so that you can eliminate a group of enemies at one time as well as everything else.

3. Complete specific tasks


Although every start is difficult, don’t feel overwhelmed. Whether you are completely green or a returning player, you start the game with an introductory mission that takes place at the Cosmodrome. There you will have a tutorial that will show you the basics such as ropes, Super, basic combat, etc. You will also encounter NPC roles and tasks to help you understand what you need to do during this game to complete it. They will be very useful for you to achieve KSP. After the campaign is over you can go to the Tower and find quest markers for key characters. These are Shaxx, Banshee and many others.

4. Achieve leveling

This may be a bit confusing for you if you are a beginner, but there is a way to simplify leveling. While in previous iterations you had a character level and power level, now character levels are removed and only power levels remain. The power level represents your equipment as well as the total power. This applies equally to offensive and defensive. During the story, you will notice that each activity has a suggested power level in the director. To increase your strength you can meet secondary goals related to some events and adventures. So you will definitely win much better equipment than the current one. If you need help, you can opt for boosting services, like destiny2-sherpa, and that way you can progress if you stuck.

5. Learn how to inflict and endure damage


This does not apply to experienced players but only to beginners who need to be familiar with two key things in Destiny 2. First, you need to know how much damage you can do. Depending on your abilities, you can inflict enormous damage on your enemies while using twice as much force. To increase your strength level, get new weapons that will help you fight as little as possible and achieve great results. It is also important which armor you choose, because it must have a higher degree of strength. Another factor that affects your abilities is the all non-sunset loot you obtain.

6. Adjust the trials of Osiris Gear

Our advice is to equip all the characters with blinding light and prodigious glimmer booster mods. While blinding light mode increases XP, prodigious glimmer booster increases glimmer gains by 35%. In this way, you will receive a large number of awards, but also everything else after the activities are completed.

7. Use good equipment


If you are not sure how to get great equipment and access the prizes, adopt some of our tips. First, try to pick up blue and purple drops from the enemy. Also decipher engrams. Of course, join the clan. This is one way to get more KSP, because you will have a serious team behind you for all activities. For example, if you do not do well enough in an activity, you will quickly contact someone and connect with them in order to solve the problem. We must not forget the oldier raids, nightfall playlists, dungeons, lost sectors, public events, etc.

The equipment you own must be strong enough, so do all the tasks that will bring you rewards. Season Pass, Europa’s Weekly Exo Challenge are some opportunities not to be missed if you want to achieve stunning results. There are several types of equipment. This applies to the kinetic weapon, your energy and power weapon. The armor comes in three options, namely blue, purple and gold. The best option is definitely gold.


Our advice is to focus on one story at the time. Don’t rush, finish each expansion individually. That way, your story will have a flow and a meaning. You will be leveled and introduced to the games and the existing story, leading to a lot more fun for you. After all, Destiny 2 is one of the biggest projects in the world of video gaming ever, so enjoy every second of it