A wedding in another country is no longer as rare as it was ten years ago. If then such a venture could afford only couples with a very solid budget, today a wedding abroad can cost 400-1000 dollars and exceed in its volume what you could get in the home country for a similar amount. Today a wedding in another country is quite usual and people are choosing more and more often than before.

But, you should keep in mind that such a benefit does not wait for you everywhere, and before you choose a country for the wedding, you should be very serious about finding information about the law and the average cost of wedding services in a particular country.

Many couples still have serious misgivings about getting married abroad, because, for the most part, they have not studied the issue, have not consulted with experts, and based their opinion on their own perception or some disparate data or the Internet or television.

To convince lovers that a wedding in another country is not terrible, we will try to debunk some of the myths that accompany this topic and explain how everything happens in reality, as well as show that the seemingly obvious disadvantages are not always such.

Disadvantages or Advantages: Debunking Myths About Weddings Abroad


Getting Married in Another Country Is Very Difficult or Impossible

In fact, this is absolutely not the case. Foreign nationals can get married in almost any country in the world, with few exceptions. However, you should be aware that countries may have certain requirements for foreigners to get married. These can be:

  • Having a residency permit for one or both partners
  • Obtaining a mandatory marriage license
  • Practicing a certain religion
  • Passing medical tests
  • Living or staying in the country for a certain amount of time
  • A visa

But there are countries that do not require lovers to do any of the above. For example, to get married in Georgia you just need to have a passport and fly to the country. You can get married even within a day.

Marriages Contracted Abroad Are Not Considered Official



It depends on the country where you registered your relationship and the procedure by which you did it. Generally speaking, there are three reasons why a marriage contracted in another country can be considered invalid:

  • You got married according to a religious ceremony rather than a legal one. For example, getting married in a Christian church is not an official, legal marriage.
  • Your country does not recognize marriage certificates issued in the country where you got married.
  • You did not legalize your marriage certificate. When you return to your country of residence, you need to take your marriage certificate to the local authorities and legalize it, then your marriage will be valid in that country.

Marriage registered in most civilized countries of the world, after legalization, will be valid in other countries as well.

Weddings Abroad Are Expensive

A wedding in another country can really cost a pretty penny, but it depends on your preferences and needs. It is quite realistic that a similar event in the home country would cost many times more.

Countries such as Britain, France, and Sweden, of course, will not please you with their prices, but by choosing countries where the cost of living is several times lower, you can save significantly, even taking into account the cost of tickets for the flight.

A wedding with an offsite ceremony in a picturesque location in Georgia, when arranged by the wedding agency, will cost from $2,000.

Many Guests Won’t Be Able to Fly in for a Wedding in Another Country


Let’s break it down, is that really that bad? Would you really want to see all these people at your wedding?

If the answer is no, then registering your marriage abroad is a great chance to reduce the number of guests to a minimum by inviting only those you really care about. This will allow you to save significantly and avoid unpleasant encounters without offending anyone.

A small wedding with friends and family is an opportunity to make the celebration more intimate and soulful, without the extra people and negative emotions.

Organizing a Wedding Abroad Is Very Difficult

Many people still think that such an event requires your personal participation at every stage, which means you just need to fly to another country, try to understand people who often speak a different language, and understand how everything works there in general.

Yes, of course, you can do exactly that and get bogged down in organizing a naked wedding, fraying all your nerves and driving yourself to a nervous breakdown. But there are no other options?

Of course, there are! Planning a wedding in another country can be a simple and straightforward process if you contact a local wedding planner.

Agencies professionally handle wedding planning in Georgia for international couples. By choosing to work with them, you not only receive full support at every step of the planning process but you are also actively involved in every step of their process.

We Won’t Be Able to Feel Comfortable Because Everyone Speaks a Different Language


In general, the entire wedding can be divided into two stages: the preparatory stage and the celebration itself.

If you use the services of a wedding planner, he takes care of all the communication with the other participants in the process, that is, the photographer, chef, decorator, makeup artist, and so on. Choosing a wedding planner, you can look for an agency where the manager speaks your language, if such is not found, such international staff always speak excellent English.

During the wedding itself, you will also be mostly communicating with agency staff or other workers who often work with foreigners and know at least English. So you don’t have to worry that you won’t understand what’s going on.

As for the rest, if you decide to stay for a honeymoon or just to stay for a couple of days, the tourist spots are always filled with people who speak English. Otherwise, you should not see this as a barrier to your vacation, but as an opportunity to experience another language and culture.



As you can see, a wedding abroad can be simple, fast, cheap, and absolutely unforgettable. You should not be afraid to decide on such a courageous step, because before the final decision you can always discuss everything with the local wedding planner and get an idea about the realities of getting married in a particular country.

Our experience shows that couples rarely regret the decision to get married in another country, at least when it comes to Georgia. And the professionals do everything they can to keep it that way. Contact us if a wedding in Georgia is one of the options you are interested in.