Progressive slots can make you a millionaire anytime you get the right winning combination. The main distinctive feature of progressive jackpot slots is that they operate on the same casino network and their prize pool increases every time a player places a bet.

A small part of your bet goes to the prize pool and boosts it automatically. With this in mind, it is no wonder that progressive slots often offer multi-million prizes. Let’s check what makes progressive slots special and how to choose your winning game.

Categories of Progressive Jackpot Slots


As a rule, progressive jackpot slots are divided into four categories based on the way their grand prizes are generated and split:

  • Autonomous slots – These are not linked to other machines. However, unlike slots with the fixed jackpot, a particular part of each bet goes to the game’s prize pool, which offers a smaller prize pool than other online games do;
  • Slots with an internal network connection – This is a collection of games united by one developer. The prize pools of slots with the internal network connection are more substantial than those of standalone games, but they usually don’t reach a million;
  • Slots linked in a large network – These are games that are linked in several casinos, whose jackpot sometimes reaches multi-million amounts;
  • Slots with multilevel jackpots – These types of slot machines allow players to choose the level of the jackpot they want to receive. Players can win more often by choosing low levels. Marvel’s progressives are a great example. There are 14 different jackpot titles, and each has 4 levels of Marvel jackpots. Note that the prize pool can only be won in the bonus game, which starts randomly.

Secrets of a Successful Game


Compared to other slot machines and casino games, progressives are almost identical with one major difference: in order to get a multi-million prize, you will need to wager the highest possible amount. Of course, this is only if you want to pocket and win the whooping jackpot. You can still make good money by stacking the min coin value, but your chance for multi-million wins that avid gamblers aim for will be out of reach.

However, progressives, as a rule, have a reduced payout percentage compared to your typical mega slots. Of course, it is up to you to decide. But it is, of course, this daring challenge of placing big bets to win big that continues to draw players from around the globe to the best progressive online slots on a daily basis.

How it works: the general idea behind progressive slots is that a percentage of every bet made by players is added to a mega jackpot that is accumulated over time. With each bet made, this jackpot grows and rises, which makes the idea of staking with the max amount for a huge payout even more attractive.

If you think that it is your day today and you have your pockets open to land the highest possible payout in the most generous progressive slots from, there are some basic steps that you need to take:

  • Select the maximum coin value offered in the game (decide on the number of paylines and size of a wager per line);
  • At this point, you will either cash out a decent amount of money or hope to get lucky in the coming gameplay sessions.

You should also remember that most progressive online slots offer only one grand prize per game name. In this case, the jackpot shown will be the sum of all the interest rates taken from each player on the site.

In regards to gambling platforms with large traffic and customer base, the jackpot will be crazy high. There is definitely an advantage in playing on sites that are visited by a large number of players!

Popular Games With Big Prizes


Whereas land-based casinos are located in one place and not so many people can come to an offline gambling establishment, the situation is completely different with an online version of the game.

The thing is that millions of gamblers from around the globe come to play progressive slots online. And this is how multi-million jackpots are generated in the shortest time. So there are many progressive slots available for players to try their luck on the Internet. Some of the more famous progressive jackpot games are as follows:

  • Microgaming’s Mega Moolah is one of the widely played casino slots today with four jackpots, offering a wide range of potential winnings. It is a five-reel, twenty-fine-payline slot that can make lucky gamblers millionaires almost instantly. The game usually boasts a whole pack of prizes and free chips as well as a whooping jackpot;
  • Jackpot Giant is a cartoonish slot game that offers gamblers some of the biggest wins seen so far in 2024. The Playtech slot has five reels and 50 pay lines. As is typical for games from the manufacturer, people simply engage in one particular action during its normal rotation. The game can potentially deliver a number of prizes, a large-scale bonus, and a sky-high jackpot;
  • Gladiator Jackpot is a highly popular slot game featuring the movie theme and offering varied cash prizes and bonuses. You can play this game only any gadget you have at hand.

Don’t waste your time on unpopular slot machines. Their grand prize accumulates for a long time, and its amount turns out to be negligible. Besides that, it is never a good idea to play for too long. If the simulator is not profitable, the probability of losing your entire bankroll is extremely high.

Final Say!

These days, there is no need to plan your trip to LV, Monte Carlo, or any other big casino city to make lots of bucks on slot machines. Every day people have a chance to land a sky-high prize without even leaving their homes.

Progressives are attracting so many players around the world not only because it is fun to try your luck since the payouts are great. Jackpot wins can run into millions of dollars, which is a fair motivation to roll a five or whatever you’re willing to put at stake, right?