Misty landscapes, valleys and mountain slopes, pastel-colored houses, and ancient history. All this permeates the magical landscape of Scotland, so it’s no wonder that artists and photographers love it. Some locations are a great inspiration for many artists – and here is why Scotland’s Cliffs are so tempting for photographers and why you should visit this place.

Scotland is a Land of Natural Beauty

Speaking of natural beauty, Scotland is the country that we cannot skip from this list. The best planetary architect is Mother Nature, and she spared no effort in this area. On the very edge of the Atlantic lies a land of water, rocks, kilts, and bagpipes. But Scotland is much more than that. It is an oasis of peace, fresh air, and untouched nature. Many who have visited this country claim that, in Scotland, everything is subjected to nature. Namely, more than 45 natural reserves are pointed out as places of natural importance. As soon as you set foot on the territory of Scotland, you will see a wild world full of islands, beautiful mountains, rocks, rivers, and lakes. Just the slightest look at this area will take your breath away. That is why it is not surprising that Scotland has become a haven for artists, painters, and in recent years, photographers.

The Place Filled With Shades of Green

We can say that this is the destination most loved by lovers of untouched nature, hikers, and photographers. There are plenty of reasons for such a thing. Encountering Scotland is a kind of adrenaline experience. Perhaps, it is because this part of the United Kingdom is still somehow authentic. People in this country love nature and unite with it in their ‘special’ way. Hiking is a favorite recreation – and fishing is almost a national hobby because there is plenty of salmon, trout, pike, and other fish. Also, many enjoy riding bicycles or horses – and spending time on golf courses, which are the decoration of an equally beautiful environment painted in all possible shades of green.

Exciting Landscape for Photographers


If you are a fan of photography, or you do it professionally – Scotland is a perfect place for it because the landscape of this country is very interesting for photographers. Scotland has access to the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. It is a land of fascinating cliffs, fjords, and colorful lakes. One of these is Loch Ness lake, well known to everyone for its famous monster. Namely, the Loch Ness monster was first spotted from the lake, some 1,500 years ago. According to legend, it jumped out of the lake and ate the farmer. The first photo dates back to 1934, and everything else is history. There are also widely known cliffs. In addition to the old castles and the green landscape, it is even more exciting for photographers to take pictures of the rocks and cliffs that nature has made in this area. Some of the famous photos that we have seen were taken in these places.

Cliffs are One of the Main Attractions for Photo Lovers

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you will want to take a shot at the famous Scotland Cliffs. The entire scenery is reminiscent of the tales of Maleficent – or the knights from the castle of King Arthur. Nevertheless, this scenography can be dangerous, so be careful. To take good photos from these places, you need not only to be a photographer – but also a hiker with experience. Namely, to conquer cliffs such as Quiraing, you need to climb up and walk around narrow path which can be dangerous. Cliffs like Dunnet Head are at a height of several hundred feet – and just the look on them will cause fear and respect for this Nature masterpiece. So, if this will be your next photo adventure -take a deep breath and go on the road ready for what you can expect.

Cruel Landscape


For photographers around the world, the beauty of this country lies in its irregular, uneven landscape. Namely, here you will find high mountains and cliffs from the view of the ocean – up to peaceful lakes and lively villages. However, for photographers, the most attractive are cliffs and mountain tops that are steep and high – and look almost terrifying. This landscape lures you to look for places where you can take your masterpiece photo. There are also green valleys that are certainly one of the most beautiful markings of this country. The valleys are most often intersected by powerful rivers that can significantly raise levels during the rain. All this gives the landscape an even more dramatic look.

The Skye Island is Always a Good Choice for Photographers

We didn’t say that for no reason. Namely, this island is known for its natural beauty and a variety of landscapes. This landscape abounds in scenes that are ideal for taking photos. Whether you want to shoot the mountain peaks, cliffs, rocks, lakes, or ancient castles and beaches – you will find it all on this island. The famous cliff Quiraing we have already mentioned is part of the Trotternish reef – and is located on this island. If you want to take a fascinating photo of the seashore from the height – we suggest the famous top of Old Man of Storr. You can also find old castles that blend perfectly with all the nuances of the green that dominates here. So, if you want to experience everything in one place, Skye Island is the right choice for you.

Get Ready for Challenges


Scottish nature is really fascinating to photographers since due to the Atlantic climate it can be very dangerous. That is why it is important that you go completely ready for the trip. We don’t just mean your photo equipment – but also some other things you need to have with yourself. Weather conditions can be dangerous even during the summer, with thick fog, strong wind, and rain. Therefore, take the appropriate equipment with you.