Today’s society is just unimaginable without video games. It has gone to the point where every other person is a gamer when it comes to doing something in their free time. Some like to play games on their PC, others like to play on their phones or tablets. But it wasn’t always this way.

In other words, it took time for the industry to change. But you can notice this kind of change in a variety of industries. If you look at entertainment as a whole you can see that TV shows and films aren’t the same as they were before. The same can be said for the casino industry which has been online for some time. Casino fans can access their games online in just a few clicks.

For example, if casino fans are looking for poker they can find sites like Casinoencyclopedia that offer a variety of poker games. Technology and other trends happened to the industry which is why the world of iGaming is huge now.

Nowadays, the world of gaming is pretty much online. Back in the day, this wasn’t the case as gaming was the new kid on the block. It was popular, but it didn’t hang out with everyone. Eventually, it became so popular that everyone is hanging around with it now.

Gaming Now

As mentioned before, gaming today is pretty much online. Online games are the rage and will stay so because the younger generation loves them. Titles like Fortnite and PUBG are amazing because they offer fun and active immersion into a virtual world. Players of all ages enjoy them.


The best part about these games is that they can enjoy them on PCs, consoles, and smartphones which is something that only a few games have managed to match. You can see this effect similarly used in the world of entertainment in general. You can see that streaming platforms let you access your favorite TV shows and movies on your tablets and smartphone devices.

Another example would be the iGaming industry as online casino sites offer a variety of games too. Some of them are table games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. They also have slots and even live titles to offer. Also, there’s a section of free games available on pretty much every site. Being mobile-friendly is a must too.

Nowadays there are hardly any single-player games just because companies are pushing for online titles. In addition, gaming is becoming more immersive with the introduction of VR gaming. Also, gaming is an e-sport which is another factor to consider when you’re going over today’s online gaming mania. But it wasn’t always this way.

Gaming Then

Back in the day, gaming was new and pretty creative. There were boundaries to shift and places to build. Much of the stuff we have nowadays is possible because someone at the beginning decided to go in this direction. If there was something that gaming is known for in the past, it’s the rise of single-player titles.

There weren’t many consoles and the Internet was yet to be explored. Multiplayer meant you had to bring another joystick to your friend’s house so both of you could play. The classics like Halo, Half-Life, Age of Empires, and others set the standard for future titles and built franchises that last for decades.

These games don’t look as good as modern titles but there was something about them that made you want to play them. The mechanics were pretty good for the time and the stories were amazing. From the game menu, you were transported into another world.


Even if you played an action game and didn’t have the story element, you would enjoy the game. Fun games were everywhere because studios were all about making them. In other words, game developers back in the day created the games they wanted to play instead of creating games that cover popular trends. This is the most important distinction between gaming then and gaming now.

Naturally, there are still some game development studios that adhere to this concept. They have crafted some of the best single-player games of the modern era such as The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, the Deus Ex games, Elden Ring, and more.

Some modern gamers would say that the old ways are gone. However, the old way of looking at games is still alive and will be here for some time if not forever.

That’s because gamers will always go for a quality title rather than a game that’s looking to make them buy the latest skins and armor for their character. With the rise of VR technology, there’s a possibility to make new gamers return to the old ways as VR headsets will take them into a new world and will mark a new era of gaming.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

There are many benefits associated with playing video games that extend beyond entertainment. Studies have indicated that video gamers report increased concentration and motivation, improved problem-solving and critical thinking, and increased capacity for multitasking, and making connections between seemingly unrelated topics.

Studies also suggest that video games can improve creativity, as well as overall mental health by providing stress relief, reducing depression, and even combatting cognitive decline associated with aging.

Playing video games also offers social benefits to players. Gaming brings people together to form relationships in virtual worlds, friends who may be unable to meet up in person.


Depending on the game type, it can be a way of bonding over laughter when playing together or competing against one another in an intense match. Video games have even been used successfully in therapy settings as facilitators for teaching skills like communication and collaboration among players.

Ultimately, spending time with friends is one of the greatest benefits that gaming can offer as it can help strengthen existing relationships from within a comfortable setting at home or online.

In conclusion, considering the state of modern gaming, it is clear that the hobby has come a long way from its primitive roots. This industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry with visually stunning landscapes, incredibly intricate and detailed storylines, and engaging gameplay that can stretch hours to complete.