We live in a world where diversity is highly celebrated, and freedom of speech and choice are two mainstream topics. Of course, there are still many taboo topics, and unfortunately, when we say adult topics, many often take a step back, as if we said something bad. It gets even worse when we add the word entertainment to it, and without any evident reason.

Sex has somehow always been a taboo topic, but things are changing, and the best way to prove this is to take a look at some facts. Namely, the adult entertainment industry is one with the highest growth, and the invention of the Internet helped a lot, as today, there are many websites where everyone, but really everyone can find something they like and enjoy.

This latest boom happened mainly because of the Internet as it really changed every branch of industry, and for some, it changed everything to the root, and that’s what happened to the adult industry. Today, the term pornstar really describes the best actors and actresses as they are globally popular and, more importantly, are paid just like any other movie star.

Finding some adult content online is easy, and diversity in the offer helps a lot. We all like to chat, and most of our calls are now video calls, and knowing this, it’s no wonder that today there is hype over live sex cams and chats. The main problem is finding a trustworthy website, as there are plenty of sites, but going with a renowned and popular one is always the best option. But all of this is about what currently happens so, let’s take a step back and see how it all started.

It lasts for much longer than you think


It is an industry with a vast history, and even though today, you are only a few clicks away from finding some website for adults, much time had to pass for this industry to became what it is today. We all talk about sex, and that, combined with our nature to know and see everything, explains a lot about why adult entertainment is so popular.

Some studies have shown that some form of this industry dates back to prehistoric times, as there were many sex symbols and items found that dates way back into the past. For example, scientists found many drawings on caves’ walls that represent pornography, and we are all probably familiar with Venus figurines.

Although these figurines looked like pregnant women with big breasts, it is most likely that they were not a symbol of sex, and they probably were symbols of fertility and religious items.

If we check the sculptures and frescos from Ancient Greece or Rome, we will see that many of them show us homosexuality, threesomes, and many other sexual situations. Besides Greeks and Romans, Indian people are also well-known because of the Kama Sutra book, which is originally created as a relationship handbook, but half of it is sex-manual, still popular around the world.

Novels and movies


Pornography was on the rise with the appearance of the novels with this content. When it comes to erotic novels, France was printing them from the middle 1600s, and these ones are one of the oldest known. The first novel written in English comes after a century, and erotic novels become popular around the world.

In this text, people were a little afraid to talk about sex, but these novels changed everything since they cover different topics related to sex, even those that modern television is censoring today. Yes, we are talking about machoism, group sex, voyeurism, and any similar form of sex that is not seen on television today. The first technology innovation before the video was a daguerreotype, and it was something similar to today’s photography. When discussing the evolution of media and its impact on our openness to diverse topics, it’s worth noting how platforms like top OnlyFans accounts have further challenged traditional boundaries and played a significant role in reshaping conversations about sexuality and expression.

Well, the pornographers took advantage of this new technology and used it to create something that today we can compare to a GIF or a short video. At the end of the 1800s, video becomes popular, especially short erotic videos without sound. At the beginning of the 1900s, these videos became more popular, and they even showed hard-core sex that usually was the main entertainment at men’s parties.

The late 1900s


Of course, the modern form of the adult entertainment industry started as soon as the film was invented, but it was in the late 70s that it really started to grow rapidly. Before the 70s, short stag films were the most popular because of the content and quality, and people around the world were watching them.

You are probably asking what happen in the 70s? Well, the 70s was the period in which the digital camera and Internet were invented, and that changed the adult entertainment industry more than people thought was possible. It was the beginning of the websites dedicated to amateur and professional sex videos that we have today.

The big thing with the Internet is that it allows privacy, so people can watch and download whatever they want to see without being judged by others. Before the advent of the Internet, people needed to rent videotapes with the content they wished to see and face many looks while picking the right one.

Privacy changed everything, and since no one can control it, people usually download some fetiches, incests, or pedophilia porn that cannot be found on television or in magazines. No one can say how many erotic movies we can find online, but we are all aware that there are a lot of them, and it is impossible to watch them all.

Another popular way of adult entertainment is sex toys which are improving all the time, just like video and pornography are. It is well-known that this industry is making a lot of money, and it will continue in the future with the advent of new technology.

Technology indeed has directly influenced the transformation and the newly arisen trends in the adult industry. Live sex and webcam performances are truly reshaping the industry as we know it. Everyone can enjoy remote live sex with people from all around the world as well as quickly join as a performer from the comfort of their own home. Cam models and OnlyFans girls are the hottest trends nowadays.

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Well, after reading all this, you can easily conclude why the adult entertainment industry is one with the highest growth today and get a much better insight into how it came to this point. As for the future, it sure looks bright, and since AI and VR technology are yet to cause boom, we probably cannot even imagine what’s in store next. Anyhow, one thing we surely can do is to enjoy the adult content. To begin find a list of the best Only Fans girls to follow.