There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s time to move, whether you’re moving away from your parents, getting married, expanding your family so you need more space, or you’ve just got a job in another city.

In any case, you are facing a difficult period that can pass painlessly, with a few useful tips. For example, find out in advance how to pack for a move in order to move all things intact. It is important to remember that consistency is not only to ensure the safety of things when moving but also to facilitate their unpacking in a new place. Psychologists say that moving takes third place on the list of the most stressful events in life.

When you just think about how much furniture, wardrobe, decorations, kitchen utensils, books you need to pack, you panic and you want to give up moving. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you organize yourself well in time and prepare for that step. We came to the information that it takes a month to pack things. Is that really so?


As with everything, preparation is very important. Packing should be done on time so that everything is ready for moving. Get a lot of vboxes, inquire at a local store or supermarket. It will certainly not be a problem for them to separate the boxes that they already have in abundance.

Relocation is a great way to get rid of extra garbage. Starting to sort the packing items in the move, immediately put a large “throw” box or “give to the neighbors”. You probably have things (clothes, tiles, lamps, toys, etc.) that you don’t need in your new apartment. Give them to those who need them and don’t drag extra trash into a new apartment.

Things from each room in the old apartment should be packed separately. Mark the packed boxes, suitcases, and bags from one room so that you can see where each item is at any time. It is best to make stickers in a different color for each room. This will make it much easier for you to find certain things when unpacking.


It is recommended that you pack things in cardboard boxes to protect them during transport. Ask a supermarket worker to leave you empty packing boxes. Think about it in time. The advice is to always use smaller and lighter boxes, even if they are very numerous because they are easier to carry and unpack.

Maybe moving doesn’t sound so bad if you don’t have other obligations so you can dedicate yourself to packaging. But what if you’re busy all day and too tired to pack in the evenings? Some companies offer not only the transport of goods but also packaging and unpacking services. This is a very good way to save your time. Yes, it will cost you a few dollars more, but you will be rested for a new beginning in a new apartment! Visit to find more about it.

We mentioned that the packaging lasts up to a month. Yes, if you pack things yourself, but  companies like movers Seattle Washington do their job professionally and very often finish all the work in one day. This definitely works in your favor, because you’ve saved yourself a whole month. If you are still the most confident in your work and you want to personally pack every last thing, do it.


A professional resettlement agency can still help you with transporting and loading and unloading things. Before moving, you must reconsider your decision. If it is final, the next thing you need to do is look for adequate accommodation on time. Leaving a deposit is a good move to make sure the landlord doesn’t rent out the apartment to someone else in the meantime.

It is also important to think in advance about the budget and what you are actually looking for – whether it is a house in the suburbs or an apartment in the city center, whether there are facilities and institutions nearby that are important to you (supermarket, school, post office, hospital), explore the neighborhood to make sure it is not dangerous. Yet it is where you need to live.

Before you leave your old apartment, make sure to check out cable TV, internet, and other similar services that could cause you unexpected expenses if you forget to do so.
Give yourself a chance to get to know the neighborhood, take a walk, walk into a cafe on the corner, start a conversation with a neighbor in the elevator. Moving is hard, and getting used to it is even harder. However, if you listen to our advice, then neither must be a problem.

Final thoughts

Don’t make big purchases a week before moving. You also don’t need to stock up on food – it’s overweight and takes a place in the truck. It is better to fill the refrigerator in the market near the new home. Moving is a procedure that can take a long time, as well as be exhausting and seem to have no end in sight for packing and transporting things.

However, timely organization, planning, and engagement of close and professional help will make the move completely imperceptible and easy. No matter if you will move with the help of your family and friends or by hiring a professional moving agency, transport is something you must arrange on time.

Pay attention to the weather forecast that day to avoid unpleasant surprises. The moving process is stressful, and if your old apartment looks empty after packing, it can affect your mood and increase stress. So, keep one room or part of the space in the room intact, until the day of moving.

That space will help you “escape” into it if everything becomes too stressful. This may slow down the packaging a bit and impose additional obligations on the day of moving, but you will need a tidy corner like this to take a break from all the chaos you are in due to relocation. Focus on building self-confidence and the changes that are happening in your life, because all that can bring a lot of good.