Australia is a land of diversity in sports. The Aussies are huge fans of every professional game that screams the pride of Australia. Therefore, the flourishing of sports betting looks pretty natural under such circumstances where sports speak the most across the country. Well, do you have any idea what makes physical activities so crucial on this land? The Aussies are very concerned about maintaining healthy physical and mental health along with the economic benefits for the country. And what can be a better truce than several sports events and competitions to strengthen international relationships? So you must keep reading the article to find the full list of Australian online bookmakers.

Sports Betting in Australia – Rules, History, and Main Bookmakers


If you are a betting industry newcomer, are you excited about your first try? It is typical, but if you aim for a win, you should adopt some strategies and skills. But before you dig deep into the betting tips and predictions, how about you understand what sports mean to the country’s people? Every year, about 13 million adults and 3 million children step into active sports sessions for practice or longer goals. Therefore, it is pretty evident what impact these professional games have on the masses. And then comes punters like you who are excited to take the risk of predicting the results of the unpredictable. You have some guts, and now it’s time to take advantage of this quality.

History of Australian Sports Betting

It all started in the year 1810 at Hyde park in Australia. At first, it was just gambling, but then Aussies were introduced to the fun of horse racing. But it had its own rules too. The early authorities did not allow the bettors to out-bet on horses directly. Instead, they were permitted to do the same through a bookmarker. Well, as days passed, everything modernized, and so did the mindset of people. In the 1970s, sports betting was quite a popular theme across the whole country.

Main Bookmarkers


Bookmarkers are the actual players in the betting world. The best-reputed sportsbook will provide you with lots of promotions, winning odds, opportunities, and likewise. In 1993, Sportsbet was the largest bookmarker of the era but now the title is owned by William Hill and Unibet. And it would help if you were amazed to know that you can now put your bets on your favorite players, teams, and horses. Doesn’t it sound like a dream come true? Well, come back to the real world as it is happening.

Laws, Rules, and Regulations of Australian Betting

Betting is enjoyable, but it can be risky too. Therefore, you must always be aware of scams and prepare yourself beforehand to stay unaffected. Australia is a land where gambling is very much open and legal. But every freedom comes with some strict rules and responsibilities, as do the laws, regulations, and Australian sports gambling rules. Moreover, the Interactive Gambling Act was introduced in 2001. And it only allows the practice of lotteries, bets on horse racing, and sports betting in legal gambling. But the concept of online betting has not yet been considered.

Hey! Did you think of trying out the offshore bookies? No one’s stopping you from doing this unless the betting site is wholly licensed. And now, the Government of Australia does not charge any taxes from these sites for online sports betting. Also, the higher authorities name gambling an opportunity to meet failed expectations. And trust me, the Australian online betting sites are all the best in their features. So all you need to do is choose a bookmarker per your preferences.

Before anything, you must be clear about all those kinds of stuff that fall under the concept of “legal betting” by the government. And this field includes sports betting along with horse riding. It was about online management. The concerned regulators generally maintain on-land casinos. Are you up for “fantasy betting”? So please hurry up and register your profile in Corporate Bookmarkers, as they provide you with this facility. That’s all about the legalization of Australian sports betting.

List of the Best Australian Online Bookmakers


Being a brave Aussie, if you have not yet put your mind to sports betting, it’s high time. Just buckle up and jump into the thrill and excitement. But before anything, BetZillion brings you the full list of Australian online bookmakers. So are you ready to increase your bank balance with your betting skills? Let’s do it, then!

  1. Parimatch – This betting bookie always tops the list of Australian online bookmakers. You can also access it on your mobile phone. Moreover, it allows you to play bets on more than 25 professional sports. So who misses such an opportunity, right?
  2. Luckster – Sports betting without competitive winning odds is no thrill. But this betting bookmarker has a keen eye on the odds, and guess what? Most of their predictions are a win for their clients. And also, betting sites that provide lots of occasional bonuses are the best. And you will get every such opportunity in this bookmarker.
  3. Willian Hill – Well, no matter what, Willian Hill is always the best Australian online betting site. Most importantly, you get 100% security here. And live betting is an option in this bookie. Also, they promise you 24/7 customer support. So isn’t it convincing enough for you?
  4. Wazamba – Welcome bonuses, along with periodic promotions, are all you will get after becoming a member at Wazamba. The tips and predictions they provide are very trustworthy. So did you decide yet? If not, then you can go through the reviews too.
  5. 22Bet – 24/7 customer service is a big commitment, and this bookie provides you with such a promise. Moreover, if you are a fan of Esports, then it’s a win-win situation for you. Because not many sportsbooks introduce Esports to you, you can also withdraw real cash on every profit or win. It is unique and also very convincing.

Payment Methods in Australian Sportsbook

Payment has never been an issue in the Australian sportsbook. You can use debit or credit cards for both withdrawals and deposits. Since E-wallets make everything more and faster, most betting bookies have adopted this payment method too. Therefore, you get a lot of options at the time of withdrawal. Some bookies also welcome the use of cryptocurrency. And what can be more time-saving, like crypto and e-wallets? It’s entirely up to your choice.

Final Words


To conclude everything that has been stated so far, it is pretty clear that betting in Australia is getting more popular day by day, especially among adults. According to the 2015 HILDA survey, the number of adults actively participating in sports betting in Australia is more than half a million. The number is estimated to increase shortly as the betting culture is coming more into the limelight in recent times. It Is also noticed that most of the people that are engaged in betting in Australia are the ones that experience financial problems and hardships in their daily life. As a result, they tend to spend more money on it, hoping for massive returns to overcome their economic instability. So, there is no reason for the Aussies not to choose sports betting as their passion.

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