When it comes to the swimsuit, shopping has never been an easy thing. Sometimes it’s really hard to decide either on style or on a brand. And if the silhouettes and colors you choose depend totally on your personal preferences and body features, it’s better to rely on solid facts only when choosing a manufacturer. And one of those facts is that the most popular swimwear is made in Australia.



Developed beach culture

The total length of the Australian coastline is more than 36,000 kilometers. The country is famous for its beaches and vibrant beach culture featuring surfing and other activities.

Swimwear first appeared here in the early 20th century and had been quickly developed into a separate branch of the fashion industry. It could not be an exaggeration to say Australians know all about beach fashion.

Stronger sun

During summer Australia is being brought by the Earth’s orbit closer to the sun. That results in an additional solar UV intensity. It means that Australians are exposed to more UV than Europeans. Such conditions require additional safety measures both for a body and for materials used for swimwear production. That said, good-quality fabric is a must. That is why Australian brands have to use high-quality durable UV-resistant fabric.

Here is a short overview of the top 5 Australian swimwear brands. Each of them has its own unique style and rich history. If you wish to learn more about these companies and their newest collections of swimming suits you can easily find it at Splish Splash:



All of the designs and products of this Australian-owned brand are manufactured in Sydney. Its artistic nature can be felt from exclusive artworks created specifically for their products. The wide range of swimming suits models and sizes feature trendy colorful prints. The good balance of style and comfort together with the finest clothes from Spain, Italy, and France prove Baku swimwear to be a perfect choice for women who desire to feel comfortable and look amazing.

Over the decades this remarkable brand developed its own unique style as well as improve the quality and durability of its products. The choice of the fabrics is especially appreciated by well-pleased customers. Their soft, lightweight, and hygienic fabric protects the body from UV rays and keeps bright colors for a long time. It feels like Baku really wants to share its love for swimwear all over the world.



Swim and beachwear that was born on the Sydney beaches. Heritage, quality, and style is the motto of this brand which is devoted to making products for living and represents all kinds of swimwear, beachwear, and activewear that suits all body shapes and sizes. From delicate bikinis for relaxed days on a beach to supportive suits designed for sports activities – all of that comes in various styles with contrasting textures, bold statement prints, and beautiful lines. What is also impressive is that you can shape your unique personal style by mixing different kinds of tops and bottoms, matching prints and colors. Just choose the right cup size and coverage you are comfortable with.

Monte & Lou


This Australian swimwear brand was founded by best friends in Sydney with a strong aspiration to create something stand-out in the world of beach fashion. And they succeeded. This is the ultimate swimwear edit for a beach lifestyle. Unique designs, sophisticated cuts, feminine silhouettes, and fabulous prints produce a feeling of total luxury. Moreover, Monte & Lou was built on the strong belief that every woman should feel fabulous in her swimming suit no matter which type of body she has. The good knowledge of the industry and vast experience in swimwear design allows the company to skillfully join beauty with functionality. They also provide a great service and amaze customers with fast delivery.



One of the oldest swimwear brands whose history dates back to the 70s will surprise you with fresh and trendy designs. It can be said Sunseeker was a pioneer who introduced the bikini separates in 1973. Since then, the company always strives to present the latest trends in swimming suit fashion. They offer not only classic bikinis and one-pieces but also a wide range of singlets, kaftans, rashies, board shorts, hats, and more. The company put innovative technology in the whole design process of their swimsuits providing comfort, support, and high quality. Also, cup sizing is their strong point so you will definitely find the model which suits you best and help to celebrate your body this summer. You can be sure — all the right places will be appropriately supported and enhanced, so you’ll always feel absolutely fabulous.



Laid-back sex appeal, stunning fabric, and body-flattering cuts — the key features of another popular Australian swimwear brand. Bond-eye offers a unique approach to swim styling making an accent on the hips shape an ultra-feminine and elegant image. Their twist bandeaus and cheeky cut bottoms with a high cut leg line will inspire every woman to feel like a Bond girl.

What is more important, Bond-eye declares their concern about the environmental issues and the future of our world. In order to reduce waste, the company makes steps towards more sustainable outcomes and produces collections of sustainable swimwear.

There was a quick overview of the most popular Australian swimwear brands to give you an idea of where to start your shopping journey. These are just a few in the vast terrain of names. But you should not be confused with those names since all Australian manufacturers proved themselves to be real experts in swimming fashion. So whatever Australian brand you choose, chances are it won’t disappoint you. On the contrary, you will love the wide range of models, from extraordinary patterns and whimsical cuts to classical swimming suits with good support and calm colors. Just pay maximum attention to the quality of fabric and the silhouette which flatter your body. And we can only wish you to find your best swimming suit to feel the true essence of the Australian beach culture.