Small businesses are on a rise, especially after they found out they can become viral using Instagram and TikTok. One of the best ASMR content types in the world is packing their handmade products and preparing them to be shipped worldwide. Packing the delicate products properly is more than putting bubble wrap and shredded paper in the box, and closing it with tape. As we can see, many of the small business owners pay a lot of attention to the details, they put confetti inside the box, colorful packing paper, and use the unique designed water-activated tapes to seal the package. But, does international shipping can handle all of that, or do you need to pay more attention to it?

Sometimes it’s not enough to put “fragile” marks all over the package, because the postal services can’t even see it in the bunch of items they receive every day. So, it’s on the person who packs the things up to take care of that, the best they can. If you check here, you will see that there are so many different ways to pack all your things up properly by using cushioned and padded envelopes and mailers, bags, boxes, bubble wrap, and all the other things you need for successful packing. Depending on the product you sell, you need to choose the proper box or wrap for it, but if you need some know the most common mistakes of packing, and use some tips to improve it, here are some of them:

1. Using a too big or too small box


It’s better to be a little bigger than very small, so you won’t have space to fill it up with protection wraps. Using the right type of box is the best thing you can do for your products, so they can be delivered to the customer just like they were at yours. So, choose the right size of the box, add the padding, seal it properly, and put the recipient details on it. Even the post services can suggest some tips on how to do that better, so they can ship the package to the customer easily.

2. Putting damaged or badly printed labels on the box


If you put labels, make sure they are big enough, so the people who work at the shipping services can see that clearly. Also, make sure the label you put with the shipping details is nicely printed and all the details are visible and readable. Put it on the sides where there are no seams, so you can avoid damage while transport. Stick it tightly to the box if needed. Make sure no sealing tape goes over it and covers some information.

3. You are not careful with the fragile items


Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, shredded paper, packing tissue, you need to do everything to protect the fragile items while packaging. Don’t let them be loose inside the box, since the boxes are shaken during their trip to the final address. We know is a lot of trash for the person who receives it, but that’s the only way to fit a fragile product inside a box and make sure it’s not broken during the transport.

4. You pack the items too close to each other


Due to the same shaking and vibrations, the products that are too close to each other may end up with scratches and damages, even though they were perfectly fine while packing. This may result in unsatisfied customers who will ship back the product to you, asking for a refund. So, our suggestion is to use paper or wrap to prevent rubbing and knocking between the products during the transport.

5. You are not using recyclable materials


We are aware that it’s not always possible to be completely sustainable, but since packing for international shipping requires additional padding inside the box or the mailer, you can try to use recycled materials for that. If you look for them carefully, you can find a lot of recycled wrappings, shredded newspaper, or degradable Styrofoam peanuts. These materials can be more expensive than the other ones, but we are sure you can adjust the prices, so you won’t have to use large amounts of plastic wraps to ship the product.

6. You don’t check on the weather conditions


Some products are very specific, and you need to add thermal isolation to the box, so they can be delivered at the right temperature to the customer. If not possible, you can mention it on the package, so the shipping company can know how to deal with it.

7. You work with cheap shipping services


If you want to be considered as a serious business, you have to work with professionals, because they are the chain between you and the customers. Don’t go for cheaper prices, because you and your clients may end up using under-average service, and they won’t fulfill the required time to ship the product. That’s bad for your reputation, and that’s why you have to work with professionals.

Other important things to pay attention to

The shipping companies have regulations for international shipping, and sometimes they may not match your requirements. Calculate shipping costs and check all the options you have before you offer international shipping. Also, you have to be realistic with timing, because you won’t encourage the people to order from you if you say the item will be shipped in less than a month, without checking it with the company first.

Keep track of the tracking codes too, so you can see if there is an issue, to resolve on time. Mention all the additional expenses the customer may have while waiting for their package, including the postal services, their place in the cargo containers, insurance, and so on.

Always work with reliable companies, so you can create a great connection and relationship with the people who trust your brand, no matter where you are in the world. It’s worth paying attention to these details, so you can offer consistent service to your worldwide clients.