Slipcovers are the ideal solution that helps you turn a messy bedroom for example into a neat one, while at the same time protecting pillows and quilts underneath from dust during the day. One additional role they can have is to emphasize a style you wish to achieve in the room. So, they are both a hygiene tool and a designer element.

High-quality furniture and beds are often not cheap, so it is wise to think about how to better protect them. The most common choice for furniture protection are various slipcovers and upholstery. There are many different models available in different stores, like the ones available on this site.

Among all of them, one is definitely the right one just for you. However, there are some things to keep in mind before setting off for a shopping spree. Choosing the correct slipcover may not seem as easy as you think. So, here are 5 mistakes you should avoid when choosing slipcovers for your furniture.

1. Not thinking about what you want to protect

For starters, first, think about what it is that you want to protect. Not every slipcover is good for every type of furniture. You can cover the beds and couches with blankets that can serve as an additional cover, and as a decoration of the room in which they are located. But if you plan to buy slipcovers that cover the whole couch, and your couch has wooden sides, there’s a potential danger it won’t be visible and someone may end up hurt (especially kids). Also, wooden furniture such as chairs, which you want to protect from dust and moisture, will be better protected with PVC upholstery.

2. Choosing the wrong material, for the wrong purpose

Some materials are just not suitable for some homes. That’s why it is of utmost importance to read the materials declaration, before buying slipcovers. Then you choose, according to what would be the simplest for you to maintain. For example, if you have a large family and kids running around all day, then choose the material that is easy for washing and dries quickly. The one that will not be worn out after a couple of washes.

Also, when it comes to a bed or a sofa, they are usually made of fabric that can be made of natural or synthetic fibers for colder days, and those made of warm fur are also available.

We’ve mentioned PVC upholstery in the previous point. This type of slipcovers is often used in holiday homes, as well as when traveling for a long period of time. The task of such slipcover for furniture is therefore primarily protection against dirt and damage if the furniture is not in use for a long time. For everyday use, such upholstery is not practical because it would be necessary to remove it whenever someone opens the closet door, drawer, or wants to eat a meal at the table. You can always use a cloth (fabric or vinyl) or a plate mat to protect the table. PVC upholstery is usually not too aesthetic, which is not particularly important for a space where no one lives, it is more important that they perform their task well.

On the other hand, such material can easily find its purpose in dining chairs or other furniture kids use, which needs regular maintenance.

3. Not buying a spare one


Consider buying more than one slipcover so you can change several times a year to add a new look to your home. Or to avoid furniture getting dirty in the meantime, it’s useful to buy one and have it laying around.

There’s also one more reason for having a spare one. If you live in a studio your bed will often serve as part of the living room. In this case, it all comes down to creativity and using the bed as part of the furniture during the day. Using a slipcover and a few large pillows, your bed can be turned into a comfortable sofa. This is also a good solution for children’s rooms where the bed is also used as part of the furniture during the day. It basically means that needs slipcover all the time, hence the importance of a spare one.

4. Blind purchasing (wrong size)

And here we come to the biggest mistake, which can really complicate things when you buy online. Not measuring correctly. When buying a slipcover, you must first consider the measures of the furniture you want to cover. The material is also important to consider when it comes to measures because some can stretch more than others. Slipcovers of different materials can also vary considerably in weight, heat retention, and touch ability. If the cover on the bed or sofa also serves as an additional cover, choose one that is comfortable to the touch and warm and can be washed in the washing machine, because the cover is exactly what will get the most dust and needs to be cleaned regularly.

5. Colors and design do not match the rest of the interior


After choosing the material and dimensions, it is important to choose the design as well. As already mentioned, a sofa or bed slipcover can be a nice addition when decorating your home. Let it be color-coordinated with pillows, sofa, wall paint, and other colors of art products in the room. Thus, your cover will not only have a useful but also an aesthetic function, and will thus give you double the pleasure of use.

One final advice we can give you is to read the terms and conditions of returning the goods you buy, in case it does not fit. This goes especially if you buy online. You want to make sure you can return and/or replace the one that you bought with another that fits. These were just a couple of common mistakes people make frequently, avoid them, and you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.