Moving homes is stressful enough, you can imagine how difficult and stressful moving countries or cities can be?! Today we are discussing just that.

Moving to a new city is something you need to be prepared for both mentally and physically. It is not changing one town name for the other it is everything tied to that. Changing your social life, changing your usual eating and drinking places, changing the mentality of people around you. There is a lot of things that make it difficult, but if you are determined and prepared you shouldn’t have that many problems.

What makes this whole thing easier is the fact that you are moving to a city like Barcelona. Barcelona is a city in Spain, but I bet all of you knew that already, and it is a very nice city with a long and rich history. Moving there, for whatever reason, could be the best thing for you. Why did we say “could be”?! Most people when opting for a city change usually make a pro and con list and see whether it is worth moving. Today we will make the same list so you can decide is it good to move there and how good you can settle in Barcelona. For anything, we might have missed, check out

To keep the positives for las we will start with…


1. It is very loud


Barcelona is a very active city and for those who aren’t used to the noise, it can get a bit loud at times. If you are looking to be closer to the city center be prepared for very loud days and nights. You should consider that Barcelona is a tourist town and besides locals, tourists are there almost the entire year so if you don’t like the noise you should consider finding a place to live some distance from the city core. The noise isn’t just from locals and tourists, to be honest, since it is an alive and thriving city there are a lot of constructions and repairs so prepare for drilling, grinding and all other construction sounds that get annoying so quickly.

2. Tourists

As we mentioned Barcelona is a tourist attraction and if you decide to live there you will have to deal with a lot of them. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, they are almost always some kind of excursions and not local people roaming around. If you are not used to this, you might be put off of finding a place to live in the city of Barcelona. What is annoying here is the fact that you are going to get from point A to point B very difficult because there is so much tourist blocking off everything. They are a necessary part of the city’s economy and that is fine the only problem is that you need to find a way to live with that.

3. Homeless people


Living in a big city has its beauties but it also has some grim sides no one wants to see. One of those bad sides a big city drags with itself is the poor and homeless people. This is something you can’t do anything about, you simply have to learn to live with it. To be honest this is probably a case in any other town or country and you, to some degree, have already learned to live with these sights.

4. Expensive rent

Another thing that might bother you is the rent. Like in any big city, and a tourist one for that matter the rent can be rather big. If you are going for work or study, there it will be rather difficult to find an affordable and acceptable place to live. You have to dig around for a while to find something as close to reasonable pricing as possible. This will also mean that you would have to steer clear from the city core and try a few areas around if you want the best possible price.

Pros finally

1. City and Beach


Barcelona is the perfect combo of both city and beach life. If you are the type o person that likes both city life and enjoys warm sand and seawater then Barcelona is your to-go place. The city of Barcelona is literally at the beach and this is what makes it fun and attractive. You can enjoy the crowded and fun city life during the day or night and afterwards when you are sick and tired of all the commotion head on to the beach, read, sunbathe, swim and relax, all without changing the city. Remarkable.

2. International city

This is important for those of you that either uses English as a form of communication or as a native language. Since it is a big tourist town Barcelona widely uses English as a form of communication with everyone that is new to the city or is out of town. This is something that should make your life easier for a while until you either get to learn the native language or until your head back to where you came from.

3. The food


If you are looking for something more exotic and with better quality than food in Barcelona will knock you off your feet. Spanish dishes are praised around the world and it is the one thing that will win you over almost instantly. Food in Barcelona is colourful, exotic and tasty and I believe this is enough to make you start packing your suitcases immediately.

4. Weather


If you are from anywhere in the world where the weather is jiffy all the time, then this is another thing that will make you fall in love with Barcelona. The weather there is mostly sunny and the winters are pleasant and warm. There are rainy days but they are something to neglect especially when you know you can easily go sunbathing the next day when it passes.

5. Good public transportation

When you are in a big city, at least in the beginning, you will most definitely not use a car to get from place A to place B. This is where you will mostly rely on public transport and because of that, you should know that it is really good. You can opt for train, metro and bus and you can get with them to most places you need.

6. Architecture and history


As we already mentioned, in the beginning, the city of Barcelona has a long history and some of the best architecture in the world. Their regular buildings, alongside the historical ones, are a sight worth seeing. Buildings, museums and everything tied to that are awesome and if you are into that kind of art then your stay in Barcelona will be that better.