Being in any kind of accident can be traumatic, and the best-case scenario is that everyone involved is okay, health-wise. That’s the first and most important thing, but from the legal point of view, it’s also good to know what to do after checking if everyone is okay.

The most common advice you will get is to hire a lawyer, as it is a complex thing that might be overwhelming for someone inexperienced, but there are things that you can do to about the claim and settle it without having to hire one, which is what we will further focus on.

Check if everyone is okay

The first thing to check is whether someone is hurt and needs medical help since human life is much more important than any damage or whose fault it is. Once you are sure everyone is okay and there is no need to call the ambulance, it is time to inspect other factors and decide whether self-representing is the best option or it is better to ask for professional help. If you need a lawyer and you do not know where to find a trustworthy one, USA attorneys are one of the best choices one can make.

Make sure who is responsible

In most cases, people who are sure that it is not their fault decide to represent themselves and negotiate on their own. The reason for that is simple they will not need to pay the attorney, and all the money they get from the insurance will be theirs.

It is necessary to know that proving who is responsible for the accident can be pretty challenging if no one saw it because there is no one to back up the story and make it clear to authorities. Regarding that, self-representing is only a good idea if the fault is clear and it is easy to prove it or, in the other case, you can lose a lot of money and even be found guilty.

Gather as much evidence as possible


Okay, this might sound like the most basic thing, but after being in any type of accident, due to the shock and adrenaline rush, we tend to make many mistakes and do things we wouldn’t otherwise do. That is why it’s crucial to be aware of what happened, understand it, check the health of the others, and then focus on material things. Of course, gathering evidence is what the entire possible future case would revolve around, and since in most situations it’s pretty clear whose fault it is, it’s also much easier to agree on a solution.

On the other hand, if there is no evidence of any wrongdoing, then there is also no argument that you can use, which is why gathering as much evidence as possible is of vast importance here. Besides that, getting the report from people who have witnessed the entire accident is yet another way to go, as this type of evidence and testimonies is always helpful. Overall, asking witnesses to give a report is always recommended, even when you don’t have to use those reports later.

Dealing with insurance

Doing all these things mentioned above will help you not just solve any legal issues and responsibilities without hiring a lawyer, as it will also be beneficial in dealing with the insurance company. Namely, most of the things are covered with insurance, regardless of whose fault the accident is, meaning that even if someone accepts the blame, if they haven’t done anything illegal or against the law, then the insurance will cover the damages and other costs.

Of course, there are way too many details in insurance policies, which is why consulting the experts in this field is always highly recommended, but once you get all the info available, contacting and informing the insurance company is the next logical step.

Since the entire communication with the insurance companies might get time-consuming and tiresome, be prepared and focus on what really matters, and that’s all the data you have collected. They will surely ask for a statement, sometimes even from all the parties included, so make sure to cover this as well.

Bring experts if necessary


Even though in most cases, hiring experts will not be needed, it’s always better to be prepared, just in case. Namely, if involved parties cannot agree on some issue, there is no need for argument, as hiring experts in this field will help sort everything out.

The job of these industry experts is to gather all the facts and provide a genuine insight into what happened, whose fault it was, and also the material damages and their extent. As for the type of experts you’ll need, it all depends on the circumstances and what type of professional you actually need. Medical, economic, and accident reconstruction experts are just some of the most commonly needed, but in essence, you can find certified experts in almost any field.

The only bad side of it all is paying for such services and expertise, as this might get a bit costly, depending on the difficulties of the accident, the claim itself, and many other reasons, but it’s still a much better and efficient option.

Store and safe all data

Well, this is yet another thing that’s simply a must because of many reasons. Namely, timing is everything here and can really be a lifesaver for many things and the entire claim.

Keep in mind that most of these things are time-sensitive, meaning that you need to gather as much data as possible until it’s too late, but also to check deadlines for filing a claim, as these deadlines differ from state to state.

The good thing is that most people understand that they need to start the process as soon as possible, so they would have enough time to react or gather more evidence if needed, but due to the complexity of the process, most people also get drawn and confused pretty easily. So, the best way to speed up the entire process is to react on time, and if there are any difficulties, consulting experts in this field is also a great solution.

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