After getting enrolled in a university abroad, the major thing you need is a place where you could stay comfortably. Today, when there is a huge trend of students visiting some overseas countries, there is no shortage of accommodation for them. There are different types of housing options available today for international students.

But, the question that often occurs in the minds of newbies is which type of accommodation they should choose. By going through this article, you can get the answer. Here, you will read about different types of accommodations available in various countries in the present scenario.

Single Rooms

Single rooms are one of the best options for you if you want full privacy but also need a budget-friendly option. These rooms may either have ensuite washrooms or you may get the shared washrooms in the accommodation properties. In the rooms, you may find all types of accessories according to your basic needs such as a bed, wardrobe, etc.

PBSA Student Apartments


PBSA student apartments are flats that are situated in purpose-built properties for students. These student housing are usually available near universities and colleges. In these apartments, students find one or more bedrooms. One bedroom is allotted to one or two students. So, the number of residents in an apartment can stay in the ratio of the number of bedrooms.

The washrooms can be either ensuite or shared. Kitchens and living areas are shared.

Private Rental Apartments Offered by Landlords

Many landlords offer private rental apartments to students. These private apartments can be found in any locality. A benefit of living in these apartments is that students can set their own rules, unlike the PBSA apartments.

Moreover, these rental apartments are the perfect options for students who are going to book accommodation in the last moments when they have to shift to their university city. Sometimes, purpose-built housings for students are full when you apply for an accommodation with delay. But, you can book the rental apartments overnight.

Shared Rooms


There are some special shared rooms available for students who like to live in the company of others. Here, it will be significant to mention that shared options are available in other types of accommodations also as you have read above for apartments, and will read about other such housing types in the upcoming sections.

The shared rooms can be small or big and accommodate the residents according to their size and number of beds. Two or more residents can stay in a shared room. Quite obviously, the areas like the bathroom, kitchen, lounge, etc. are shared equally by all the residents.

Student Studios

Studios, sometimes referred to as studio apartments, are one of the most popular types of accommodations available in various countries. The studios are self-contained units, where students find the facilities like apartments. All the areas like the kitchen, sleeping areas, etc. are combined in your private space. Studios comprise an open kitchen area. Studios can be found with both single occupancy and dual occupancy features.

University Halls

These are the best options for many students. These are the halls and the rooms, which are managed by the universities themselves. Most of these halls are available within university campuses. But, there are a few, which can be found in the local areas of the city where the university is located.

A major benefit of living in these halls is that you stay in the company of students from your own universities. Moreover, you get a wonderful cultural environment. In many university halls, the bills are managed by the universities; therefore, you have no need to worry about them.

From time to time, many social events are organized in the universities. You do not miss any of them when you are living in these halls. Moreover, when you are living in campus, you attend most of the lectures without failing. You can also take part in the university activities like sports more actively while living in resident halls.

Private Halls of Residences

The private halls of residences are also like the university halls but they are not managed by universities. On the contrary, they are managed by private owners. Since there is a huge demand for university halls, they are filled quickly. So, if you do not find a space in the university halls, these private halls can be the best substitutes for you.

These private halls are built especially for students and they get the facilities like the university halls here. In these halls, you can get private or communal rooms. Many of these halls are situated close to universities and colleges. It is highly recommended to students to choose the halls, which are close to their universities. Some halls may be found in the other parts of the city also. You can choose them if they are near some of your favorite landmarks.

Living with Friends

If any of your friends from your native place is living in your university city or is going to stay there then you can choose to stay with him/her. You both can share the rent of the house, so it is also a cheaper option for you. Since you are already acquainted with each other you can have a better understanding of each other.

To Sum Up

Apart from choosing accommodation, you should also check what amenities you find inside them and their complexes. In the rooms, apartments, studios, etc., you get a study table and chair for your studies. Moreover, you also get a wardrobe and some other storage spaces to keep your assets. Most of the units are equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.

In many accommodation complexes, students find a gym for fitness. Some of them also offer swimming pools and sports courts. On the other hand, an in-house cinema can also be found in many of the complexes. Games rooms are also available for the fun of students, where they can play the games like table tennis, pool, billiards, foosball (table football), and video games.

You should check according to your priorities whether these features are available in your accommodation and the complex or not.