We all have some big goals and ambitions that motive us to work hard every day. Reaching big goals without proper education is impossible. That is the reason why you need to choose the right place that will bring you the necessary knowledge. There are plenty of universities around the world that deserve your attention. You will probably find some in your town as well. However, some young adults have a different way of thinking. They would rather decide to study abroad.

There are multiple reasons why some students decide on that move. Of course, the main one is a better educational program. However, that is not always the case. Some of them want to meet new people and get familiar with different cultures and traditions.

While you are still at home, you will feel excited. Everything will look mysterious and entertaining at the same time. Unfortunately, you need to remain objective until the very end. There are some common challenges students face when studying abroad. It is in your best interest to discover them before starting your life in another place. You will manage to prepare yourself on time in that way. We decided to analyze the most common ones and help you make the first steps more effectively. Let’s find them out together.

1. First Challange: Language


We are sure that you have already taken classes to improve the new language you will use every day. Yet, even then, the language remains the main barrier to living in a foreign country. It will not be challenging to talk with other people. Even if your language is not at the highest level, they will understand you. However, studying lessons in a new language is going to be a bit complicated in the beginning. You will see certain phrases and terms for the first time. Of course, sooner or later, that will become a less challenging task. Because of that, we recommend you do not worry too much.

2. Cultural Differences


Let’s imagine that you live in the USA, and your goal is to study in Japan. Many things between these two countries are different. More precisely, you will meet people that have different habits, mentality, and traditions.

Before everything, you will see that people behave in the streets differently. That is the first thing you will notice after getting out of the airport. After that, you will notice that people dress differently as well. Of course, no one says that you need to completely adapt and become a Japanese person at once. Yet, there are certain rules you will have to follow. By doing that, you will protect yourself from all the unnecessary problems.

3. Living with Roommates


It doesn’t matter where your roommates are from. Even if they are from the same country as you, that doesn’t mean you can continue the same way of living. More precisely, you will have to change many of your habits and make compromises.

For instance, let’s imagine that you love to sleep until 11 AM. However, your roommate likes to get up early and have breakfast before nine o clock. It would be unfair that you start doing that just because your roommate requires it. Instead of that, you should both make a compromise. For instance, you can both get up around 10 AM. In that way, both parties are going to be satisfied. The number of these compromises is even bigger if you live with more than one person. Because of that, we recommend you prepare for that before you even buy a plane ticket.

4. Nostalgia


Nostalgia is something you will have to face for sure. The same thing happens for all the people that live in a foreign country. It doesn’t matter if they live for five months or five years there. These emotions come and it would be impossible to avoid them.

In most cases, something like that won’t happen for the first two or three months. Living in a new place is going to be entertaining for you and you will still feel like a tourist. There will be many things you can explore, people you can meet, etc. However, sooner or later, you will start missing your room, family, and friends. That is the moment when you will have the desire to come back home and never leave it again.

Doing that is not forbidden for you. You can give up on studying abroad at every moment. However, keep in mind the price of that move is going to be high. Instead of that, you should always have something that will remind you of your home. For instance, you should bring some items that will make you feel like you are in your room. Despite that, don’t forget you live in the world of advanced technology. You can always connect with your beloved ones and make a video call. That is going to calm you down.

In the end, talking with other students that are in the same situation as you is always a good option. They probably have (or had) the same problem as you. Sharing your thoughts and feeling will make you feel better. You will get the necessary support from people that literally know how you feel.

5. Money


Fund managing is going to be your new tasks. There are going to be many places where you would want to go to. However, keep in mind that spending your entire monthly budget on parties will be wrong. You will end up borrowing money from other students to buy food. We are sure your parents will, more or less, support you. However, that doesn’t mean you should not follow a part-time job and earn some money in that way. Despite that, you can also hunt the scholarship and reduce your costs of living in that way.

Final Thought

These five challenges are not there to scare you. Studying abroad is going to bring you many memorable moments. Despite that, the diploma you receive after graduation will open many doors and allow you to reach your career ambitions.

By knowing them, you will have enough time to prepare yourself. In that case, they are not going to be a big problem for you. There are also many websites like where you can gather all the necessary information. Websites like that are a perfect place for students that need assistance.