If you love to dance and you’re looking for some inspiration, then Netflix has something for you. From Step Sisters (2018) to The Way We Dance, here’s the ultimate list of the best dancing series and movies on Netflix. So, grab your dancing shoes and get ready to be awed by some of the best footwork from Hollywood!

Step Sisters (2018)


Step Sisters is a 2018 American teen comedy film written and directed by Charles Stone III. The movie follows Jamilah, a college-bound college student who has achieved much with hard work and ambition. In an effort to present herself as responsible, Jamilah tries to help her school’s undistinguished dance team win at nationals. Through this unexpected journey and with the assistance of a tough but lovable coach, the girls learn to bring their differences together and make history on the dance floor.

The movie features numerous musical numbers which add to its light-hearted nature and fuel its heart-warming message of embracing life’s challenges. With a talented cast of characters who use their unique strengths to achieve their dreams, Step Sisters is sure to inspire viewers of all ages.

Into the Beat


Into the Beat is an intense and emotional dance movie on Netflix. Produced by German director Stefan Westerwelle, it follows 17-year-old Katya whose passion for street dancing leads to a self-discovery journey where she has to decide whether to stay in her small town or fight for her dreams in the big city. The soundtrack includes an eclectic mix of genres such as pop, hip-hop, techno and more. The film explores themes such as identity, motivation and determination as Katya finds her own inner strength and will to cross boundaries between classes and cultures with help from a rival dancer. With dramatic plot twists throughout the story, Into the Beat is sure to keep you hooked until the very end.

Honey: Rise Up and Dance


Honey: Rise Up and Dance is a 2018 dance drama about a young woman facing difficult odds in her pursuit of a professional dancing career. Starring Teyana Taylor as the main protagonist, Skyler, the movie follows the titular character who is working as an aerobics instructor at a local community center, but dreams of becoming a hip-hop dancer. Despite facing doubters and obstacles like money, family pressure and fierce competition in an all-male dancing crew, Skyler sizzles in the underground dance scene. The movie will keep you entertained and maybe you can learn a new dance move from it!

The Way We Dance


The Way We Dance is a 2013 musical drama film directed and produced by Adam Wong. Starring Lok Man Yeung, Cherry Ngan, and Babyjohn Choi, the movie follows the story of Lam Fa (Played by Cherry Ngan), Alan (Babyjohn Choi) and Dave (Lok Man Yeung) as they form a dance trio with their dreams of becoming famous hip-hop dancers. The motivational film has been praised by critics for its upbeat attitude and positive themes.

The movie begins with the story of three ambitious young dancers. They all attend university but have bigger plans for the future: to become part of an underground hip-hop dance crew known as “BombA”. But despite their dedication to dancing, their parents are against it and think it’s best for them to focus on school instead. This creates tension between them but ultimately strengthens their bond when they realize that achieving their dreams will require determination and hard work.

The film follows these three friends as they practice day and night in an effort to make it big in the underground dance scene. It documents their successes as well as failures along this journey as they strive to prove themselves worthy of achieving the title of “BombA”. Along with amazing choreography scenes, this feature also has some romance touches when Ming falls in love with her dance partner Dave (Lok Man Yeung).

In conclusion, The Way We Dance is not only an inspirational story about following your dreams but also a joyful movie celebrating friendship and respect among different people who help themselves achieve success through collaboration instead of competition. With an uplifting soundtrack and impressive dance sequences, this film will surely leave you energized enough to take on your own challenges in life!

Dance Dreams Hot Chocolate Nutcracker


Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is a Netflix original documentary that follows the behind-the-scenes story of a dancer Debbie Allen as she works with young students from the American Ballet Theatre’s Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School in New York City to produce a performance of The Nutcracker set to hip hop music for their winter show.

The documentary follows the rehearsals, auditions and production leading up to this performance, as well as Debbie’s own inspiring story of her path to becoming a professional dancer. It also documents how the production team faced several challenges, including using hip hop to make a classic ballet more contemporary and engaging while still reclaiming its grandeur.

As a visual celebration of dance and achievement, Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is an inspiring film that looks at how art plays an important role in overcoming challenges and connecting people across generational divides. From practices to performances, this documentary is an entertaining look at how dancers come together under direction and work hard for their art.


In conclusion, Netflix offers an array of dance-related films and television series for viewers of all ages who are looking to experience the joy and art of dance from their own homes. The best of Netflix’s offerings include Step Sisters (2018), Into the Beat, Honey: Rise up and Dance, The Way We Dance, and Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker. All of these films offer viewers a unique way to enjoy learning about different styles of dance and watching talented performers perfecting their craft. Whether you’re just a casual fan or a professional dancer, these films have something for everyone who loves to watch people move in harmony with music.