Nowadays, jewellery has switched from a simple accessory to a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Whether it’s an engagement ring to pop a question or an eternity ring to renew your vows, it commemorates a milestone and reminds a wearer just how precious they are.

Picking an impeccable band or a unique pendant may be more challenging than it seems. Luckily, Australia has many places that display one-of-a-kind designs and seamless stones.

If you decide to purchase jewellery in an online store, you should consider the quality of the jewellery photos. Visit to learn about how to make high-quality jewelry photography.

We’ve created a list of the top 5 jewellery shops in the area. Prepare yourself because they are about to knock your socks off:

First (and rightfully so) is GS Diamonds 


GS Diamonds is a family-owned business that has been on the market for more than 30 years. They pride themselves in honouring the traditions and providing the best experience there is.

The founders, Julia and Tony, always had a thing for elegant jewellery; they also believed in finding a perfect match for every customer. For many years, the couple has been exploring best practices and extending their knowledge in the field, all to make their dream come true. They pulled the efforts, put their hearts and souls in business, and accomplished the impossible.

GS Diamonds now have two stores in Brisbane and Sydney where you can fully immerse into the magical atmosphere and look through charming stones. If you prefer online shopping, you can visit their modernistic and easy-to-navigate website with 360 ° movable photos. Regardless of what you decide, there is a team of experts ready to attend to your needs.

Best designers and artisans have come together to bring a little wonder into this world. This year, Robbie Blear, one of the employees, has been selected as a Finalist for the prestigious 25th JAA Awards for his “Gemini” ring. Your jewellery will be in reliable hands.

What truly separates GS Diamonds from other retailers is their rich assortment. There are hundreds of rings to choose from, different precious metals and peculiar shapes. GS Diamonds understand that some clients already have an idea for their diamond ring; therefore, they offer a ”forge your own band” feature.

Furthermore, you can order engravings or upgrade your rings with paves or halos – the options are limitless. P. S.: GS Diamonds cut go-betweens so that you can buy GIA Certified
diamonds at an attractive price.

High quality, backed by the most trusted report and family values embedded in each creation, define the team’s spirit. But see for yourself and check out GSDiamonds jewellery store page.

Runner-Up – Tiffany & Co

The second place in the jewellery race goes to Tiffany & Co., a business that can’t go unnoticed. The worldwide brand stands for luxury and style. Their motto states: “You can’t blame her for wanting Tiffany”.

With the tradition from over 1837, Tiffany & Co. has evolved and grown into a global design house that boasts innovative jewellery and expert craftsmanship. Celebrities like Taylor Joy proudly wear their accessories to the hottest events.

Tiffany’s trademark is the broad spectrum of items and exciting presentation. You can find various collections sorted by symbolism and intention: About Love, Date Night, Know Your Typical City and so on.

The company also keeps up with the latest changes and demands. In 2017 they launched Save the Wild collection and donated all their profits to the Wildlife Conservation Network to support the preservation of extinct species; in 2024, they launched a debut collection that captured the mood of our era: courageous, pushing, optimistic.

Tiffany & Co are more than a name. They guarantee the highest standards and exquisite designs. However, with fame comes a hefty tag.

Larsen – a Name to Remember


If you know a thing or two about diamonds, you’ve definitely heard about Larsen. Members of JAA and The Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, remain one of the leading businesses in the jewellery industry.

Initially, Larsen was just a small shop, opened by the enthusiastic team of two:  Lars & Susie, the husband and wife. They wanted to share their passion for sparkling brilliants and to offer quality merchandise at an agreeable price. Since then, the company has grown a fair bit and has been featured in reputable Vogue, and Channel 10.

The guiding principles of Larsen still haven’t changed. Today they continue to produce top-notch stones. Unlike the competitors, they aren’t afraid to embrace new. So you can select the most sought-after alternative metals like titanium, zirconium and mokume for your wedding and engagement bands.

What strikes most about Larsen is its transparent policy. The company builds relationships with clients based on trust. You can meet all the jewellers and designers and read about their expertise on the website. The veil behind jewellery crafting is finally lifted!

Diamond Exchange Advanced Technology and Personalised Approach Combined

The most complicated thing in online search is getting a clear view of a diamond. Most shops show stones in a fixed position. Consequently, you fail to see tiny flaws: scratches, blemishes, bow ties, etc. Sometimes the ring you get differs drastically from the one you ordered. That is why most couples prefer in-store shopping.

However, Diamond Exchange blurred the line between reality and virtuality with their awe technology and reliable GIA certification. You can rotate each photo of a diamond by 360 degrees. The quality is unsurpassed, so you no longer have to wait in lines and can save tons of time.

We like Diamond Exchange because they let you be the chief. Not only can you design your ring, but also the coveted necklace and earrings. Imagine how elevated your beloved will be once you gift her a custom-made ensemble.

Midas Jewellery As the Icing on the Cake


If you are looking for more unusual pieces, Midas Jewellery is the best way to go. They showcase authentic engagement, wedding and dress rings. You can find a suitable variant for every occasion. In addition, there are wedding sets for him and her, e.g. you can get matching bands.

You can also opt for rings that flaunt coloured diamonds, marvellous gemstones and mysterious pearls. Amethyst, Aquamarine, Ruby, Smoky Quartz – the list goes on forever. Harmoniously intertwined rocks add more flair and dazzle with their flicker. If you are a religious person, a fine line of cross pendants is waiting for you.