The great value that education has brought for all cannot be taken for granted or ignored. At an early stage of life, we have been exposed to learning in acquiring formal education. Both parents and teachers ignite the drive of getting educated in us in one way or the other. This fact gave us an elementary knowledge about life and a few things.

But as we keep growing, advanced educational knowledge on a field or discipline needs to be acquired to set us at an edge in the global space. In acquiring education, most individuals rely on going to colleges/universities to know their chosen field. Without going into educational institutions, other alternatives can be depended on, like self-education through different means on online platforms.

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7 Ways to become a developer


In this technological and internet era, one of those high in-demand skills that can be acquired in addition to the University degree or courses is becoming a developer. In becoming a developer, one can acquire the skill through self-education by getting materials that will guide how to code and develop software, games, and apps.

Various online learning platforms allow self-learning for free or for a token. Starting a career as a developer is an exciting adventure to go on and, in return, pays in a reasonable way.

There are some things to be known for beginners to become developers, which will see you through the journey of acquiring the right knowledge.

1. Have a clear destination in mind

Before starting your journey of becoming a developer, it’s crucial to have a clear final destination of what you intend to achieve with the skill. Learning or acquiring a new skill doesn’t come easy, but when there is the end goal of what to achieve in becoming a developer, you will be able to rise above any hurdles that may show up in the course of self-learning to become a developer.

2. Choose a programming language to learn


In becoming a developer, learning how to code and choosing a programming language is essential — an in-depth understanding of how the function of the language will also help to become a good developer. Different programming languages can be learned, such as python, Java, C#, C++, javascript, Ruby, etc.

3. Supplement your learning

The best means to become a good developer aside from the path you have chosen to self-educate is by investing in some relevant extra materials concerning becoming a developer. Such materials can be software, PDF from renowned developers that will be a guide on skill learning.

4. Read other developers code


This process will help you a lot as a beginner who is acquiring the skill of becoming a developer. Learning how to read codes written by versatile and prominent developers will help to know how those codes work and function together.

5. Relate with other developers

Joining a community of developers is a great way to become the best developer. In the community, you will be able to ask others for help on the challenges you face in your learning. Softwares and materials that will be useful will be suggested to you. In relating or finding a community of other developers, you can easily find some through social media and online forums. Here, you will share ideas and learn from others.

6. Write codes every day


To become a good developer, it is always good to write codes every day. No matter how busy your time is, plan it with your time to write codes daily. This helps to ace your learning and sharpen your skill.

7. Build Projects

A good way to test what you are learning is by building projects. Practical experience goes a long way to know your shortcomings and how to improve on them. On carrying out this project, you can share it with the community of other developers who will vet it and guide you more on improving the project.

Job roles of a developer

As a developer, there are many fields where you can function and put your skill into use. Here are some of the fields suitable for developers.

Mobile developer: As a mobile developer, you will build apps such as casino game apps for Mobile devices like iOS and Android. To be a mobile developer, you will need to know about Java, Objective-C, and Swift.

Full Stack Developer: As a full-stack programmer, you will work on both the front and back end parts of an application or website. You will also need to know about different software development such as server, network, hosting environment, relational and nonrelational databases, user interface, APIs interacting, and lots more.

Front-end developer: You will build a website by converting data to a graphical interface as a front-end. This will make users be able to view and interact with the website easily. Again, the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and javascript is needed for this.

Back-end developer: To be a back-end developer, you will be able to build the functionality, interactivity of the website, and other elements that allow users to access the website like logging in, creating an account, commenting, and so on. Languages like Java, Ruby, PHP, and python will suit this.

Other things that we help in becoming a good developer


Aside from the technical skills of coding, there are also some basic things that developers must know and have in line with their skills. Such as problem-solving skills, which help you as a developer to handle problems relating to your skill. As a developer, you must also know how to handle conflict, communicate clearly, raise issues promptly, and adequately report work progress.


Developers are among the sought-after professionals in this era of tech and its ever-increasing hold on the world’s future. As the iGaming industry keeps expanding every day and more people are turning to play casino games, more developers and gambling sites need to develop different slot games, theme games, table games, websites, and more.

You don’t need so much formal education to be a developer since the skill can be learned and developed through self-education. As a developer, you will be relevant in any industry aspect of development you choose.

If you are still in doubt about how lucrative this skill is, just ask yourself how many websites or platforms do you visit a day? All of which need a software developer not just to build it but to manage it. Now you see the expanse of this skill. But note that you must be determined to face challenges that may arise in the progress of becoming a versatile developer.