The pandemic has thrown us all into a new ‘normal’ but one thing the majority of us are experiencing is a huge sense of boredom. This could be due to not being at school or university, self-isolation or sheltering, furlough or redundancy, or simply not being able to enjoy the things we usually love.

A great way to entertain ourselves while also remaining productive is an online learning and ensuring these courses come with CPD accreditation from The CPDStandards Office means they are independently verified, so you know you are getting value and the right information.

However, conventional learning doesn’t suit everyone, even in an online environment and sometimes a unique twist on what could previously be considered a dull subject can be packaged into more inviting, unique content that still provides valuable information and positive learning experience.

Below is a list of some of the most unique online courses available to keep you entertained during lockdown while learning something new.

Learn The Secrets of Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness


With many of us feeling a little post-apocalyptic at the moment, it’s no wonder this course is so popular, with a revenue of over £930,000.

While you will be forgiven for thinking this course is for those with extreme ideas, it can actually be useful for many of us.

This course focuses less on a zombie attack and more on how to survive should you find yourself lost and far from civilization.

Knowing basic survival skills has already proven to save lives for many and this course could be the difference between survival and perishing should you find yourself in this situation.

It can even be applied just for fun, such as a survival camping weekend. Especially as so many summer holidays have been canceled this year, this could be a fun and different alternative.

You will be taught how to hunt for food and various plants that are suitable for human consumption while providing an overview of the nutritional value and what you need to survive.

An overview of what equipment you may need to help fend for yourself in the wild and what found items could be used to help.

It also provides a guide on building primitive shelters for a worst-case scenario and the best locations to do so to protect you from the elements.

Selfie Masterclass: How To Click Perfect Selfies


While you may be cringing at the title, it is actually far more favorable than you may think. Packaged towards the younger audience, this course actually teaches skills that can be transferred into daily lives but also a business.

Ultimately, this is a photography course for the use of smartphones. With more businesses having to focus on their e-commerce stores than ever before, good photography is essential.

Promoting products and services on social media and via email mailing lists is what is keeping customers engaged and creating conversions. However, without the right promotional pictures, this can actually be counterproductive.

With many photographers not working throughout the pandemic, it is now down to the marketing team to take these shots themself. Without the use of professional cameras, lighting, and studio space, this can be tricky.

This course teaches you how to utilize a smartphone camera to get that perfect shot, including the surroundings and lighting. Not only does it do this, but it also shows how to increase engagement over social media, a crucial part of online marketing.

Build A Lightsaber: Luke ANH Edition From Star Wars


Any Star Wars fan would be thrilled to create their very own lightsaber and this is the chance to make your own from scratch.

This course provides a beginner’s guide to DIY with some basic electronics. For any hobbyist looking to expand their knowledge, this is a great start.

Not only do you finish the course with a unique collectible, but you will also be given the knowledge of tools and materials that can be transferred for so many other DIY projects.

If it’s the force that is really drawing you into this project, you have most likely coveted the idea of owning your own unique, personalized lightsaber, a sign of a true Star Wars fan.

Unfortunately, this comes at a large expense, as many items related to the franchise do. Although this course teaches how to make a specific model, this can be adapted and changed to your own tasks and preferences, giving you a bespoke piece of memorabilia.

How To Build A Rocket: A Guide With Activities In Rocket Science


While you certainly won’t have the skills to make rockets for NASA at the end of this course, it still appeals to every space enthusiast.

Parents have found this course valuable during these home-schooling months, trying to get kids to partake in science and maths lessons can be hard at the best of times, and engaging in this course alongside children is really helping.

Rockets can be made using household items, a brilliant fin activity in its own right, but the course also delves deeper.

Hands-on involvement teaches about data collection, teamwork, problem-solving and creative interpretation. Taking those typically boring lessons into a fun and unique learning experience.

Best of all, it can cater to any age, so all the kids can get involved while the adults learn something too.

Dog Training: Train Your Dog To Walk On A Treadmill


Family pets are the only ones who are really winning during the pandemic, they are experiencing their owners being at home more than ever and they are loving the company.

Unfortunately, they don’t quite understand that we can’t give them our undivided attention whilst working from home.

Why not give them something fun to do, while also tiring them out and keeping them active. While training your dog to run on a treadmill shouldn’t replace regular outdoor walks, it can certainly stimulate them enough to give you some peace and quiet while trying to work from home.

Now if the perfect opportunity to learn something new, remaining busy and productive during these times is one of the most important things we can do for our mental health. Why not give one of the above a go this month, who knows where it may lead!