They say the best way to enjoy casino games is to risk real money. Playing free to play free games isn’t as exciting as risking you cash at the blackjack table or on slot machines.

Sadly, no one wants to lose all their money to the house. We all want to break even so that we can have enough to gamble another day. So, how do you become a better online gambler?

Determine Your Interest

Online gambling is a blanket term that covers niches like online casinos, sports betting, bingo and lottery games. However, we all have an interest in one sector of the entire industry.

Maybe you love to bet on sports. Then you can focus all your energy and resources on becoming an expert punter. Perhaps you want to be the next Daniel Negreanu, in which case you should work on your poker skills.

The beauty of online gambling is that nearly every niche can make you rich. Think about slots. There are plenty of slot millionaires out there. Then there’s roulette—people are always trying to beat the house in this game.

You can always choose multiple niches. But strive to minimize your interests. Specialization is the only way to become truly good at one skill.

Gamble at the Best Sites


Want to have a delightful gambling experience? Choose a good online casino. If you love poker, blackjack and roulette, you can play these games in a live setting. But if you choose a poorly managed operator, forget about ever experiencing live casino games.

For clarity, choose a casino that prioritizes your likes and tastes. Let’s say you want to experience live blackjack. Find a live casino. Perhaps you’re tired of slow payouts at casinos. Choose an operator that pays out money to players promptly.

Importantly, look for a top-rated casino. Use a trusted review site like eastbaytimes to save time. Also, you’ll benefit from a casino with quality services all-round—odds, bonuses, game variety, safe banking and quick customer service.

In doing so, these casinos help you become a better gambler than a site with low-paying games and unfair bonuses.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you want to become a professional poker or roulette player, practice as much as possible. The best online gamblers didn’t become good by playing once a week.

They put tremendous efforts into their craft, playing for long hours daily or at least three to five days a week. Now, you don’t have to spend real money at casinos daily.

In this age of free to play games, all you need is to download an app from your favorite publishers. Download a blackjack app to practice Classic 21. By comparison, install a poker app to become better at Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

What’s the best way to practice slots? These days, many video slots are available in a free to play mode. You can play many of the top online slots free as long as you want. If you’re satisfied by your experience, you can then gamble the games at real money casinos.

Learn Gambling Strategies


Many gambling games have strategies you can use to improve your success rate. With sports betting, you learn value betting—the art of finding underdogs with great chances of winning.

When it comes to slots, strategies include betting maximum amounts, choosing top-RTP games, learning about variance and using bonuses. On the other end, there are strategies for all table games, from roulette to blackjack.

Learn these strategies and use them to improve your skills at specific games. Records show some of the strategies actually work. For example, basic blackjack strategy is recommended by nearly all experts for helping lower the house edge in blackjack.

Watch and Learn from the Experts

Poker online courses exist for a reason. They help inexperienced players become better at different poker variants. In the same spirit, you can take an online course for baccarat, Sic Bo or slots.

Of course, you don’t have to pay anyone for a gambling course. The Internet is jam-packed with free courses. All you need is to find informative gambling blogs, YouTube and Twitch channels.

Some blogs also give out e-Books you can use to learn more about your favorite games. By comparison, YouTube and Twitch feature live videos of skilled players showcasing their skills.

If you become a successful gambler, you could also create a platform to share your skills. Creating content for YouTube, Twitch and blogs can pay you a lot more money than gambling if done the right way.

Be Disciplined

Budgeting helps build discipline. And discipline is one of the most import traits in gambling. If you can’t stick to your budget, you’ll soon spend money you don’t have on gambling.

Additionally, a lack of discipline can lead you into over gambling. In addition to worsening your financial woes, spending too much time at the casinos only makes you a worse gambler.


To be a skilled gambler, you need discipline in everything you do. Create a schedule and be disciplined in sticking to it. Set a budget and follow it strictly. Learn strategies and use them strategically.

Another reason to be disciplined as a gambler is that it helps you approach casino games like a professional. You’ll have goals to chase. You can even keep records and use them to improve your skills.

Enjoy It

To truly to become a better gambler, you have to enjoy every step of the process. If you’re the kind of person who gets frustrated after a few losses, you’ll never learn to improve your skills.

Gambling isn’t like many past times. It’s full of setbacks, losses and frustrating moments. But if you enjoy to play slots and poker, you can’t allow these frustrations of getting in your way to become a skilled player.

Instead, you can only use the skills to become a better gambler. What’s more, you learn to think long term. In the meantime, your goal will be to have fun. With time, you can then look at the progress you’ve made and work on your failures.