For an overview of bingo’s rise, fall, and subsequent rise. This post highlights the game’s history and explains how the game bingo, due to providers such as 888ladies, has gained a new lease of life in the last few decades.

Bingo emerged in the 1500s in Italy and was initially called Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. Over the next few centuries, the game won interest from neighbouring countries such as France and Germany. For instance, the game became an educational tool for students learning history, maths, and spelling in Germany.

Eventually, Europe’s game travelled across the pond to the US in 1920, where it was called beano.

However, this new name was short-lived. Edwin S.Lowe, a New York toy salesman, discovered people playing beano at a carnival. But on revealing the game to his friends in New York, he quickly renamed the game bingo after hearing someone mistakenly yelled Bingo rather than Beano during a game.

A few decades later, bingo tracked back across the ocean to the United Kingdom in the sixties. With the game permitted by parliament as an authorized gambling activity. The popularity of bingo flourished, and hundreds of venues began hosting regular bingo events, which attracted 16 million players to register.

At the time, it appeared as though bingo had become a staple in British culture. But by the turn of the millennium, land-based bingos’ success started to fade.

The reason being the market had failed to adapt to external changes that impacted the game’s popularity. For instance, the smoking ban in 2007 forced punters to go outside to smoke, interrupting the fun and flow of the games.

Plus, bingo companies did little to adapt and attract the younger generations to replace the dying older generation, which used to enjoy the game.

By the end of the 2000s, a steady decline in land-based bingos’ popularity caused numerous bingo halls to close every week. In turn, the future of Bingo in Britain looked bleak.

But the disappearance of bingo venues wasn’t the death of the game.

Eventually, bingo companies sought a new and improved way to connect to a broader, namely younger audience – the internet! Consequently, bingo was salvaged and began gaining an extensive following online.

The smoking ban is a factor that has contributed to the decline of bingo halls.

The Best of Bingo Online


In a nutshell, here’s a rundown of why online bingo is so popular among millions of people today.

Play Anywhere

Unless players live close to a bingo hall, the effort, time, and money it costs to get there could be too much. But so long as players have a device and internet connection, they can play their favourite game of bingo from anywhere they like.

Mobile-friendly Websites


Bingo companies have perfected their online gaming experience on every device by creating mobile-optimized websites. As such, no matter what size the screen players have, the visuals, text, buttons, and so on will adjust accordingly to the dimension of the screen. Therefore, ensuring players can read and use functions while playing with ease.

Providers are now offering mobile-optimized websites to enhance players gaming experience, making their life easier.

Personalized Experiences

Bingo companies collect data about their customers to find out which bingo games they like, what time of day they prefer to play, and so forth. In doing so, bingo businesses can create a personalized bingo gaming experience by presenting new bingo variations and offers that will interest individual customers.

Socialize with Friends


One of the most desirable aspects of playing bingo in person was the opportunity to socialize. In consideration of this, some online bingo providers have added chat features to their websites to allow players to meet and talk!

24/7 Access

Most of us are busy taking care of children, working, studying, and so forth to find the time to venture to the local bingo hall for a scheduled event. With online bingo, however, there are no time restrictions on games. Players can opt to choose to play at a time of day that suits them. Be it on a short break from work or the bus to college. Online bingos’ unlimited access is a big plus for many bingo players.

Promotions and Offers


Lastly, bingo websites often advertise generous sign-up offers, such as free cash or games to play, to attract new gamers. These are definitely something new players should look out for when finding a bingo site.

Party Bingo Nights

In recent years, the bingo scene has welcomed a new contender to attract a younger audience by changing some of the traditional elements of the land-based game.

The premise of party bingo nights is the same as you would find in a traditional bingo hall. People need to cross off the numbers on their cards and yell bingo when they get a line or the whole house.

But instead, loud music, alcohol, dancing, different competitions at intervals, and wacky prizes for winners are what sets this event apart from its traditional counterpart.

By playing on the social and fun aspect of the game, party bingo nights have exploded across Britain.

Bingos new lease of life


Bingo experienced its heyday in the sixties in Britain. It became the go-to game for women and their friends, family, or co-workers to socialize and hopefully win prizes.

While the game’s popularity declined in the run-up to the Millennium. Savvy bingo providers who utilized the power of the web gave bingo a new lease of life by presenting a new, improved version of the game that was more convenient and rewarding for players.

Moreover, new variations of bingo are forming, such as party bingo nights, which have blossomed in recent years. It’s clear the game’s popularity is continuing to grow on and offline.