There has been an increasing global awareness and discussion about Bitcoin going on around the world. Although BTC has not become the general currency like fiat around the world, it is still visible that the virtual currency is turning a few heads and its buzz is increasing in the financial markets all around the world. For those who are not much fond of the BTC or do not want to invest in it, a common misconception among them is that bitcoin is a complex system. However, we believe that it is not as complicated as people perceive it to be. To clear this misconception, and provide a further bit of insight into the bitcoin, we have identified these 5 essential questions and their answers for our readers so that they get a hunch about the fundamentals of Bitcoin, and get an idea of how BTC is not as complicated as they think it is:

1. What exactly are Bitcoins?


The very first thing you need to be aware of is that unlike fiat, BitQL software is not a physical currency or money, but rather virtual currency. Bitcoin can be utilized to either buy things across markets as a payment method, and it can also be used as an investment tool for long-term, as its price per coin generally rises over the course of time. From being a skeptical crypto to having a current price per coin of $39,750.10 as we write this article, BTC has risen up in value during a relatively shorter amount of time as other financial assets. BTC now leads the crypto market with the highest market cap. How bitcoin works is that coins are mined (out of a total limit of 21 million coins) and held by the purchasers. The transaction details of bitcoin are quite safe and secure and stored in an electronic ledger within the bitcoin system, known as the blockchain. The blockchain is quite hard to intercept, making the whole BTC system quite difficult for hackers to attack, thus a safe option for investors. Also, the BTC system is decentralized, which does not allow any governmental or legal authority to intervene. There are several different market places which enable bitcoin holders to exchange crypto through the digital wallets, which are basically located in the crypto holder’s computer systems. These wallets act as a bank account where you can store your BTC, without the constraints and restrictions put forth by banks. If you want to trade your crypto using the best automated crypto bot,

2. When and where did the BTC come from?

Almost a decade ago in 2009, the BTC system was created by an individual or presumably a group of individuals identified by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator or creators mysteriously vanished soon after inventing this system, and have not been seen since. This system of virtual currency that Satoshi established is anonymous, which means that all the transactions which are conducted on this network are not known by the sender or receiver to where they have been sent to or received by.

3. How can we obtain Bitcoins?


Bitcoins can either be purchased on a crypto currency exchange or bought off at a digital trading platform. Also, they can be exchanged by providing a service or good to someone who owns bitcoins and are willing to pay via their crypto in exchange for the product or service.

A website online basically manages your account which you create after purchasing bitcoins. These bitcoins are placed inside a digital wallet, which is stored on the computer system of the holder. Users can use software to avoid their IP addresses getting traced and also, they can own any amount of bitcoins and bitcoin wallets.

4. What is the process of Mining in Bitcoin?

Mining is basically providing your computer to the BTC. A special kind of software is used in order to mine a new bitcoin. This software basically searches for a new block inside the chains of the network of BTC. Bitcoins are then rewarded to the individual mining, soon after a new block is found after extensive calculations inside the blockchain.

5. How are Bitcoins spent?


Although in the early stages the use of BTC was limited due to lack of its awareness and acceptability, more recently, a lot of big companies have started trading in BTC, and have started offering their services in exchange for Bitcoins. Some of these big names include Microsoft and Tesla etcetera. PayPal has also introduced a system which integrated Bitcoin in it. So, after inquiring whether the company or business you are buying a product or service from accepts bitcoin, you can spend them in exchange for the goods or services which are being offered.

All power belongs to the users

The most significant benefit to making use of British bitcoin profits is that the customers are the ones with the most control at their fingertips. If they use fiat currency individuals are usually required to answer to a greater authority on what and how their money is used. For bitcoins, the users do not have to answer to the banks or the government because these entities are not associated with the cryptocurrency. Instead, they have the power to spend their money with no obligation to a third-party.

User-to-user liberty


It is a system that permits its users to make transactions and make transactions for other users without needing to obtain any kind of approval from a third party. Also you are able to transfer or receive money all over the world.

No more bank fees

When it comes to fiat currencies, banks are a key player in handling every transaction executed. When a transaction is by banks, they are obligatory bank fees that users have to pay for. This isn’t the case with bitcoin customers because they aren’t able to make any payment to banks. While there is a “maker” and “taker” cost for every transaction, it’s not as costly as the plethora of banking fees that people who use fiat currency are burdened with.

A Final Word

These are some basic questions that we have attempted to answer for you in order to get a basic idea of what Bitcoin is and how it works. Looks a lot simpler, doesn’t it? Well, there are, however, a lot more underlying concepts and details in this virtual currency, and we recommend you to do a very thorough research on it before attempting to invest in it and placing your wealth in purchasing BTC, be it a portion of it or whole of it. We wish you Good Luck!