Unlike other online casino games like slots, Bitcoin video poker is not based solely on luck. Bitcoin video poker is available at a crypto poker site that offers leading cryptocurrency casino games. Video poker is not as popular as slots and other titles, but it is an older and more primitive form of entertainment.

There are strategies in place that you should be aware of if you want to end up with a good payout. Video poker, as a whole, is a game that bridges the gap between slot machines and table games for casino lovers. The difference here is that slots and video poker are in the latter. You can make your own decisions to control the outcome of your poker hand.

Come with us on this ride to highlight the qualities of a suitable Bitcoin video poker site. For people unaware of video poker and how to play it in an online casino, tag along, as we will cover it in this article as well.

What is Bitcoin Video Poker?

Bitcoin video poker is the crypto version of the popular casino game video poker. It is usually presented in different kinds, like jacks or better, tens or better, and bonus poker, where you can enjoy various outcomes as you play.

Bitcoin video poker outcomes and payouts are proveable and fair. Provably fair betting is a technology that is so special to crypto betting that it makes it impossible for the casino or a player to cheat. This applies to the video poker games offered only by provably fair crypto casino sites. This technology is not used on casino sites that offer video poker from providers like Microgaming and NetEnt. It has to be in-house.

How Does Bitcoin Poker Work?

Bitcoin video poker is the same as regular video poker, but the difference is that you will be wagering Bitcoin instead of traditional money. However, many crypto video poker sites can convert your Bitcoin to regular currency so that you can still play in USD based on your preference.

How to Play Video Poker

As stated earlier, crypto video poker is similar to ordinary video poker. Each video poker game has five reels, which indicate the five cards that will be dealt to create a poker hand. The game is based on the game of draw poker and contains the same rules except that the player is not playing against any dealer or other player. The game’s purpose is to get the highest-ranked five-card poker hand possible.

Playing crypto video poker is straightforward. First, you must place a bet by clicking the deal button, which automatically deals you five cards through a machine. Then you can hold any or all of your cards to keep a strong poker hand. If you notice that your first five cards could be better, you can also get dealt a new hand. And once you have made that decision about which cards you want to keep and discard, you have to click on the deal button again, and the discarded cards will be automatically replaced with new sets of cards.

Lastly, the new cards dealt along with the previous cards will determine if you win or lose, as this will become your final hand. You will be paid out if the cards in your hands qualify according to the paytable. Check out the paytable to select a good one before the commencement of any game to increase your chances of winning.

Qualities of a Good Bitcoin Video Poker Site


Playing video poker games at your favorite Bitcoin video poker sites comes with a lot of benefits. You can withdraw your payouts faster than the conventional way, and your identity is hidden. Check out some of the qualities you will enjoy when you start playing at a crypto video poker site:


All crypto casino sites that provide crypto video poker allow you to remain anonymous while playing. All you have to do is ensure you are old enough, above 18. When creating an account, you are only asked for a valid email address. The rest of your personal information stays private. Some crypto video poker sites also note that players need to check if online gambling is legal in their region.

Provably Fair

Poker players generally understand the unpredictability of the shuffles that create unlikely outcomes, and even then, they question the integrity of online casinos. This does not apply to crypto video poker sites; the casino layout information you seek will show you that deals are indeed fair.

This involves server strings that are encrypted and mixed with various numbers from your device to prove that the deals are accurate and true. You can verify your Bitcoin video poker games after each play. Please take note of your client seed and server seed after each play and enter them into the provably fair verifier tools provided at the casino site.


Bitcoin video poker games are verified to provide provably fair and random number-generated outcomes and deals by independent authorities. The two well-known parties to do this are iTech Labs and the Crypto Gaming Foundation.

Enhanced Security


Security is a top priority at betting sites like Bitcoin video poker sites. You can add your personal information and make easy and fast payments. Safe deposits are all secured using state-of-the-art encryption to keep these services secure from data exploits.

Customer Support

Most Bitcoin video poker sites offer excellent customer support services. They take care of customer complaints through live chats, so players can connect to get real-time customer support. Email service and FAQs are also other ways complaints can be tackled.


Bitcoin video poker sites offer welcome bonuses, promotions, and double bonus poker. Players can enjoy their gaming experience by getting bonuses and rewards. No matter what cryptocurrency is used, most Bitcoin video poker sites offer good payouts and bonuses for playing video poker.


An essential part of participating in a video poker game is always playing with the highest number of coins at your disposal. The reason is that the flush payout is more significant on the fifth and final coin.


Try to lower the house edge to a meager percentage to keep your payroll in-game at a maximum. You should also be able to reduce the coin’s value to keep the per-hand bet balance simultaneously.