SEO principles are gradually changing as search engines keep introducing new algorithms and tools for website promotion. So things that were important for SEO in 2019 or 2024 may change in 2024 already. In this post, we have highlighted the top SEO trends that will help webmasters work more efficiently on on-site optimization in 2024. Some trends may be familiar to you since they are not expected to lose their importance shortly.

1. Take Care of Microdata Markup


Structured data are far from being new to the world of SEO. They still rank very well in SEO trends in 2024. Micro-markup helps search engines get the context of the pages and range them better. On top of that, micro-markup will also allow you to create a rich snippet that will significantly increase your traffic.

If you are going to run an effective SEO strategy according to recommendations from SeoQuake, then you should implement the following markup types:

  • website;
  • overview;
  • organization;
  • product;
  • FAQ;
  • article;
  • blog post;

Featured snippets are now bringing more clicks on the Google results page. And to improve the user experience, Google has come up with a feature where a user can read a piece of content on the search page itself. This is what we call the zero-position. Optimizing your site’s content for Google Featured Snippets brings you more traffic by having it ranked first in search, as stated by OnlineMarketingGurus.

2. Do Not Forget About Local SEO


Google My Business and Google Maps play a crucial role in SEO trends in 2024. In a post-pandemic world, every local business is shifting from local (offline) marketing to digital marketing. And as the use of digital marketing techniques grows in local businesses, so does the importance of listing a business on Google My Business and Google Maps. Therefore, you should get ready for it.

Our recommendations:

  • review your accounts and analyze their performance;
  • track competitors and their promotion actions;
  • act on customer reviews, especially negative ones.

Remember SERMs: correct the identified errors, improve your service. It will positively affect your site performance and customer satisfaction.

3. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices


One of the crucial metrics that Google consistently attaches great importance to is the optimization of your pages for mobile devices. Nowadays, most users visit websites using their mobile phones. As such, mobile optimization remains one of the significant SEO trends in 2024. So you are to design mobile pages and make them desktop friendly.

4. Produce Highly Relevant Content

Google’s algorithms search for the most relevant content that matches the customer’s search query. Therefore, it is critically important to focus on creating quality content to satisfy customers at 100%. If you share meaningful, unique, and data-driven content, Google will understand that your site is trustworthy and will improve its ranking.

5. Create Secure HTTPS Sites


While site security is not the main factor affecting SEO, it still has an indirect impact on how well you are ranked – when users notice a warning sign in their browser, they are more likely to leave the webpage immediately. It impacts your bounce rate and, in turn, your search rankings. HTTPS uses encrypted data for secure communication, unlike HTTP. Using HTTPS will provide a credibility factor for your website to your audience.

6. Add Video Marketing to Your Strategy


In a constantly changing world, video content has become a new trend. Many video-focused social media apps are being created lately. It means that through video marketing, a company or brand can gain widespread awareness by producing viral and engaging content.

Besides, this presentation format contributes to the formation of the necessary image and high-quality communication with the audience. A page with short and clear video content multiplies user engagement, which, in turn, boosts your search rankings.

7. Run EAT Optimization


One of the top SEO trends in 2024 is EAT. This optimization type addresses the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of a company or brand. Each of these three words reflects a company’s right to be considered a leader in its field, no matter what industry or niche it may fall into. Google uses each of these three metrics to measure a website’s experience, authority, or credibility. The content of an individual webpage and the content creators are evaluated.

Factors that help improve your site’s EAT level:

  • up-to-date information on the site, a completed About Me page with data about your business;
  • reviews regularly posted on your site;
  • good ratings and reviews on third-party sites (such as Google My Business, etc.);
  • site/company mentions on authoritative resources;
  • high-quality link profile.

Important! If you receive a link from a suspicious or irrelevant site, remove it using Google Disavow.

8. Optimize Voice Search

More than half of Internet searches are done using voice. The advent of virtual assistants has made voice search more popular than ever. Since a voice query is different from a regular keyword search, you should address it in your KW strategy. Voice command or voice search on the device will include a question word (what, why, where, how, when). Just like long-tail queries, they require Google to provide an exact match and the best possible result for their query.

9. Take Care of Influence Marketing


Influence Marketing is the promotion of a brand or product through the credibility of people who have an impact on their audience. They are called influencers or key opinion leaders. If you haven’t started working with influence marketing for your business yet, then 2024 is the best time to do it. Influence marketing has proven to be one of the marketing techniques that provide high ROI coefficients. This will suit any size business. Having a KOL communicating about your product is essential for users to gain trust in your product.

What Does It All Mean?

As SEO factors keep changing every year, the site promotion strategy should address these changes as well. Therefore, being active and informed about changes in SEO factors and Google algorithms is very important. Every SEO strategist should consider the above metrics and adapt them to their projects to create a unique SEO strategy for 2024.