Are ads on Hulu getting in the way of your streaming experience? We hear you! Nothing ruins a good binge session like an ad that interrupts your flow. No problem, we have the answers for how to block ads on Hulu so you never miss a beat again!

How to Block Ads Using Ad Blockers


Ad blockers are a popular way to block ads on this television network and many other streaming services. Ad blockers are software that searches pages for ad content, blocking it and then hiding it from view. This can be especially useful when trying to enjoy a show or movie on Hulu without the uncomfortable feeling of advertisement interruption.

When setting up an ad blocker, it’s important to choose a reputable blocker since some of these programs may add additional malicious content onto your system or display intrusive ads as well. It’s also important to know that there are both free and paid versions of most ad blockers available.

Using an ad blocker may be the simplest method for avoiding ads on Hulu but there are other methods as well. Some users may turn to browser extensions like Adblock Plus, which can replace certain ads with non-intrusive ones. These extensions work through the use of filters that keep certain types of advertisements off websites, allowing them to run without interruption for users who have added the extension to their browsers. These extensions do not require any setup or additional software installation, however they may cost money depending on how frequently they need updating and whether one uses the paid version or not.

Another option is creating a Hulu account with no commercials; this type of account allows users unlimited access to all shows and movies streamed through Hulu while simultaneously providing an experience free of advertisements. Premium add-ons like HBO Max or SHOWTIME can also be used in this way in order to create an overall advert free experience while streaming movies and TV shows through Hulu.

Lastly, it’s important to recognize when you’re watching a sponsored program — usually labeled as “presented by…” — that these videos normally feature sponsored content throughout them; this means that even if you opt for one of the mentioned options above, these videos might still contain some advertisements due to their nature.

How to Block Ads Using Hulu Settings


Blocking ads on Hulu using Hulu settings is a simple process that will only take a few minutes. To get started, sign into your account and select the “Account” option. Under “Hulu ads”, you’ll see an option to toggle ad blocking on and off. If you want to block specific ad types, there is also an Advanced options link below where you can select which types of ads to allow or block. Once you have made your selections, click Save and the changes will take effect immediately.

If you are having trouble blocking specific ads or the Advanced options link isn’t appearing, try manually disabling tracking services like Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) or third-party analytics services that collect data about your viewing habits. From the Settings tab under Account > Security & Privacy tab, scroll down and find “Manage Third Party Services” and disable any services related to online tracking or analytics.

You can also try using an ad blocker extension such as uBlock Origin or AdBlock Plus in order to effectively block most ads on Hulu. These extensions work by blocking requests from websites to display certain types of content, including advertisements. Keep in mind that these extensions may cause other unintended issues with other sites in addition to blocking Ads on Hulu so use with caution!

How to Block Ads on Hulu With a Virtual Private Network (VPN)


Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is one of the best ways to block ads on this platform. Not only does a VPN allow you to access content blocked by Hulu, but it can also block ads from appearing in streams. Before you start using a VPN to block ads on Hulu, it’s important to note that not all VPNs are suitable for streaming services like Hulu.

The most important factor when choosing a VPN for Hulu is its speed. If your chosen VPN provider doesn’t have fast servers in areas close to where you live, streaming can be very slow and almost impossible. To improve the experience of watching shows without interruption, we recommend opting for a reliable and reputable provider with extensive server coverage.

Once you’ve chosen and signed up for your VPN service, follow the steps below:

1) Download the software from your provider’s website and install it on your device;

2) Login with your username and password;

3) Connect to any server optimized for streaming services (this connection will bypass Hulu’s geo-restrictions);

4) Open a new browser window and access (or any other streaming platform);

5) Log in with your account credentials;

6) Enjoy ad-blocking!

Finally, make sure that you disconnect from the server once you have finished watching shows or movies on Hulu so as not to leave behind any digital traces of activity in case of malicious attacks.


Blocking ads on it requires a little bit of effort but it is well worth it for an ad-free streaming experience. By using either a Hulu Plus account, or installing an ad blocker on your computer or mobile device, you can have a much smoother viewing experience. With either method, you will be able to enjoy all the content you love without having to sit through any more annoying commercials.

If you have a Hulu account, you may also be able to disable ads for additional content by using the ‘No Ads’ plan or by disabling certain types of ads from your settings. You could also use browser extensions and other tools to help stop the interruption from online ads in general, not just when streaming on it. With these options available, there is no need to put up with unwanted interruptions while watching your favorite shows on Hulu.