Relationships are very vital to our growth and mental wellbeing.

They help connect with other people. However, there are many cases where relationships may end up in pain and agony. People even go to jail due to toxic relationships.

Understanding healthy relationship behavior can help you connect with a lifelong partner. However, some people have no idea how a relationship should be due to a lack of experience. Whether with family or acquaintances, relationships need nurturing. Here are ten ways to build healthy relationships.

1. Respect boundaries


Most people tend to ignore boundaries of other sets. Most people violate personal space and ignore your bid to set boundaries. If you find it hard to exercise restraint when around someone, you may find yourself in trouble. A nationwide Title IX lawyer can help you in case someone decides to report you. You can find more information on

Your friend may tell you to keep off their stuff because they dislike sharing. Using their belongings will elicit anger and conflict.
Healthy boundaries are essential in keeping balance in a relationship.

2. Embrace differences

People have different ideologies about certain things in life. You and your partner or friend will not agree on everything. The beauty of friends is that they can see what we miss and offer a different perspective.

Weigh whether you can stand the differences and choose whether to keep or break the relationship. It is also vital to respect that other people will not always behave and think like you.

Different opinions can shape a relationship. While everyone means well when they air their opinion, they can mislead you. If you cannot stomach different opinions and views, you may struggle to keep healthy relationships.

3. Spend time with the people you care about


You cannot claim to be in love if you never spend time with the people you love. Spending time with other people assures them of your love and care.

Spending time with someone also reassures them of your support. If away from you, look for ways to connect as often as possible. Call them often and visit them whenever you can.

Use the time together to bond and discuss the issues that matter to you. It is also a chance to get to know each other better.

4. Put the gadgets away

Always keep the gadgets away when you are with your friends.

Nowadays, people focus too much on posting and engaging on social media that we forget to engage those around us. Having a one on one talk can brighten up your day.

While mobile phones have become essential, they are the source of conflict in most relationships. They consume our energy and attention and steal us away from the ones we love.

Set rules in the home for people to have at least one hour of interaction without screens, especially mobile phones.

5. Trust


Sometimes it can be hard to trust people. After horrible ordeals of broken trust, it becomes nearly impossible to trust the people who care about us. However, trust is the best foundation for a relationship.

Lack of trust in a relationship brings torture and strife. You struggle to be around your partner and even feel like you should not be around them. When that is the case, it is better to sever the relationship.

If you struggle trusting people, take time before you judge the people in your life. While you trust, do not trust blindly. Keep an open mind, especially with friends and partners.

6. Communication skills

It is good that you develop communication skills for every relationship. The skills help you articulate your thoughts and feelings to your friend or partner. An assumption that the other person understands ends up hurting the relationship.

Create time to talk and understand each other. Listen to your partner more and give them time to process information.

Communicate when you need something and let the other person understand your plight. The other person cannot read your mind unless you put it in words. Use clear language to say what needs to be said.

7. Be dependable


It is impossible to stay friends with a person who is not dependable. Also, people can count on you to show up when you need help.

Try to check on your friends or partner before they do. Show up and help with anything they may need from time to time.

Offer them a shoulder to lean on when life gets them down. Connect them to opportunities, and do not hold back when they need your support.

8. Be yourself

Once you take care of everyone else, do not forget to be yourself. Remaining who you are is vital. If you have a habit of turning into your friends or partner, try to make different choices.

A healthy relationship starts with you. Accepting yourself helps others credit and embrace you.

Make personal decisions when you need them and follow through. Ensure that you are happy before you make someone else happy.

9. Care for you


Never forget to take care of yourself. Before you take care of others, start with yourself and show yourself some love. Spend time alone and work around your fears and anxiety.

Self-care is also vital to building yourself for a relationship. When you are happy and content, you can understand and support your partner.

Curt off people and things that steal your joy instead, surround yourself with people who genuinely care for you.

10. Show empathy

Show empathy to your friends and loved ones. It is the state of knowing and learning your partner’s emotional needs and responding in the right way to them. Accepting that your partner has particular needs also means that you do not judge them whatsoever.

Learning to read someone’s inner state helps you relate with them better. You have fewer expectations for them. Instead, you know what to expect and how to deal with it.

Take away

You can have positive relationships and enjoy them. It all starts by making a few changes to your lifestyle, and you will see a difference in the people that can come into your inner circle. Implement the tips above for happy and fulfilling relationships.